$0 DIY shoulder rig in 10 minutes

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    I did some ad hoc DIY today so I thought I might as well share it :)

    After my employer had been acquired, the facility I run (network kit test lab / R&D facility) is moving from Belfast to London and the team I manage is being disbanded. While I'm helping my guys tear down 50 cabinets of kit after it's been here for four years, I decided to record some of this work so that when I find the time to edit the footage in some ten years, we'll have something to bring back good memories. I'm using an Olympus E-M1 - the E-M5 and E-M1 are the only video capable cameras I've got that are not mobile phones.

    I wanted a little more than shaky cam quality, so here came a problem - I don't have any video rigs, neither do I want to buy any. So first I taped my tripod to a wheeled board used for transporting equipment and used it as a dolly - this gave quite nice fluid motion. But then I needed to walk about with the camera to talk to people etc., so I needed to stabilise it a little. I needed a shoulder rig.

    Well with leftover server bits and electrical bits and plenty of zip ties, making one was trivial - it took about ten minutes to make and it looks like this:

    ( also http://imgur.com/a/82Sc4#0 ).

    Materials used:

    Handle(s): HP server rack rail, hand bent :)
    Arms: Dell server rack rails
    Counterweight: Ferrite core chokes (EMI filters) left over from some DC powered installation. Each is about 200 grams so I can add / take away in 400g increments.
    Extras: zip ties, orange tape is just for the looks, cage nuts (rack mounting screws) as counterweight stoppers.
    Head: My spare tripod head, Vanguard SBH-100, attached through a hole in the rail using a standard tripod screw.

    Joints held together with zip ties but also nubs coming out of the rail slot into the handle so it's holding up pretty well.

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    Hey . . . I've got a copyright on the plans for that exact configuration.

    Zip-ties and all! :drinks:

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    Cool DIY, looks fun too :)