14-54 MKI vs. MKII

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by elandel, May 11, 2012.

  1. elandel

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    Apr 16, 2010
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    Hi all. As you know from my answres to another thread I'm into buying a 14-54lens which I think would be ideal for my indoor shooting purposes.
    Little question: I have to choose between the MKI and MKII. One is 400 euros the other 250 euros: both used in good conditions. The latter has warranty until november this year. The former is 2009.

    Is there any difference on m4/3 cameras other that AF speed? I would mainly shoot static subjects, like panoramas or indoor churches etc.

    Is the difference worth it in IQ etc.

    I'll put in on an E-pl3 or EP2 for now, maybe later on the E-M5.

    Thanks for your replys.
  2. Kameleo

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Hi! Mk1 does not support contrast AF, Mk2 will be much faster on m4/3...
    I tried Mk2 on my e-pl1 with MMF-2, focusing on speed can be considered equal to m14-42 kit lens
  3. Declan97

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    Feb 3, 2012
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    Agree, i also using mk2. Still loose anything with this acceptable af gap time, trial with mft 17&14-42mk2. Even for moving object its still do fine

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