4/3 40-150 with adapter or not? HELP!

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  1. I am sure this question has been asked a lot and I am really just in need of advice and lots of it. I have very happily been shooting my EP-1 for two years now with just a 17mm 2.8. I recently decided to go completley Micro 4/3 and am selling off my Canon equipment (which is not worth much). I am limiting myself to just the money I am getting from my old equipment to buy my new (and used) Micro 4/3stuff. I mostly like primes but I have had a long zoom that I am selling that has become indespinsable for weddings, events, UFO's, etc.
    My question is, for a lens that I will use but not everyday, will I be happy with the performance of the Oly 4/3 40-150 with the adapter or should I spend the extra and go with the 40-150 in the Micro 4/3 mount? The price difference used can be anywhere from $30 to $80. I have heard that the adapter is slow to focus, but slower than my 6 year old DSLR with its Tamron 18-250 3.5-6.3 zoom? I know I am looking at more bulk and weight with the adapted lens, but I am use to that.
    Need some opinions, please...
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    The m4/3rds Olympus 40-150 is sharp, lightweight and focuses fast.
    I also have BOTH 4/3rds 40-150 and they NEVER go on my micro bodies these days.
    Buy the micro zoom.
    (I use the old MkI 4/3rds 40-150 zoom on my 4/3rds bodies and it is one hell of a great quality optic ... but that's beside the point.)
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    The Four Thirds 40-150 is not among the lenses from that system that I would really consider good candidates to adapt to :43:. That lens is not optimized for CDAF (as a few of the 4/3 lenses are) and it doesn't deliver anything that the native long kit zooms can't. As you've noted, AF performance is likely to be slow and the 4/3 lens is bigger and heavier and just as slow.

    I've seen the native Olympus 40-150 zoom selling (new) for around $100. While it appears that deal has passed, I would think that you could probably find a used one for around that price. What sort of prices are you seeing on the 4/3 40-150? It would have to be nearly free for me to consider it (especially if you consider the additional cost of a 4/3 to :43: adapter).
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    Olympus made two different 40-150mm lenses; the older "Zuiko EZ" was faster at f/3.5-4.5. It predated the Live View bodies and wasn't CDAF-optimized.

    The newer "Zuiko ED" is more compact, and slightly slower at f/4-5.6, but was designed to CDAF with the Live View bodies. I had one from my old Four Thirds kit and I tried using it with my E-PL1.

    For contrasty static subjects in bright light it was fine. If you added motion or low light to the mix it became frustratingly difficult to use, with a lot of slow, noisy hunting and plenty of out-of-focus shots. Personally I'd just sell it and watch for a used native m43 lens. Lots of people probably bought the Panasonic 45-150mm for $50 with the promo they had going, you might be able to convince a forum member to sell it to you!
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    That's not really correct. There are two different 4/3 40-150s. The older 40-150/3.5-4.5 has a metal mount and isn't optimized for CDAF. The newer 40-150/4-5.6 has a plastic mount and is optimized for CDAF.

    However, the cost of the lens plus adapter is going be more than the native m4/3 40-150, so it doesn't really make much sense and the E-P1's AF is slow enough with native lenses, let alone 4/3 ones.
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    Thanks for the correction. I didn't realize there was a second version of this lens. Even so, it doesn't change the conclusion that its just not really worth it unless the 4/3 lens were very cheap and/or you already had a 4/3-to-:43: adapter.
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  7. Thanks for the responses...the best price i am finding right now seems to be around $199 new. I am watching some on ebay where they seem to be going from $150 on up. Guess I'll keep watching, though. Thanks again
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    Doug Green
    If you don't already have the 4/3 zoom, don't get it

    At least not for this purpose. I have the gen. 1 Oly 40-150, and while it's a reasonably sharp, reasonably fast lens, the AF performance really sucks on the adapter to a Micro 4/3 body.

    I already own the lens, and I have already bought a Panny 45-150 for Micro 4/3, as the size and AF performance really preclude the older Oly 40-150 being very useful in Micro 4/3 - even on Olympus bodies with IBIS.
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  9. Thanks for the advice again. Guess my timing is right...the OLY 40-150 just dropped to $150 Brand New from several online retailers (including B and H, Adorama, Cameta) which was about average for the used ones on ebay a week ago. Now the used ones are going for less too! I had budgeted $150 anyway, so I guess I'll get a new one with warranty...thanks,again...great bunch of people here at Mu-43