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  1. TassieFig

    What's your weather?

    Hot, windy, lightnings, no rain...Tasmania is burning :crying: We are lucky on the Tasman Peninsula so far (except the only road in/out is closed atm due to a new fire...) but the rest of the state is not so lucky. Uncontrolled fires all over the state, hundreds are evacuated, many thousands of...
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    Abstract Nature Photos

  3. TassieFig

    Abstract NON-nature Photos

    I'm not sure if this belongs here but at least it's non-nature...
  4. TassieFig

    The winter/snow images thread

    Middle of the summer here, melting away, dreaming of snow... From the top of Mt Wellington/kunanyi one arvo last winter. Changeable conditions...
  5. TassieFig

    Post your National Park photos

    Sunrise in Mt Field NP, Tasmania And a walk over to the Tarn Shelf (seen on the left in the first picture)
  6. TassieFig

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    It's of course a while ago since autumn was here but here are a few from Mt Field NP. Nothofagus gunnii, the only deciduous native tree in Tasmania.
  7. TassieFig

    Lizards, snakes, toads, frogs, turtles and other reptiles & amphibians

    A Blue Tounge was visiting one day
  8. TassieFig

    Share: Trees

    The tree is still alive but it has pigface growing all over it. It can be quite windy here...
  9. TassieFig


    A common sight in Porto :(
  10. TassieFig

    Your self portrait.

    I've never heard of an orange crested polychromador so I *assume* you mean "my" bird (and @gnarlydog australia 's Berta) It's a laughing kookaburra, Dacelo novaeguineae
  11. TassieFig

    Your self portrait.

    He is quite amazing. He is so comfortable around here and often comes and just sit with us. Sometimes on the lap, sometimes on the head :laugh1: He does enjoy a little scratch on the neck.He obviously knows there *might* be a little something for him. He is a great dad though and most of the...
  12. TassieFig

    Your self portrait.

    Oh how I hate photos of myself (I don't even look like myself anymore :rolleyes:) but Tucho is too cute to ignore. He lives with his family in a tree a couple of hundreds meters away. He is always hungry.
  13. TassieFig

    Your favorite photography related YouTube channels?

    I think I have a new favorite. I have learned not to eat or drink while watching because it will end up sprayed on the screen and keyboard. Both his and mine... Landscape photographer Gavin Hardcastle, a Yorkshire man living in Canada. Here is his latest vid (with Adam Gibbs again)
  14. TassieFig

    Life's a Beach: show us beaches, beach towns and life at the shore

    Having a snooze after a walk along Wineglass bay (Laowa 7.5 f2)
  15. TassieFig

    Show "Boats"

    Windeward Bound heading in to Fortescue Bay. Cape Hauy in the background.
  16. TassieFig

    Silhouette Image thread..Share yours please :)

    Sunrise in Freycinet NP, Tasmania
  17. TassieFig

    Show your cell phone photos

    Taken with my now dead Sony Xperia Z3 compact
  18. TassieFig

    Share: Trees

    A small tree in a big tree An imaginary tree?
  19. TassieFig

    Show: Seascapes and Coastal Views

    A few shots from a short walk around the corner from where we live It's just a trickle here but this is the bottom half of the waterfall in Waterfall Bay The local dive boat
  20. TassieFig

    Photography and Olympus n00b says hello!

    :Welcome: I think Ben Long's Photography Foundation on Lynda course is an excellent course. There are many other great courses on Lynda. Another great place for learning is Cambridge in Colour And of course this site is a great place to explore - ask questions and be inspired :)
  21. TassieFig

    Replacing UWA zoom with UWA prime

    I'm a zoom-person but for me, the Laowa 7.5 is a no-brainer if you want super wide, small and fast. I love the size and sharpness and, well, everything really :cloud-9-039:
  22. TassieFig

    Show: Seascapes and Coastal Views

    BTW, do you know where the name Wineglass bay comes from? Well, back in the good ol' days when whalers were filling the bay with whale blood, someone thought it looked like a glass of wine...
  23. TassieFig

    Show: Seascapes and Coastal Views

    You might want to be careful walking around here. It was a hike out to Cape Hauy that made us come and live here... Wineglass Bay is not too bad either, eh? We did a 3-nighter loop there in November last year. Spectacular! Camp 1 at the end of Wineglass Bay Camp 2 on top of Mount Graham...
  24. TassieFig

    The Real Street Thread II

    A few more from Porto
  25. TassieFig

    Wildlife: show us your walk on the wild side and post your wild animal photos

    It is indeed an Echidna. It was completely oblivious of my camera up its butt. Here it is from the side digging away.
  26. TassieFig

    Wildlife: show us your walk on the wild side and post your wild animal photos

    Went for a walk and was confronted with this
  27. TassieFig

    Question about the Peak Design Leash strap...

    I have used it for a couple of years with my EM5 and I love it. Would get another one in an instant if I lost this one. The original Oly is atrocious.
  28. TassieFig

    Giveaway: Think Tank Signature 10 shoulder bag (completed)

    King Tucho, the local kookaburra, is hoping for a handout (as do I...) (taken 23 Nov 2018)
  29. TassieFig

    If you were starting from scratch

    I'm actually right where I'd be if I started from scratch in my current financial situation. EM5ii Laowa 7.5 f2 12-40 45-150 R If I had money to go on those fancy Greenland photo workshops and the likes where I don't have to carry them for long, I would love to have the 8-18, 12-100 and...
  30. TassieFig

    Some more Street Photos

    Some great shots. The first one is fantastic, love it :thumbup:
  31. TassieFig

    Big changes at Flickr

    I've been trying that but can't seem to get it right. trying again... ah, got it. Thanks :thumbup:
  32. TassieFig

    Big changes at Flickr

    Sorry to keep this going but I need to ask another question @Amin Sabet Afaik a link from Flickr will remain a link even after I delete from Flickr. It will just take you to a dead page. Is there a way to kill that link *properly* so that the attachment here on the forum could have that nice...
  33. TassieFig

    Show: Seascapes and Coastal Views

    Here are a few from a hike along the Cape Hauy track in the Tasman National Park EM5ii_03477.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_03490.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_03498.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_03542.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_03494.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr Cape...
  34. TassieFig

    Share Birds

    A couple of hooded plovers/dotterels (Thinornis cucullatus) in Eaglehawk Neck EM5ii_04116.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
  35. TassieFig

    We need more horses in this forum (Image Thread)

    These two were having a go at each other for fun. Eat some and then play some. Taken in Lofoten, Norway in 2016 Playful by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
  36. TassieFig

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    I noticed that too but Simon replied just below that comment also mentioning the 2 bodies so who knows...
  37. TassieFig

    Share Birds

    Thanks! I've done a few more hikes since that I will post some pics from soon. We have lived here now for about 15y and I am still blown away every time I go out for an explore. Tasmania is a truly wonderful place and well worth a (long) visit :thumbup:
  38. TassieFig

    Abstract Nature Photos

    A few more EM5ii_02906.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_02908.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_02903.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_02901.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
  39. TassieFig

    Abstract Nature Photos

    EM5ii_04067.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_04195.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_03527.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM5ii_03279.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
  40. TassieFig

    Share Birds

    I usually don't have the patient nor the technique to shoot birds properly. If the opportunity comes around I fire off a few. But one day I brought along the 75-300 with the intention to practice a little. Here are some of the results. They are all along the Cape Hauy track in Tasman NP New...
  41. TassieFig

    Wildlife: show us your walk on the wild side and post your wild animal photos

    One of the reasons I bought a G7Xii was to always have a good camera in the pocket. On my daily (well, I try) beach walks I don't want to carry a bag but then you stumble on a young leopard seal :dash2: DSC_0398.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr So I again started to carry the bag but didn't want to...
  42. TassieFig

    Unusual stuff in the sky thread

    From a couple of years ago in Sweden. Got up early in the morning when I heard the rain to get the laundry in and was awestruck when I looked up. I've never seen clouds like this. EM514349.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr EM514347.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr A 22° halo for breakfast is always nice :)
  43. TassieFig

    Power Grid

    So true. I got one that I like from Skåne, Sweden. The landscape is littered with wind mills and I actually really like them. EM515117.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
  44. TassieFig

    Em5 II vs EM10 II?

    Unless you shoot *lots* of verticals or very low, weird angles, swivel is a pain imo. Many other users love it but it is one of those divisive feature that will never be settled. Only you can say if it will work for you. If $200 hurts a lot, I'd say don't bother. If it doesn't hurt, go for it...
  45. TassieFig

    Em5 II vs EM10 II?

    If I didn't need weather sealing (which I do), I'd go for a EM10ii. But then I *don't* like the swivel screen and haven't used/needed HiRes or stacking nearly enough as I thought I would.
  46. TassieFig

    Share: Trees

    A few from Mount Field NP
  47. TassieFig

    Share: Trees

  48. TassieFig

    Share Birds

    This little superb fairywren had one of its chicks land in a bucket of water and needed prompt rescue. He was watching nervously but everything ended well. EM5ii_02829.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
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