14-140 (Mk1) users, sell or keep?


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Jan 7, 2012
I keep going back and forth whether or not to sell my 14-140 f4-5.8 and I'm sure I'm not the first one.

I currently use it with a GF-3 and I'm considering a new body, probably EM10, GX-7 or a used EM-5. One of the reason I'm selling it would be to add to the new camera purchase but with the value dropping more and more it seems, plus the fact that the rubber zoom ring is lose means I'll have to either spend a bit to fix it before selling or sell it for even less, either way it costs me a bit more.

I like the lens, I've had good results with it and I took it on holiday recently where I realized I wanted something lighter but also mightily impressed with it's vacation shot capability and versatility.

I've been in a position before where I sold a lens and regretted it, I'd like to know from you guys, especially those who own this lens what you think, if you regretted selling yours or not?


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Oct 1, 2010
Keep. At least that would be the answer for me. Keep forever, actually.

I have taken my 14-140mm Mk. I around the world (well, five continents anyway) and I will never be without a lens with this type of focal range and quality. Bodies come and go; this lens stays.

Re value, a tool has value for me based on how well it serves it purpose. If by value you mean resale value, I don't care a bit about that. Said another way, I am an investor, not a trader.

Re weight, the Mk II and the Tamron 14-150mm are significantly lighter and I lust after lighter weight. So far, I have resisted the Mk II because it is significant additional money and it gives me nothing except lighter weight. If the reviews of the Tamron (where are they?) say that it is significantly better quality then I might snap for it.

Re the rubber zoom ring, I would first try to buy a replacement and see if it fits tightly. If not, I would cut and refit one of the rings, then glue it with contact cement. (Not super glue, as there is no repositioning with that stuff!)

Re replacing the 14-140mm someday, I would like to see something a bit wider on the short end. This would make the lens more useful for building interiors, caves, and similar situations. For example, a 10-140mm or a 12-140mm would be hard for me to resist. The long end is less important because there will always be shots for which the lens is not quite long enough. For "real" wildlife shooting in Africa, I shoot two bodies -- one with the 14-140mm and the other with a 100-300mm. And sometimes 300mm is not enough! :-(

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