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    IBIS or Mega OIS?

    If you have a camera with IBIS (Olympus) and an OIS lens (Panasonic) then you should turn off the lens' OIS - that is assuming it would work on a non-Panasonic camera anyway. My personal preference is for IBIS since any lens becomes 'stabilised' and non-stabilised lenses are inherently...
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    How do I get these pixel peeping powers

    There's a simple answer to all this: You buy six brand new high-end (read expensive) cameras and one of each of their respective lenses, and then take the same photos with each camera. This will allow you to make microscopic comparisons and pick the photo you think is the best, even if they...
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    Shooting high quality video

    Ever wondered about the video capabilities of modern still cameras? Well, wonder no more! Check out some of Philip Bloom's time lapse videos - this one, , was made in Dubai over 5 days and nights using a Canon 7d, 5dMkII and a Panasonic GF1. Scroll...
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    David Clapp review of the GF1

    An excellent article. Just goes to show what can be done with a good camera (does not have to be the most expensive, flashy etc), excellent technique and a good 'photographic eye'. I've got the camera - where do I get the rest!!! Chris
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    Do you print your digital photos?

    Twice a year I print a representative sample (usually 50 - 100) to go in the family albums - these are always printed at my local photo store. Occasionally I will print one-or-two photos at home for something special. The most expensive way ever designed to print photos is on a consumer...
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    Announcement: is a sponsor of The Online Photographer

    The Online Photographer is my first photographic stop on the internet - it is refreshingly different. It was via your link on their site that I arrived here. Chris
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Spot on F1L1P! We had 5 days on the 'Big Island' (relaxing) and 5 in Waikiki (shopping -at least that how it seemed!). Enjoyed it all. Chris
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    I really like the low light ability of this lens. These are all JPG's straight out of the camera - no adjustments except a small amount of straightening for the daylight pic. Chris
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    What brought you to the micro four thirds system?

    I guess like many DSLR users I had been looking for a small, good quality, high resolution camera that was easy to carry around - either as a supplement to, or replacement for, my SLR. Whilst some cameras interested me - LX3, Canon S90, EP-1 etc - it wasn't until I first handled the GF1 that I...
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Bought my first 4/3 camera just before Xmas, a Lumix GF1 with 20mm 1.7, and I think both are excellent. I have been using a Pentax K10D with the 35mm f2.8 Limited which is a beautiful lens but am now sold on the 20mm 1.7. I especially love its low light, hand-held ability. 1/800 @f1.8...
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