3 Weeks of Friendship

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    this is a post ive been adding to slowly over at srsC's
    my friend mano got me back into using instagram, so a lot of these are 1:! crops as i used the same versions of jpg as i had posted up over there as well
    99% of the shots are oly75/1.8 and oly em1

    my best friend is here visiting for 3 weeks
    thought id just make a post for all the pics im going to post!

    Day 1 was my nephews 10th bday. This is my sister, him, and his youngest sister at the park. It is also one of 4 photos of my sister where shes not making a "...Boy.... if you dont get that camera out of my FACE....!" type of face at me... :D


    The next 2 are just some leaves and sun, playing with new 75/1.8



    Crazy flavored macarons at Sandra Bullock's restaurant, Walton's Fancy and Staple, downtown Austin, TX. They had all kinds of crazy flavors id never seen before, but these were the most colorful, so they won for a photo spot!


    Woman eating alone by the window. We thought she was waiting for Sandra to walk by...


    the backside of some flowers on the pedestrian bridge over town lake(lady bird lake) in downtown Austin, TX


    you cant stay on top of the growing cities chart every year without cranes! fact!


    more flowers on the same bridge... but this time with sparkly bokeh balls from the water! OOOooooh! AAAaaaaah!


    a cyclist wearing a mellow johnnys(shop associated with lance armstrong) going by some street art of lance talking about the city being "dope"
    also being photobombed by the giraffe! curse you giraffe! *shakes fist*


    a woman who was full of sassitude on the phone above a running store out on her apt patio


    decided to head back downtown to see what was going on for ROT Rally. We parked right by this church


    this bar always looks so fun, if i were a bar person, i might possibly consider going there. but im not, whew!


    Street art and its ruin


    cyclist with a shimmery bronze bag...


    just a guy walking his bike across the street.


    more cranes, more progress! now how about some traffic control...?


    bird on a hot tin traffic light. ok, its not tin, but just go with it!


    caffe medici - i always walk by to see if kirk tuck is there... cause im a protog blogger stalker like dat! lol


    elvis has left the building... hes out back in a bike cab... and he totally forgot to tuck his pant leg into his sock... duh elvis.... duh....


    Mano trying out the em5 - which he is now using in place of the ep3 i gave him LAST year. hes very thankful for my GAS, lol


    2 bikers, both alike in dignity... in fair Austin, where we lay our scene...


    a band performing in the window of a bar on 6th st


    huge wall art along the side of a building


    tattoos, kayaks, beards, ducks, and photogrphy... all while waiting on bats under a bridge!


    this dog kept leaning way down and scooping up mouthfuls of water. none of those shots actually had the whole row team in frame tho, so this one won! :D


    just a guy walking! but i imagine his bag is full of hipster gear. a flat cap, beard growth formula, and an old film camera that hell wear on his neck as tho it were a watch on his wrist!


    bald, bearded, bellied, backpack, boatshoes, buildings, and bridge! thats a lot of B's! mansanto must be displeased!


    tons of runners crossed the bridge while we waited for EVER for bats that NEVER showed up on congress st bridge. the round rock bats are less DIVA and they show up on time...


    quick trip to ikea yielded only one interesting shot, lol


    we decided to make a run thru the lady bird johnson wildflower center that's maintained by UT Austin

    we met up with our friend, Squirrely, and headed in






    We both scrambled to get a good shot thru this "window" of the other photographer. his shot turned out much better using the o12/2.0








    While seeing all the dragonflys, i mentioned that when i was a kid, i imagined they were the cause of getting a sty in yer eye. i always thought a dragonfly would dart in quick and whip you in the eye with his tail and lay an egg.. and the sty was the growing baby dragonfly, and thats why they had such big eyes... cause they were used to being so close to eyeballs. lol. he said he had grown up with his mother telling him not to observe a dog going potty, or THAT would cause a sty! so no everytime gonzo goes potty, i blurt out IM NOT LOOKING! instead of DID YOU GO POTTY LIKE A BIG BOY?! im sure the neighbors are JUST as troubled...






    Warily watching, the waskily wabbit weebles and wobbles on his hind wegs...




    at this point, we were trapped with a family with a toddler and another baby in a stroller. another family approached and appparently they knew each other. they spent about 5 minutes babbling about who is the best parent and who has the nicest car, stroller, job, clothes, etc... super duper uppity superficial useless human beings... (lol) meanwhile, mano and i are watching their toddler just TODDLE off down this ramp. the ramp was far too steep for the toddling about, and the girl fell as we went to say UM PAY ATTN TO YER KID AND LESS TO THE PRICE OF THEIR WATCH AND BRACELOT, MORONS! they didnt even NOTICE! *rolls eyes* the girl looked up and i smiled real big at her so shed laugh instead of cry. then the dad finally realized something was amiss, as he gave me a dirty look when he saw my camera and me looking at his lil girl. WHATEVER! lol. then as we walked by, i said "if it were my daughter, i prolly would pay more attn to her, and all this poison ivy thats all around... but thats just me!" i was bitter and furious, lol!


    there were TONS of these spiders up in the corners of the restroom area. we didnt know what it was at first. it was just a HUGE mass of spiders all clustered together. mating i guess? it was creepy!



    and in case you arent already DRENCHED in sweat from the heat and humidity of texas...




    we went up to watch a friend in his chorale performance. "Divas - Gone but Not Forgotten!" It featured music from some of the great female voices of the last 100 years. During our trip up to the Dallas area, we went to Ft Worth to see this water garden area(swapped to pl 25/1.4 for this shot) and also did some wandering around downtown dallas after the show.


    heres our buddy Miguelito.. err.. Michael. he ended up using this for his profile photos! im famous! haha!


    before the show started, they had these silhouettes of people wandering around on a huge digital wall/curtain thing.



    the super cool seats that miguelito told us NOT to get.. which ended up looking the most fun and private! i didnt want to sit next to some STRANGER DANGER! *blows emergency whistle*



    this was an AMAZING mellow folksy version of "i wanna dance with somebody" by whitney houston




    once back in austin, we headed to the hope garden art wall




    while he was getting a haircut downtown, i scouted out a new bbq place for us to try. Live Oak BBQ. it was good, had an excellent pork loin steak. i asked for some sauce, and it was nice n smokey with a hint of spiciness. love! this woman was waiting for the bus down the road, and spent a good while making her umbrella dance around. all those shots came out kinda boring somehow, so i just went with the first shot before she started her choreography!


    on the way to pick him up, i came to 6th street from a direction i guess ive never come from.. as ive never seen this tank hanging out of a building before! or mebbe its new and this isnt evidence of my lack of time spent on 6th being young and hip...


    after eating, we decided to walk off the lbs and check out the new boardwalk along townlake. this guy was definitely working off more lbs than we were!


    i was excited to snatch my camera up and get a snap of this guy.. but only because i thought he was wearing leiderhosen(?) turns out, its just some new hispter wear id never seen. :D


    these girls were having a grand time hanging out on paddleboards and floating around. i think they should have gone to san marcos and sat in tubes. first time id seen people on paddleboards not... paddling... or doing yoga, or talking to their dog... they were just lounging in the sun relaxin!


    this guy was teaching his new pup how to get in the water - SPLOOSH!



    of course, as soon as we are equally far from the bridge we just left, to the next bridge, it starts pouring! this guy didnt mind... when he had jogged passed us a few minutes earlier, he was ALL RED and panting like he was having heat stroke and a heart attack


    while hiding desperately under the canopy of trees, i grabbed this shot


    this girl and her bf were super cheesy yuppy seeming, this was a from the hip attempt gone wrong, but i kinda like the totally out of focus look for her expression, shrug


    there were about 7 people on the water bikes hiding out under the bridge we eventually ran to.


    more growth! just not of our highway system that was congested about 100k people ago! hint hint austin!


    i think this pooch was done with "go jump in the water, do i can fuss at you for being wet when we get back to the car" game. lol


    look! im a bird photographer! who knew?! heheheh


    some stevie ray vaughn


    heading back home for the day


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    great set
  3. Well done on the photos and the narration.
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    Brilliant stuff. Cool processing. Do you use some presets, like VSCO?
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    I like your style.
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    hey, thanks so much for the positivity everyone! and thanks to everyone who didnt like them for at least scrolling down and taking a gander ;D

    i made a few presets tht ive been toying with, the first batch where it kinda has a washed out green tinge was using this one


    was there a particular photo you liked the look of? i can go dropbox the other presets if you like

    thanks again all!

    btw, if you have anything you DIDNT like, please please please feel free to say "eliot... why you gotta be crazy and ruin that horizon?! *SMACK!*" or "dear lord boy, no more sliders for you! just ooc jpg you slider spaz!" i seriously wont be offended :)
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