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Jul 29, 2010
Fairfax Iowa

While waiting for some manufacturer to step up and offer an ultra wide I'd like to experimentwith some existing lenses. Beside the 12mm Heliar and the Hologons, is anyone familiar with 10mm - 12mm lenses that will cover the 18mm x 13.5mm 4/3 sensor? Movie camera lenses, Video cams, etc?

How it mounts is no worry to me as I'll make what I need. All it needs is a focus & diaphram mechanism and I'm good to go if it covers.




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Aug 7, 2010
It depends what you mean by Ultra wide angle or fish eye.
Ultra wide angle pretty expensive :(

9-18 from the Oly zuiko

7-14 from panasonic.

Sigma released not so long ago a 8-16 mm zoom

If you want a fish eye

Peleng 8mm is the best you can get.

Pentax FA or DA 10-17 fisheye

CCTV = bad vigneting at those length It starts being acceptable from 35mm onwards.

From old legacy lenses i cannot recall that these focal length were made due to the fact that a 28 was already a good wide angle.

The only one i can recall is the Tamron SP Adaptall 17mm ( from what i saw it is relatively soft )
Jul 29, 2010
Fairfax Iowa
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Well, not really a fisheye. A 10-12 mm lens that can have some curvilinear distortion but not an extreme amount. I was wondering mostly about old cine or video lenses that maybe had some excess coverage.

Since the Peleng 8mm is for a full frame 35mm, how curvy is the portion that falls on the 4/3 sensor. Anyone know of a website that illustrates this?

Even so, the Peleng looks fairly large. I was looking for a small lense that might transfom my E-P1 into a pocket size camera. Kinda like the Leica CL with a really wide lens.

Thanks for the answers.


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