43mm 1.4 µ4/3 lens Designed by Konica Minolta !?!?

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by RDM, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Does anyone know if this 42.5mm Panasonic Lens is the same as the µ4/3 lens that Minolta Patented a couple years ago?
    About a year ago I read the rumors about a 43mm f/1.4 lens designed with a µ4/3 lens mount by Konica Minolta, and a patent was filed for said lens over a year before.
    I thought it was cool that they might be making some Minolta branded lenses for still shooting cameras, but people were talking about it possibly being released under another name. Then then a few months later people speculated it was going to be the one being released as the Panasonic 42.5mm 1.2 lens. I thought that might be unlikely since both numbers would be a rounding down of the specific numbers on the patent, but one never knows.
    Maybe KM is being Like Kodak was and filing patents on things that they would never produce or sell themselves, just to get others to license it from them.

    The Patent was for a lens with a µ4/3 mount that was:
    Focal length f = 42.65mm & Fno. = 1.45

    Is it the Panasonic Branded lens that KM patented Or could another lens still be coming ?
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    SO I guess I am alone in researching this.
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    Considering Konica-Minolta does not make cameras any more (closed down the division and sold it to Sony in 2006, creating the Alphas which are Minolta SLR compatible), I would say the odds are more or less zero.
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    You are almost right, they never closed that division, they just sold it to Sony and it moved over there (atleast the offices, Sony got at-lest one factory I know of).
    The manufacturing division of Photographic and Processing Products, as well as the Binoculars were closed However.

    Now, do you know that the Sony sale did not include the optics division, and that the optical division of Konica Minolta Holding, Inc. still designs and manufactures Zoom lenses, and fixed focal length lenses for camcorders and still CCD cameras, as well as the retractable lenses on simple compact digital cameras sold by other companies?
    Knowing that info 'I would say the odds are way more than zero'. The only question is what name this lens design is going to be released under or if the design has already been tweaked to become the forthcoming Pana 42.5mm lens like so many others have speculated it is.
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