14-140/150 or 12-50 + 45-200

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    Aug 12, 2012
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    What I have: E-P5 with Oly 14-42 and Pan 14-140 + some primes

    A family member is looking for a 14-140 all in one for an E-M10. I could either find another one for them or sell them mine and of course GAS kicks in.

    24-120 and 28-105 have been my favorite ranges on FX bodies for a walking around. My 28-105 has a 1:2 macro that is very handy, it's enough macro for my needs. The 12-50 would also probably be enough.

    I've heard the Pan 45-175 is better than the 45-200 but it's out of the price range and while a 40/45-150 might be cheaper I figure if I'm going to go with separates it should be longer. The only reason I'm really considering it is I could get both the 12-50 and 45-200 for about the same price as a 14-140. I could even end up ahead if I sell my 14-42, though keeping it for it's kit value with the E-P5 might be a better option.

    So, would I be giving up image quality going from the 14-140 to the 12-50? Or would I actually have better image quality?
    The Pan 45-200 would also give me extra reach that would be nice. Anyone know how the two compare int the 100-140 range?