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    We need more horses in this forum (Image Thread)

  2. BBW

    Help Typhoon Haiyan Survivors & Get Mu-43 Donor Status

    While spending a good deal of time driving today and listening to National Public Radio here in the USA, I heard an interview with a member of CARE who was very informative. Their website is
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    We need more horses in this forum (Image Thread)

    I've been away for a while, however I still get notifications for this thread - and am so glad I do. Wonderful photographs of such beauties - large and small. Keep them coming!!
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    We need more horses in this forum (Image Thread)

    <a href="" title="8-12-22-Edit.jpg by BBW: BB Wylie Walden, on Flickr">"800" height="530" alt="8-12-22-Edit.jpg"></a> I don't think I've ever posted this in here...mea culpa, if I have. Hope to have more to add down the line. My thanks to you all...
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    We need more horses in this forum (Image Thread)

    This is a great horse image thread. I'm a serious horse lover though it has been many years since I had my own to ride... Sprocket, I also happen to be a confirmed OBX (Outer Banks) lover, as well and would love to know where you saw these wild ponies? I went over to your pictures on Flickr...
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    Show your cell phone photos

    <a href="" title="9-11-92.jpg by BBW: BB Wylie Walden, on Flickr">"640" height="640" alt="9-11-92.jpg"></a> <a href="" title="3-12-6.jpg by BBW: BB Wylie Walden, on Flickr">"640" height="640"...
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    Members from 2009 and 2010 Reunion. Drop a line!

    Ah, Icon - thanks so much for this thread and a :th_salute: to Nic for posting over on Serious Compacts. It's good to see some other old, friendly and familiar faces around! And yes Icon, you have much to be proud of with your photograph. I had to check my join date - January 13th, 2010... I...
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    Hello from Vancouver BC

    A belated welcome, bobola and congrats on that GX1!
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    A Few from Ascot Races Yesterday

    A sea of hats! And I'm in agreement with Retroboy about the back in time quality. It's so interesting to see the broad range of people and their attire at these races... Lovely image quality and textures in #2,3 and 4, in particular. Beautifully pp'd too. Are you still a major fan of "Camera...
  10. BBW

    Our Ficifolia Festival

    Dud, thanks so much for all of these - it's clear that you have a very community minded town, which is not something too many have theses days! And I'm still chuckling about those gum nut pipes.:biggrin:
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    That Fuji is large

    These last comparisons help me quite a bit to understand the size. Thanks so much!
  12. BBW

    G'day from Down Under and SC

    Welcome to my old stomping ground, Mark!:wink:
  13. BBW

    Flickr IQ

    Always helps to view them at a larger size, I think. I can't say that I've noticed any changes, however.:confused:
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    Where Are the Women

    I'm over on Serious Compacts these days because I no longer own a micro four thirds camera.:wink:
  15. BBW

    Can it really be a whole year

    Barrie, my only complaint is that I wish I could have been there - gone for a ride on this 78 year old veteran bus and had a drink at your local watering hole, with you! Wonderful to see these pictures, Barrie!
  16. BBW

    WOO HOO...broke 1,000

    Welcome to the 1000 + club!:biggrin:
  17. BBW

    E-P3 with the 12mm Oly

    That is a very cool Daliesque image! I also love that other one on your Flickr stream that shows him flying in a whirling dervish of flowers approaching the bergamot! Love them both, CarlB!
  18. BBW

    Camera Bag P*RN

    I'd like to be Indiana Jones, but stay as young as he was in his first movie and remain a woman.:thumbup: These are all good looking bags. Alf, I'm still trying to find yours on a website - might have to call the store in NYC to compare prices to some of these other beauties. Heck, if I'm...
  19. BBW

    Calling all Computer Experts: Grebeman needs our help!

  20. BBW

    Calling all Computer Experts: Grebeman needs our help!

    Right, pdh brought this up on SC..about malware not being an issue due to Barrie's access and Barrie's response was However pdh also brought up something about checking off the box "remember me", which Barrie said he'd try. I will pass on your latest response, Amin re "any other machine".
  21. BBW

    Calling all Computer Experts: Grebeman needs our help!

    Appreciate the responses and have forwarded and will forward all onto Barrie.
  22. BBW

    ..::Your thoughts about a new member interview::..

    I always did enjoy them: Member Interviews - Micro Four Thirds User Forum:biggrin: Sounds like you've got yourself an excellent idea, Brady.:bravo-009:
  23. BBW

    Calling all Computer Experts: Grebeman needs our help!

    I've been in touch with our good friend Barrie AKA Grebeman who continues to have problems with both Serious Compacts as well as Mu43. I asked him to write exactly what the problems are with as much detail as possible so that we can try to figure out what he can do, as the conventional methods...
  24. BBW

    Welcome Back, Brian Mosley!

    Brian, you've got a great time to be back in the photographic saddle again! Can't wait to hear and see more from you.:2thumbs:
  25. BBW

    Welcome Back, Brian Mosley!

    Brian, so glad to hear that you're back from "walkabout"! OK, well, not really a "walkabout" but back here and home, too. I'm looking forward to catching up - photographically, too!:drinks: Brian had the patience of a saint with me and all my endless questions - as in "What is an exposure...
  26. BBW

    Hi from Long Island, NY

    Welcome aboard from another New Yorker! This is the best mu43 forum around because the members are incredibly helpful and there's a wide variety of experience here. I think you'll find yourself among friends here. I know that this site was a turning point for me. So welcome aboard!:2thumbs:
  27. BBW

    Show your cell phone photos

    <a href="" title="4-11-93.jpg by BBW: BB Wylie Walden, on Flickr">"640" height="640" alt="4-11-93.jpg"></a> I bit the bullet and have an iPhone...and I have to say that I'm pretty taken with the Hipstamatic AP. <a...
  28. BBW

    COMPLETED Fuji X100 $1288.00 brand new, unopened, warranty

    As stated it's a brand new, never used, unopened, Fujifilm Finepix X100. It cost me $1,1199.95 with $88.50 in taxes. I'm asking for $1,288 plus you pay for shipping and paypal fees. No, I am not selling my own Fuji X100! You couldn't pry it from my hands! However, during the pre-order madness...
  29. BBW

    May 2011 Photo Contest - Winner Announced!

    Rafael, no wonder you won! What a superb photograph - absolutely stunning!:bravo-009::drinks::th_salute:
  30. BBW

    Icon in a Kilt! Few Deb ball pics.

    Brady, you really do look quite handsome in your kilt and full regalia but your debutante date is simply gorgeous! See what being a good sport and ready for anything has done for you? I've always been a fan of your stories and photos and this time around, too.:2thumbs: No doubt a good time...
  31. BBW

    From Djarum in Alabama in the midst of disaster

    Many know of the terrible weather related disasters (tornadoes) in Alabama, Georgia and in other areas of the in the USA. I was pretty sure Djarum was from Alabama and noticed he wasn't online..which was unusual. Thank goodness I finally heard back from him today. He and his...
  32. BBW

    Hardest Post: Your FAVORITE photo EVER.

    Gary, I admire you for responding in writing to so many - your comments are so often those that were going through my mind, too. I am sure everyone appreciates your taking the time. This is a wonderful thread. We've got a "contest" for favorite photos over on Serious Compacts and I wish more...
  33. BBW

    Hardest Post: Your FAVORITE photo EVER.

    SRHEdD, thanks for this thread. Seeing what each of us chooses as our favorite photograph is a glimpse into what makes us who we are. So here is my own, recently redone in Silver Efex Pro 2. <a href="" title="3-10-20-Edit.jpg by BBW: BB Wylie Walden...
  34. BBW

    Show: Nik Software Color Efex Pro.

    Very nice examples of what lies within Color Efex! I'm embarrassed to say that I've never tried a bunch of their presets, though I am a devotee of Pro Contrast and have a thing for Glamour Glow.:wink:
  35. BBW

    Welcome New Sponsor, Nik Software!

    Congratulations!:yahoo: Wonderful software - go for the Complete Collection and you and your photos won't regret it.:2thumbs:
  36. BBW

    SHOW - Black & White Landscapes / Seascapes

    Wonderful images - all three! Luke, for some reason I can't see you photo in your post, although I surely can on Flickr. Great thread.:love:
  37. BBW

    A blog I found educational...

    Interestingly, I read that question posed by Kirk Tuck "What really needs to be published is a guide to help you find out what you want to photograph, why you want to photograph that subject and how to make a vision that is unique to you. Any takers? Who's teaching that one?" as more of a...
  38. BBW

    What Happened?

    The company who hosts both Mu43 and Serious Compacts neglected to let Amin know when they were going to upgrade the sites - then they just went ahead without warning and added that rather inappropriate message. Glad to see Mu43 is back up, as is Serious Compacts! I'm sure there will be an...
  39. BBW

    Luckypenguin is new Mu-43 Super Moderator

    Congratulations, Nic! Your kindness, diplomacy, creativity and love of photography will stand you in good stead here as a Super Moderator. Three cheers!:drinks:
  40. BBW

    The Real Street Thread

    Excellent work Ray - the image plus your processing make this one of you finest yet!:2thumbs:
  41. BBW

    Changes in the Admin / Mod Team

    I'll certainly add my thanks, here, to Don. Without his encouragement and nagging, I'd still be using iPhoto.:biggrin: While that part is certainly true, Don has brought much more to me than software. His special way of teaching has enlarged my creative eye and he has been a pivotal player in...
  42. BBW

    The Other Side of The Lens: Challenge!

    Lovely to see you and your boys, Marie! I really do like this thread and am glad to see, in some cases, at least parts of the faces behind the lenses here.:biggrin:
  43. BBW

    New Super Moderator

    I'm sure you will surpass me, Alan...but just in case, I'll send you my secret "cheerful dressing down" elixir recipe!:wink:
  44. BBW

    Time to make a few changes for me.

    Aww, thanks you all. I really appreciate you kind and thoughtful remarks. And, Narnian - that is one of the nicest compliments I've ever gotten about "dressing down" someone with cheerfulness! I don't think our daughter would agree.:biggrin: I'm not really gone, I'm just around in a different...
  45. BBW

    New Super Moderator

    Congratulations, Alan! Your welcoming nature will stand you and the forum in good stead!:2thumbs: Happy super moderating, Alan!:th_salute:
  46. BBW

    Show us your personal pets

    Just a quick aside here, mach330 - I am a big West Highland White fan. My first "own" dog when I was about 14 was a wonderful Westie who I named Mac. And that was so long ago, that Apple was only something one ate. When I first met my husband he had a Westie, too - named Dougal. ;-) Great...
  47. BBW

    Time to make a few changes for me.

    Good evening from New York - I'm writing to say a sort of goodbye. Well, not really,:wink: however I won't be here in quite the same way as I have been for so many months. I've decided that the time has come for me to hand in my Super Mod reins. As some of you know, Mu-43 was the key to...
  48. BBW

    New Member Introduction Thread

    Cheers and welcome from New York, formi! I think you'll find this group extremely helpful and pretty friendly, so please make yourself at home. Many thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, and please post some of your photographs very soon!:thumbup:
  49. BBW

    Hello from Toronto

    Peezie (AKA Christian) thanks so much for taking the time to give us a "formal" introduction here and a bit about your background. I think you're going to find yourself at home here very quickly, if you haven't already.:biggrin: Welcome!
  50. BBW

    Share: Your Favorite Photo!

    This is a wonderful thread because it gets down to the heart of the matter. Here is mine of our daughter when she was about 2 years old... <a href="" title="Red cowboy boots by Otra2004 AKA BBW, on Flickr">"404" height="640" alt="Red cowboy...
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