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  1. CiaranCReilly

    Help!!! I need an easy to use photo organization and editing solution!

    I'm doing a lot less editing of photos than I used to years ago, therefore I think Photos may be enough for me now. I'm excited to try out syncing between devices, as I've never done that before. It's certainly competitive with Adobe's Lightroom CC offering, and I'd be happier giving my money...
  2. CiaranCReilly

    Help!!! I need an easy to use photo organization and editing solution!

    I'm thinking of switching from Lightroom to Photos on the basis of the new features, although I haven't yet upgraded to High Sierra as I'm generally a slow upgrader as I use my Mac for work and fear issues during upgrades. How are people getting on with the new Photos app in High Sierra, is it...
  3. CiaranCReilly

    New Year?

    To find the inspiration to get out there and take more photos for fun.
  4. CiaranCReilly

    What's your favorite lens?

    Favourite is still Panasonic 20/1.7. Despite the obvious disadvantages it has, it seems the natural lens for the system to have spawned.
  5. CiaranCReilly

    Share Your Favorite Photo of 2016

    I've assumed my "favourite" shot is also my "best", may not be but I like it... Teide summit by Ciaran Reilly, on Flickr
  6. CiaranCReilly

    Climbing El Teide in December

    I had a really great week in Tenerife at the start of December, with the aim of climbing Teide, the highest point in Spanish territory. We rented a motorhome and tried to see as much else as we could. First stop was Montaña Roja, just south of the southern airport on the island, TFS. View...
  7. CiaranCReilly

    96mp image from Rally Sweden 2016

    Really like this, in a "I did it because I could" kind of way! Excellent vantage point you had, too.
  8. CiaranCReilly

    Show: Stitched Panoramas

    8 shots with 20mm Panasonic in portrait, merged with Photoshop. Cape Town from Table Mountain by Ciaran Reilly, on Flickr
  9. CiaranCReilly

    Bangkok - Thailand rainy seasons

    Really like 24 for the way you've frozen the drivers while everyone else is moving. 14 is cool as it captures the chaotic and busy life on the streets. Like 6 too, nice vantage point!
  10. CiaranCReilly

    Mirrorless System Bang for Buck, Quantified!

    Ha! Cool comparison, the Samsung lenses really do stand out as being good value!
  11. CiaranCReilly

    First photos of GX8

    Hopefully the renderings may be off... There really can't be a valid reason for the camera being bigger than the A7II.
  12. CiaranCReilly

    First photos of GX8

    Wow, cannot believe how much larger the GX8 looks to be.... big problem for me personally, GX7/EM-5 size is just right for me. The bounceable built in flash was very handy, making the GX7 a very handy travel camera for most situations. The GX8 won't fill this role so well if the rumours are true.
  13. CiaranCReilly

    Short road trip to the north of the island of Ireland

    Very nice shots, I like the mix of landscape and documentary styles
  14. CiaranCReilly

    P 12-32 vs P 14-42 II?

    Just got a 12-32 to replace my (little used) 14-42II - very happy with 12-32 and don't think I'd have a reason to bring the 14-42II instead. The size was the major factor for me, however having an option to use 12mm is very handy (once I get my head framing at 12mm).
  15. CiaranCReilly

    Some questions about the industar 69.

    It might be that some of them are modified by the seller - I bought mine a long time ago and don't remember doing any work to it - could be worth asking a few sellers if they have modified the lens to focus to infinity on m43?
  16. CiaranCReilly

    can't handle dpreview anymore

    It seems any site where participation is a secondary rather than primary purpose (Dpreview, 43rumors,, my local paper-of-record, descends into chaos fairly quickly - sites where people tend to come for discussion first - this one and a few similar - tend to be...
  17. CiaranCReilly

    What are you listening to?

    Little xs for eyes from Dublin -
  18. CiaranCReilly

    Share Birds

    African Penguins by Ciaran Reilly, on Flickr
  19. CiaranCReilly

    Show "Boats"

    I was lucky to capture this ensemble of Dublin Port Company's two tug boats Shackleton and Beaufort with Shackleton docking up for the night and the 333m cruise liner MSC Splendida, which made history as the biggest ever ship to visit Dublin Port, in the background. Shackleton, Beaufort & MSC...
  20. CiaranCReilly

    Hong Kong Trip

    Really lovely series, thanks for sharing!
  21. CiaranCReilly

    Gear for Morocco

    Hope all is going well and you're having a good time!
  22. CiaranCReilly

    Sunset & moon rise over NYC.

    Fantastic shot - really like the fact you captured the "New Yorker" neon sign - if the skyline wasn't recognisable to the viewer it is now!
  23. CiaranCReilly

    Gear for Morocco

    If you have a compact shoulder bag that closes securely I think you will be alright, I guess the balance is looking like your gear is more expensive with a "big" lens.... The riad we stayed in was very safe and I had no problems leaving stuff in the room - Tripadvisor helped us find a reputable...
  24. CiaranCReilly

    Gear for Morocco

    9-18, 20 and 45 should see you alright! It's very photogenic but takes some guts to take out the camera sometimes. Be sure to check out the railway station and Cyber Parc, but good places for photos. There are lots of parks with spectacular flora. The mountain backdrops are great. I've a few...
  25. CiaranCReilly

    Photography: Is it your primary or secondary priority?

    I think your experience is typical, although the odd time I do travel somewhere with the intention of photography I find I sometimes get bored quickly! Probably points to good company being more important than achieving perfection in photography, and that the act and challenge of catching a...
  26. CiaranCReilly

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home, really well made bag and I think just the right size for a mu43 kit.
  27. CiaranCReilly

    Trying Mac photos app. Workflow suggestions?

    If you're going to be snarky you could at least read my post first... I was referring to iCloud.
  28. CiaranCReilly

    Trying Mac photos app. Workflow suggestions?

    I have my iPhoto/Aperture library "well" organised, all the way back to photos taken with a Sony Mavica floppy disc camera in 1997 and I really don't want to have to change! Here's hoping Apple will improve features in Photos and bring it back to Aperture-like functionality. If they already know...
  29. CiaranCReilly

    Trying Mac photos app. Workflow suggestions?

    Did you have to upgrade to a larger iCloud plan or are you starting a new library for the new workflow? That's another thing that's holding me back... €9.99 per month maybe isn't that much on the grand scheme of things, but it's a lot more than free!
  30. CiaranCReilly

    Trying Mac photos app. Workflow suggestions?

    Having all of your finalised files in cloud storage with zero effort would be really handy and in my opinion is a killer feature of Photos, I'm just hoping that editing features will be restored to Aperture levels in the future, then I'll change.
  31. CiaranCReilly

    [EXPIRED] For Sale: Olympus 15mm f/8.0 body cap lens - black | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Olympus 15mm f/8.0 body cap lens - black What are your prices? €50 inc. Paypal & shipping to EU Where are you located? EU Where are you willing to to ship? EU Description Olympus BCL 1580 in black...
  32. CiaranCReilly

    Anyone switching to Leica T?

    The touch-centric control philosophy is interesting but by pricing it too high by a multiple of 5 the cool tech isn't Getting noticed or making any real impact on the market, pity
  33. CiaranCReilly

    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    Some cows Going Home by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr
  34. CiaranCReilly

    My first attempt at street photography

    Nice shot. Looks like a quiet town, it's definitely easier and less intimidating shooting in busier places
  35. CiaranCReilly

    shoulder fired

    Ah but it is! It wouldn't look a quarter as cool with a camera hanging off the end! Plus the camera would get constantly bashed into things.
  36. CiaranCReilly

    Tourist in Paris

    Fantastic series, really enjoyed it! The "love lock" craze is causing big problems for cities. The locks can get unsightly and cost a lot of money to remove. The extra weight of thousands of locks on popular bridges impose unforeseen loadings, leading to at least one partial collapse. The locks...
  37. CiaranCReilly

    Nemocón´s salt mine

    Interesting shots - took me a while to figure out that what looked like double height rooms were actually reflections in VERY still water! I guess the Fenix capsule in the 5th from last photo is a replica? Nice touch having it on show.
  38. CiaranCReilly

    Southern Africa Safari Lens Advice

    I'd definitely bring 100-300. Went to game parks in SA with just 40-150 and struggled to get the detailed shots of animals I wanted.
  39. CiaranCReilly


    Daffodils against a clear blue sky by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr
  40. CiaranCReilly

    Showcase Olympus 40-150mm f/4-5.6

    Spring is in the air in Ireland! Some daffodils with Panasonic GX7 & Olympus 40-150 f/4.0-5.6. Daffodils against a clear blue sky by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr Spring! by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr
  41. CiaranCReilly

    Build quality: Panasonic v Olympus

    Love my Olympus E-P1 and E-PM1 but my E-PM1 frame bent slightly due to a fall, battery cover no longer opens/closes easily but no other issues. I do feel my GX7 is built to a better standard, no issues in two year's use in some tough environments.
  42. CiaranCReilly

    Share your instagram?

    I generally either download a medium res file from Flickr (my Flickr usually :biggrin:) and upload on my phone or else export from Aperture at 1024 max dimension to Dropbox and upload to Instragram from there on Android. I don't think it's possible to view pics any bigger once uploaded?
  43. CiaranCReilly

    Go Kai!

    At the start of the video at least, both compared lenses are f/4.0
  44. CiaranCReilly

    For the dog lovers

    Another happy dog in the snow!
  45. CiaranCReilly

    Share your instagram?

    How about tagging our posts #mu-43 ? I've tagged a few - waiting to see if anyone finds them!
  46. CiaranCReilly

    Share your instagram?

    I'm using it a bit more lately - Interesting mix of very talented photographers and filthy spammers, but it is fun!
  47. CiaranCReilly

    Help Me To Understand Flickr

    Even though I know it's an automated picking system based on analysis of data, I'm still pretty stoked to have gotten my first photo Explored! It's been a busy day with all the email notifications, but alas the price of fame! Earth Café, Marrakech by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr It's extra nice...
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