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    Panasonic 15/1.7 + Panasonic GM1 = EUR 533.

    € 267 at Amazon Germany !!!!
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    OM-D M5 Shutter problem

    Just got a chance to test the camera after repair made by Olympus USA. Left the camera in November and got it back 3 weeks later. Unfortunatly I had left USA and had to wait until this visit. Problem fixed on first try! Went out and shot a number of exposures between 1/3000 - 1/4000 and problem...
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    Sold my EM1 for lighter setup

    I totally agree Ken. You are used to a heavier camera. I came from a Om-D m5 with primes.
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    Sold my EM1 for lighter setup

    Well I can understand the decision. I was running around Barcelona with the EM1 and the 12-40 Pro. That did not feel "light and comfortable" It felt like the whole idea with m4/3 was gone. In my case it is the lens that makes the combo to heavy. The EM1 and a light prime like the 25/1,8 is a...
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    Oly 12-40mm front heavy?

    If you use the optional grip the the balace will be better. In addition you also get a better grip.
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    Upgrade from E-PM2 to: E-M1, E-M10 or E-PL7?

    I think the OM-D M1 would be the better match to your 12-40 PRO. It is a heavy lens and I did not like it on my OM- D M5. OM-D M1 has better IBIS compared to the E-PM 2. You might find that helpful for sharper pictures in bad light.
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    Olympus 12-40 Ouch!

    Olympus customer relations In comparison the OM-D M5 "Sticking shutter" problem seems to be a much more common problem. I wonder why that does not stir up the feelings as much as the 12-40 lens problem? To my opinion it is handled as bad as the broken lenses.
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    GM1 - now or later

    Always carry a camera in the pocket as it is the way to more pictures. I own the E-Pl 1 and the OM-D M5 and a Sony RX100. The Sony RX100 is always lying in the pocket of my shorts. I have been taking more pictures with the Sony than with the other two cameras. I was looking at the GM1 as it...
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    OM-D M5 Shutter problem

    Thanks for all the help. Will bring the Camera to US in November for repair. It is a much cheaper option compared with Europe.
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    OM-D M5 Shutter problem

    Thank you ver much for the information. Very useful! I think I will give it a try when I visit US in November. What was the turnaround time?
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    OM-D M5 Shutter problem

    I bought a refurbished OM-D M5 in November. I discovered in April that the camera suffers from a shutter problem at higher shutter speeds. Some frames are completly black. Others are just rak. I bought the camera i US. I fear that the repair here in Sweden will be very expensive. Olympus do not...
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