43 rumors reports that Panasonic is releasing the Gh6 in 2021


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May 18, 2020
If the efficiency of processors has doubled or even tripled in the past 4 years, maybe that would be enough to handle 8k video recording, but there is a severe shortage of processors going on right now. I've been wanting to build a new desktop computer for the past year, for example. But there is no new APU from AMD, and even the "current" 3400G APU is out of stock now. And of course discrete GPUs are ridiculously expensive so that's not an option either, so I cannot build a new computer right now. Newer and more capable cameras might have to be held back for similar reasons.


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Jun 27, 2020
The vast majority of video media consumed on screens is not by TV. It’s by handheld devices, many of which are fully capable of 4k.

Let's take Iphone 12 Pro Max. It has the "best" OLED screen of all IPhone models. Resolution is 2778*1284 pixels (3,6MP), which is a far cry from the 4k DCI resolution of 4096*2160 (8,8MP). Note that any 16:9 content like Netflix or Youtube will fill just a 2283*1284 center of the screen which is only marginally more than good old full HD 1920*1080

And why is that? Because 460ppi is already way more than a human eye can see from normal viewing distance.

This is why smartphones and also other handheld devices have concentrated on something that really makes a difference especially in games. Instead of archaic "cinematic" 24fps, new screens must support at least 90fps and preferably 120fps because this is something young human eyes actually can detect.

As a matter of fact there's only one brand, Sony, who has ever released smartphone with real 4k display and a whopping 800ppi resolution which happens to be the theoretical maximum a very young adult with 20/20 vision can still barely see if only (s)he is able to focus closer than 10cm

Even 12,9'' iPad Pro has "only" 2732 x 2048 which is close to Galaxy Tab S7+ 2800x1752. Also 4k resolution is still nowhere to be seen and with 16:9 content resolution is again not that much higher than Full HD. Smallest device where 4k screen makes even some sense is a 15'' gaming laptop. So even if it becomes soon possible to install 8k screens on smartwatches, it will not become a selling point for any consumer product under 75'' screen size as long as said consumers are humans.
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Sep 3, 2018
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It's been suggested that the GH6 (do-it-all and probably least expensive) GH6S (Video) and GH6X (Stills) will be released at different times. Expected features are a 41MP Sony sensor, improved IBIS, improved focus.

All rumors. Heck, I don't need 41MP, I'd be happy with 40...

As for tossing around the idea of a new body to go with my M4/3 lenses, it's almost obscene to think of my G9 as a backup.

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