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    Brad Harris
    There seems to be two types of mirrorless systems using different sensors. Sony's full size APS/c and the four thirds used in i.e Panasonic and Olympus.

    How does the different size sensors affect picture quality? Is one better than the other?

    Am asking these questions to learn more about mirrorless and mirrorless will be my next camera choice.
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    I think this is a good starting point:

    Sensor Size and the Importance of Aspect Ratio

    EDIT: also consider that the specific technology and age of the sensor makes a lot of difference. A modern m43 sensor is on par or better then a 10 years old full frame.
    Even good/bad post-processing can make a lot of difference.

    Releases of a new sensor are not so common: you can see several camera models released in different years sharing the same "old" sensor. So two cameras released in 2015 could have different performance even for the same sensor size.

    Sensor is only part of the equation and matters most when light is low or when a fast shutter speed is required.

    Full Frame vs Micro 4/3 Revisited with Pro Olympus Lens
    The Wandering Lensman: Further Thoughts on Image Quality Difference Between a Full-Frame Nikon D800E and an Olympus E-M1
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