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  1. fader

    Buy VF viewfinder or 2nd body with viewfinder?

    IRRC the VF4 at 1.48 magnification has better resolution than PenF EVF, EM10 MkII, or EM5 Mk1.
  2. fader

    f4 is too slow

    2.8? *ahem* ZEISSMilvus 100mm f/2M ZF.2 Macro Lens for Nikon F macro to boot ... :love:
  3. fader

    f4 is too slow

    No doubt - if you're running and gunning and shooting JPEG, the better lens is going to generate more keepers w/o processing. The big difference here is just down to personal preferences. I like to process from RAW and I try to shoot very deliberately as if I were still using film. If I shoot...
  4. fader

    show Miksang - Finding Beauty in the Mundane

    iPhone 6+, privacy glass during sunset.
  5. fader

    f4 is too slow

    For sure - it's a really small package for such a useful range. The feature page for the Lumix 12-60 could use some lovin' - I can't believe there's only 7 pages or so in there given that most reviews I've read put the Lumix version on par with the PL 12-60 f2.8 in terms of sharpness. It seems...
  6. fader

    f4 is too slow

    There is no reason to buy something that you’re not missing. Sounds like you e got plenty of great lenses already. Take a deep breath and forget about the GAS attack :)
  7. fader

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Image Thread

    This is a nice portrait. The flash is a bit hot - almost high key - but it works with the subject's black hair and dark grey background. Very striking contrast and perfectly sharpened - well done.
  8. fader

    E-M1X Trouble.

    20 thousand ... 60 thousand .... :eek: I think I've got 20k snaps on my camera over the last 4 years. How do you review that many images from a single event? I get bored after looking through a few hundred. :roflmao:
  9. fader

    I think I want sharper M1 Mark II 40-150mm 2.8 sports photos

    The above comment about calibrating your camera's focus adjustment settings to your lens is spot-on to make absolutely sure that you don't have any back-focusing or front-focusing errors. It's a common adjustment that's required on any camera system when using telephoto length lenses. There's a...
  10. fader

    I think I want sharper M1 Mark II 40-150mm 2.8 sports photos

    Incredible gallery - subscribed! I really like that he mixes it up with slower shutter speeds and isn’t afraid of flash where he can get away with it.
  11. fader

    Robin Wong - MC-20 Teleconverter - Hands On Impression

    even the 300mm is small by 35mm standards. Ever seen he Canon / Nikon guys with a 600mm rig? Looks like a bazooka.
  12. fader

    I think I want sharper M1 Mark II 40-150mm 2.8 sports photos

    Biting sharpness is not the foundation of a good photograph. I think we've trained ourselves to think so, but it isn't. Most Pulitzer winning material would receive a lukewarm reception on photo-forums when submitted with no backstory. I'm sorry to sound cynical but I hold this to be true. If...
  13. fader

    Show Doors & Windows

    Anti bird-loitering countermeasures deployed on the tiniest dormer windows I've ever seen.
  14. fader

    Are the Panasonic-Leica lenses as good as 'real' Leica lenses??

    Panasonic giving their tech away so Leica digital bodies actually work.
  15. fader

    Show Fences

  16. fader

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    "Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality. But...there is, unseen by most, an underworld, a place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit...a dark side." --intro from the Tales from the Darkside TV series, by George Romero Focus stacked / stitched from 4...
  17. fader

    The Real Color Street Thread!

    A regular takes his position outside a bar. I believe his master is one of the staff.
  18. fader

    Nominate a Thread for Front Page Feature

    Few macros from the Western ghats of India
  19. fader

    show "abandoned"

    yeah - nowhere near! thanks for the link
  20. fader

    To Voigtlander or not to?

    Tough call. I own none of these, so I'm posting purely as a forum viewing junkie, tech nerd, and wishing-I-had-all-the-Voigtlanders perspective. Like you I absolutely love all of the Voigtlander photos I see, but it's really a kind of 1 trick pony. - The 12-32 is the sharpest, cheapest, and...
  21. fader

    Inconsistent color profiles after uploading to web

    Update: fixed. I'd forgotten that chrome buries all of the important settings in chrome://flags. Search for color and you can find the setting as below - At least for my crappy Dell LCD display, scRGB (a M$ standard developed for gaming, mostly) produces the most accurate color relative to...
  22. fader

    Show us a frame as a composition

    Jet trails and daydreams iPhone 6+ and Snapseed
  23. fader

    show "abandoned"

    Curious where this is located? I knew a bit of history about the big square and factory in SF but had never heard about this landmark. Interesting!
  24. fader

    Share: Trees

    the giving tree
  25. fader

    show "abandoned"

    This used to be a large lookout over the sea until a big storm washed out most of the embankment (and then some) years ago. The city just fenced it off and left it.
  26. fader

    Show "Boats"

    at anchor in the Gulf de Gascogne
  27. fader

    Share your giant panoramas!

    "double rainbow ... whoa!"
  28. fader

    Show "Cars"

    My Jeeps have claimed a couple victories now over low slung cars I couldn't otherwise see in the mirrors. :blush: Never rear-ended one, though! haha
  29. fader

    Post Your WTF Photos.

    sinkhole or garbage can retainer - you decide!
  30. fader

    Show "Cars"

    Spotted this 944 driver a while back and almost mistook it for a 968 at first glance due to the deep dish wheels. Anybody know what's going on with the fender vents? I didn't notice them until I got the photos loaded, and unfortunately didn't get a shot of the rear of the car for a model!
  31. fader

    Share: Trees

    Long lost memories of going to the park. Agfa Vista 200 film emulation from G'mic
  32. fader

    Anyone been to a "Clean and Check"?

    oh cool - I've been avoiding the update because I didn't want to try using it off wine64 :-o Thanks for the link!
  33. fader

    Share: Trees

    It's really time for me to stop messing around and get a wider angle lens. :laugh: For all the complaining I hear about DoF being too deep on m43 I sure don't have that problem at f1.8/f2. f2 wasn't enough here as the center of the trunk is pretty soft. I really liked the shape of it so...
  34. fader

    Show: Random picture thread

  35. fader

    Architecture image thread

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  36. fader

    Official MFT Landscape images thread :)

    "fissure" "the hideout" These rock formations at the shoreline have some interesting properties. the above are experiments processed from JPEGS before spending too much time w/ raw versions, which yield final tiff images over 100mp each.
  37. fader

    Inconsistent color profiles after uploading to web

    Inclined to agree with you. I checked this page in Opera, which is Chrome based, and the reds look right as rain. Firefox is correct. Chrome is the odd man out for some reason. *shrug* I can live with it.
  38. fader

    Architecture image thread

    The small villages here on the coast are littered with holiday homes such as this one. They remain empty for 90% of the year, impeccably maintained and waiting patiently for getaway visitors. And then there are those homes that aren't so impeccably maintained. Empty but not for sale.
  39. fader

    Inconsistent color profiles after uploading to web

    yep - that's what I understood, too, which is why I was stumped as to why Chrome looks so bad. It's not for all images, either. I think I was shocked because of the big shift in the reds in this particular image. In fact, the red part of the gamut has a big difference between adobe and sRGB, as...
  40. fader

    Inconsistent color profiles after uploading to web

    Indeed, it's a bit maddening. I do tend edit in Adobe RGB and output for web in sRGB. There's an option in GIMP to "save color profile" during export which I tried both of in this thread to reach the conclusion that chrome sucks. The reds looks bad on my monitor in chrome with either vanilla...
  41. fader

    Shutter release for Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III?

    WiFi on the app with live-view is the way to go for most things. It’s easy to adjust the camera while on a tripod this way, too. For LiveComposite I find the 2 second shutter delay is best but admittedly I rarely use this feature.
  42. fader

    Showcase Minolta 45mm f/2 MD Rokkor

    Flathead? Rare to find one with all the fenders!
  43. fader

    Inconsistent color profiles after uploading to web

    Thanks again for those uploads. :drinks: All three images look identical in FF an my iPhone. Neither are color calibrated but it's a lot closer. And the answer is ... it's effing google chrome (mostly!) Firefox matches Safari pretty closely now on my iPhone. *whew* I thought my laptop...
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