14-54 or 12-60 to temporarily use until 12-40?

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by JYPfoto, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. JYPfoto

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    Aug 27, 2013
    Looking for your opinion. Have a preorder for the E-M1 as well as the 12-40. Have a 2 week vacation planned starting October 16th. Looks like I may get the E-M1 prior to leaving but the 12-40 by all reports seems to be either late October or even December according to Amazon. Which one of the 12-60 or 14-54 would be best to use to temporarily bridge the need? Not going to be keeping it most likely so potential resale value is a factor. Looks like the 14-54 is the cheaper of the two.
  2. dougjgreen

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    Jun 5, 2013
    San Diego
    Doug Green
    Depends - how important is 12mm for you?

    If you can live without the widest focal length, then 14-54 mk II costs about 60% as much as the 12-60, and is probably equal or even slightly superior in every criteria except for the widest field of view. Among it's strengths relative to the 12-60 are:

    1) lower linear distortion, and more correctable in PP distortion pattern.

    2) Keeps f2.8 max aperture for larger portion of it's range. Between ~20mm and ~40mm it is slightly faster than the 12-60mm.

    3) Smaller (10mm shorter) and lighter (by 5 ounces). 5 ounces is a pretty big penalty for use in m4/3.

    4) faster focusing on existing (non- EM-1) m4/3 cameras

    The major advantages of the 12-60mm:

    1) Noticeably wider at 12mm than the other lens which only gets to 14mm.

    2) Slightly longer at 60mm vs. 54mm IMHO, this is nowhere near as significant as the added range on the wide side.

    Only you can determine how important the extra wide FOV out to 12mm is for you, vs. 14mm. Because really, that's the only reason to go with the 12-60mm lens, especially in light of the significant cost adder as well as the bigger size and weight.
  3. dhazeghi

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    Aug 6, 2010
    San Jose, CA
    The 14-54mk1 is the most affordable option by far (can be had for $200 or less on eBay). On the E-M1, there's no advantage to the mk2 (all it does is improve CDAF). The 12-60 is sharper and wider, and focuses a bit closer, but it's also bigger, extends more, and will cost you at least $500, probably more. Unless you're really picky about your images, go for the 14-54.
  4. kenez

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    Apr 18, 2012
    Owning both the 14-54 mk1 and mkII I would buy a used mk1 and cancel the 12-40 you have ordered. I think the 14-54mm has a more useful range and it will fast focus on the EM1. Even if you have to buy a used adapter you'll still come out about $650 ahead and then you can use that money on a different lens.
  5. Chris5107

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    Jan 28, 2011
    I cannot speak for the 12-60 but I have a 14-54 Mk II and really like it. It focuses well on my EP-5 and the image quality has been very good. I do like the reach out to 54mm over my Panasonic 12-35.

    I am considering selling it, however, because I am finding it hard to justify keeping both the 12-35 and the 14-54. The 12-35 fits in my small bag better and I find myself using it more for that reason.
  6. Ulfric M Douglas

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    Mar 6, 2010
    Spending £180 on a MkI seems a bargain and much less than the £300+ for the MkII and even more for the 12-60 : what if you don't like them?
  7. Chris5107

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    Jan 28, 2011
    From my perspective, there is not much risk to buying any of these 4/3 lenses. On the used market, they are already priced down. If you buy one, use it for a while, and don't like it, you should be able to sell it for close to what you paid for it (assuming you buy one at a fair used market value). Buying a used one seems like a better deal than renting. Keep it as long as you like and then sell it to someone else who may want to try it.

    These lenses may even go up a little in value moving forward as m4/3 moves into the type of sensors that can actually focus them properly.
  8. jnewell

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Boston, MA
    You might look at the prices of gently used 12-35/2.8s. I would guess those prices are taking a bit of a dive right now. As long as you pay a post-announcement used price, you ought to be able to sell it on for roughly what you purchased it for.
  9. With_Eyes_Unclouded

    With_Eyes_Unclouded Mu-43 All-Pro

    Apr 17, 2012
    I have the 14-54 Mk2 for less than a week now.

    Although I have plans to get the E-M1 in the near future, I'm not even considering the 12-40, based on what I've seen of the 14-54 so far. IQ is absolutely great, the AF is more than adequate, the range is super useful and the added bulk is totally manageable.

    I'm sure the 12-40 will be a stellar lens, considerably smaller/lighter, perhaps a bit better IQ and almost instant AF. OTOH, from what I've seen on videos, the 14-54 will AF at a phenomenal speed on the E-M1, and, more to the point, will retain a more useful range for my needs.

    Perhaps the best option would be to obtain a good used copy of the Mk1. With very little luck, you could re-sell it at the same price you got it, if you finally decide on the 12-40.
  10. nstelemark

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    May 28, 2013
    Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
    This is pretty much where I'm at as well. Especially given the option of adding the 1.4 TC to the 14-54 to take it to 76.
  11. JYPfoto

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    Aug 27, 2013
    Another option that fell on the table is the Panasonic Leoca 12-50 2-8-3.5. So far haven't read any reports of focusing, mostly have been with Oly lenses. Intriguing as my dealer just got one and said I could get it for $400 if interested.
  12. dougjgreen

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    Jun 5, 2013
    San Diego
    Doug Green
    It's a nice lens. It's almost as good as the Oly 14-54 Mk I that costs half as much in the used market. Is the L-word worth $200 for you? If it is, you might wish to learn how to spell it.