30 years from Canon T50 to OMD-EM1

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    I've had the two canon cameras sitting around since I unpack a camera case to get the FD lenses and really thought that the EM1 was quite similar in size and feel and was not surprised when I lined them up to see how similar it was.

    Left to Right
    OMD-EM1 - E3 - E300 - Canon T70 - Canon T50

    EM1 below the T70, the EM1 is a touch thinner but with a deeper hand grip, interesting to note how bulky the E3 looks and even the E300 that was praised as small looks a little chubby in this company

    I loved the T70, interesting to note that it also has the power switch on the left so the EM1 power on the left is back to normal for me :)

    Straight comparison
    Dimensions: 151mm(W) x 89.2mm(H) x 48.4 mm(D)
    Weight: 530 g body only.

    OMD EM1
    Dimensions: 130mm(W) x 94mm(H) x 63 mm(D)
    Weight: 497 g body only.

    The difference in depth being the hand grip
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    These two cameras of mine are certainly smaller than my E-1 or E-3 and the Pentax is pretty close in size to my E-M1. It's interesting how DSLRs had to become so bulky, when film SLRs were often quite modest in size. Even my Minolta XM was probably smaller than my E-3.