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    E-M5, sometimes I wonder why I have bought a new camera

    I still own it and use it from time to time. The only problem I have with the EM-5 is CAF, it's about as bad as it gets.
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    Your self portrait.

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    Has Sony finally got my attention?

    I have had no interest in Sony cameras. I was a long time Canon APS-C shooter. I started shooting Olympus Microfourthirds cameras along with my Canons. Starting with the EP1, EP2, EP3, EM5s, EM1s. At some point I sold all my Canon gear and went totally Olympus. I've been mostly happy with...
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    Sony and Olympus

    I guess now I don't feel to bad for buying my first Sony last month.:hide:
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    Youth Sports

    Gymnastic with the "old" EM1 and the 75mm F1.8
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    OMD E-M1X Previews, reviews, and official announcement

    But 74% is just average in a market segment that expects 90% plus.
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    OMD E-M1X Previews, reviews, and official announcement

    All the new features are cool. But, if auto focus for action and sports isn’t way better than the Mark II, it’s a nine starter for me. The few early revisions saw were from no production cameras. So, I’ll with hold judgement until we have some more review.
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    Joe Edelman's Interview..... A must watch

    So, does he have Olympus Tattooed on his forearm?
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    A few pics from Nashville.

    Great Job! I often carry the EM5 with the 14-150 and the 17mm 1.8 on trips. It's a great combo and not too hard to carry every where. I carried my 40-150 Pro on a trip to Branson in September. I sure did miss the 14.150.:)
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    Want to Buy: E-M5 or E-M10 and 20mm or 25mm f/1.7 on the cheaper side | Location: USA | Ships:

    I have a Like new EM-5 for sale. Only 2000 on the shutter count.
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    On1 Photo raw 2019

    It does look interesting, if it works as described. I watched the demo and liked what I saw. I may give it a try once it released. But, I’m not preordering it.
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    A bug in Light Room updater

    That’s what I did. But finding the 6.14 update on the Adobe website was not very easy. I now have the update stored on my hard drive.
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    A bug in Light Room updater

    Or is it a bug? I knew how to correct the problem. Reinstall version 6 update to 6.14 and restore my old catalogue since the catalog was also updated. The adobe rep said the only thing I could do was take out a subscription. If not all my edits would be lost. He told me he could help with that...
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    A bug in Light Room updater

    No, the updater now will up date your stand alone version 6.14 to 7.5. It happened to me yesterday. Everything works except presets. Adobe confirmed it is a bug in the updater.
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    A bug in Light Room updater

    If you have light Room 6 desk top version. Adobe has a bug in their updater which will up 6 to 7.5. I though great they are going to update version 6, wrong. After updating none of my presets will work, they're not applied to the picture and nothing is updated in history. I think the fix is to...
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    Olympus 180-400MM PRO ZOOM

    So is there a 180-400MM PRO zoom coming from Olympus?They joke about it in this video from Roberts.
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    Alien Skin Exposure 4 released

    Thanks! I was just looking at a demo today. It looks interesting. It has the missing features from light Room 6. I've also been playing with a Luminar trial. It's also shows promise. After being dumped by Apple Aperture I'm a little hesitant to jump on another program. But the fact Adobe isn't...
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    Olympus at Photokina.

    Looks like they’re holding any new releases until next year at their 100 year anniversary.
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    E-M5 II vs E-M1 II for indoor sports

    I used the 75MM for gymnastics before I got the 40-150 Pro. If you can get close enough the images are unbelievably. The 75MM is one lens I will never sale, it’s that special. I have some images under sports and youth sports using the 75MM.
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    Olympus at Photokina.

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    For Sale: Olympus EP-3/ OMD-EM5 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    I’ve reduced the price on the EM5 to $250. Camera still available.
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    I'll take the 40-150. send me payment instructions.

    I'll take the 40-150. send me payment instructions.
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Olympus 40-150mm F2.8 PRO Lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    I'll take it. Send me payment instructions.
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    Show your cell phone photos

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    Show your cell phone photos

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    Thank Tank Trifecta 8 $85 off at Adaroma.

    Thanks for the link. I did forget to mention if you buy use this link so mu43 gets credit. Sorry, it is 61% or $85 off. Still a good deal.
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    Thank Tank Trifecta 8 $85 off at Adaroma.

    Adaroma is having a pre black friday sale. They have the Trifecta 8 for 85% off. i picked one up and I think it's perfect for the Em1 and pro lens set up. it's a unquie back pack that has three differen ways to access your gear. I'm mostly a shoulder bag guy and have several, don't we all? I...
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    Apple Photos Advanced features added

    Apple is calling them advanced features. I guess compared to the original release they may be advanced. No where near what Aperture was or Lightroom is.
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    Apple Photos Advanced features added

    That would be a no.
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    Apple Photos Advanced features added

    The only brush is a spot healing brush.
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    Apple Photos Advanced features added

    i feel the same way. i don't think I will use it full time. But, I may play with it some. After Apple killed off aperture the way they did, i still have a bad taste in my mouth for Apple.
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    Apple Photos Advanced features added

    MacOS High Sierra photos app has new advance editing features. The interface looks good and it does a good job on your image. It's not as good as Aperture, I don't think. But, you don't have to rent it like you do with Adobe.
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    Pen-F or 75/1.8?

    I don't have the Pen F, but really want it. I still have the EM5 MK1 and EM! MK1 and the 75MM. Just let me say that 75MM really sings on both camera's. If it were me I'd get both. LOL, but if I had to choose I think I'd get the 75MM and upgrade the camer next year.
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    SHOW - Black & White Landscapes / Seascapes

    The Cades Cove.
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    Showcase Olympus 75-300 f/4.8-6.7 II

    WOW! a great example of what this lens can do. Some of your post and your youtube video convinced me this len could produce sharp images.
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    Showcase Olympus 75-300 f/4.8-6.7 II

    I was hesitant to buy this lens because the reviews are all over the place.Some say it's unusable at the long end. The 300 F4 pro isn't in my budget so this was really the only option for a long lens. I took it out this week for the first time. What i found out is 5 axis image stabilization has...
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    For Sale: Olympus EP-3/ OMD-EM5 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Olympus EP-3/ OMD-EM5 What are your prices? EP-3 $150-Sold EM5 $250 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description I’m selling my like new EP-3 with the 14-42 IIR. The EP-3...
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    Showcase Olympus 75mm f/1.8

    i really love the 75mm. I use it for a lot of different subject matter.
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    Olympus Reconditioned cameras experience?

    I have purchased 2 from Olympus and one lens. I've never had a problem. I think both cameras came with a full one year warranty.
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    Branson Mo.

    A few more from our trip. I only took the 12-40 pro and the 75 f1.8 in a small little camera bag. I thought they both did an out standing job.
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    Branson Mo.

    Thanks for the heads up. We took a day and went to Eureka Springs. it was ineresting to say the least. The Cresent Hotel, the Thorncrown Chapel, the drive on 62 was amazing, it would have been better in the fall of the year I'm sure. Here are two Panaramas I made of Table rock Dam and Table rock...
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    Branson Mo.

    I've never been so I'm not sure what to exspect. We were going to Florida, but decided to go in the opposite direction. So this was sort of a last minute thing.
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    Branson Mo.

    any good photo spots in Branso, Mo. I need to check out. I'll be there the week of 8/18/2017.
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    E-M1.2 Sports Shooting - Focus Issues

    Here's another arrival I read this morning about setting up focus on the mark 2. Using Om-D E-M1 Mark II Autofocus for Bird Photography | Olympus
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    E-M1.2 Sports Shooting - Focus Issues

    After reading this post and seeing a review like this, well, it has me scratching my head.
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    E-M1.2 Sports Shooting - Focus Issues

    clint, I shoot sports with my EM1 1 with good results. But it's not easy and I miss a lot of shots. I have a 14 year old Canon D30 and the EM1 1 beats it in almost every respect. It doesn't do video, no live view, only 5 FPS. But, the one thing it does and does well is focus tracking. I've used...
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