12-40mm Pro front plastic bezel fell off


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Jul 12, 2019
The plastic bezel that sits just inside the lens has fallen off. When first fell off there were some double sided sticky taped sections that appeared to fasten it to the lens. Tried sticking it back on, but kept falling off. I removed the bezel and tape since was going on a trip and did not want to loose the bezel.

Is it actually used for anything? I was thinking about trying to refasten with my own double sided tape, just so it looks nicer. Thoughts? See picture below. Thanks :)

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Jan 7, 2017
Pretty sure it has the threading to secure filters and probably the lens cap. Some judicious use of a clear 100% silicon might do the trick I would just try to avoid any mechanical contact areas i.e. screw heads etc. Silicon is reversible. Tape will hold it in place while the silicon sets.


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Jul 10, 2014
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I just checked my 12-40. The ring fits deeper than the filter/lens cap threads. It's designed to cover the front element retaining screws and also probably to help with weather sealing to some extent. I would use a tiny bit of water-based contact cement to avoid exposing the front element and lens components to fumes that would damage anything, and not get the adhesive on the screws. Considering the ring doesn't actively retain anything and any force is only shock or compressing it into the lens body, you won't need much adhesive. Probably 6 tiny dots of glue will do the trick.

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