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  1. chuckgoolsbee

    This Weekends Hangout - Oregon Coast - USA/Lumix 7-14

    Did you ever get passed at an outrageous speed by a small, dark blue BMW Z4M? If so, that was me. I have had a 17 year old from France visiting my family and he & I did a lightning tour of western Oregon yesterday: Bend->Salem->McMinnville->Lincoln City->Depoe...
  2. chuckgoolsbee

    Best way to export to facebook via iPad?

    iPhoto has sadly not been updated to support the high-res images that Facebook now allows. Step one would be to bug Apple to get on that ASAP.
  3. chuckgoolsbee

    Lens for Motorsport?

    I shoot mostly automotive-related stuff, including motorsports, and my most used lenses at the track at the P100-300 and the 7-14.
  4. chuckgoolsbee

    G1 ??

    I have two G1 bodies, and still use them almost every day. So long as you don't need movie mode the G1 has everything.
  5. chuckgoolsbee

    Show Your Mountains

    Sorry, there's a car in the way. Whitehorse Mountain, Darrington, WA (~12 miles from my old house outside of Arlington, WA. It seems my new home of Oregon is already well represented in this thread!) Mt. Shuksan, North Cascades, Washington state USA. (sorry, same car in the way)
  6. chuckgoolsbee

    Just got Panny 7-14...

    Trust me... You're gonna love this lens.
  7. chuckgoolsbee

    panny100-300 HELP!!

    I never shoot over 180mm without a monopod. That extra modicum of stability is the divider between pixel salads and keepers. I shoot moving stuff too much to use a tripod. Try a monopod, it makes a huge difference at long focal lengths. Mine converts to self-standing too.
  8. chuckgoolsbee

    Oly 9-18 or Panny 7-14? I need advice.. :)

    Ditto what the other Chuck says, go with the 7-14. You won't be disappointed!
  9. chuckgoolsbee

    100-300mm: Shooting Support?

    I have a self-standing monopod from Manfroto. It is awesome.
  10. chuckgoolsbee

    Tornado Aftermath

    I shoot wide most all the time. The key (and the great benefit of having a wide angle lens) is to have both items very close, and very far in focus. Get CLOSE to some object - in this case a twisted broken stump, and then frame your background. When you think your close to your foreground object...
  11. chuckgoolsbee

    Before the Mayflower there was the Matthew

    ...and the electric lights astride the bell on the f'ocsle. Since Edison came long after Cabot. ;) (sorry, couldn't resist!)
  12. chuckgoolsbee

    Interesting observation

    heh. I didn't notice. She was short... ;)
  13. chuckgoolsbee

    Interesting observation

  14. chuckgoolsbee

    Interesting observation

    The Governor of my state showed up at my workplace yesterday for a tour. I was very busy on a project and had no time to spend with the entourage beyond being wrangled by our office manager for a photo op. We all stood in a group around the Gov. while three people shot our photo. Two of the...
  15. chuckgoolsbee

    Climbing and lenses

    When I was young I climbed a lot, and shot either very long, or very wide. I had a 70-210mm zoom and a 20mm lens kit for my Pentax 35mm film camera (always shot Kodachrome back then.) The wide lens was for shooting both landscapes and the close action near the belay. The long lens was for...
  16. chuckgoolsbee

    Electronic Viewfinder

    This is the precise reason why I have always stuck with the G-series cameras: the G1 and the G3.
  17. chuckgoolsbee

    Pana 45-200mm owners: is it worth money?

    Technically, I live in rural Deschutes county, somewhere between Bend and Alfalfa, but everybody knows where Bend is so I say I'm from Bend. ;) I only recently acquired the 100-300, and haven't shot with both at the same time (yet) - If I have time in the near future I'll do just that for you.
  18. chuckgoolsbee

    Pana 45-200mm owners: is it worth money?

    I own a G1 and a G3 (you will love the G3 BTW) and I have the 45-200 and the 100-300 Panasonic lenses. First off, the focal lengths don't translate well between your Sigma and the m4/3 world - so get that out of your head. when thinking about focal lengths I always mentally double them for...
  19. chuckgoolsbee

    A Magazine for M4/3

    Magazines still exist? ;)
  20. chuckgoolsbee

    GH2 - Okay to leave it on "Shoot Without Lens"?

    I've left my G1 in that setting for a few years, so yeah - you're OK. ;)
  21. chuckgoolsbee

    Some shots from the Dolomiti mountains

    Love the first shot the best. This is a place I have to visit someday!
  22. chuckgoolsbee

    Rockets not allowed on planes, what next?

    "The inconsistencies and sometime hard attitude is a bit of pain." Indeed. The most infuriating thing (other than the whole existence of the TSA, and the abandonment of our 4th Amendment Rights) is the radical inconsistency of it all. I travel a LOT for business, and every airport, every time...
  23. chuckgoolsbee

    What firmware updates would you like to see on the G3?

    Same thing I have been asking for since the G1: Tethering to a computer via USB cable.
  24. chuckgoolsbee

    Show the photos of yourself in early ages

    Me, looking a few teeth shy of a full set, probably in 1971 On the beach with my sisters, likely in 1972.
  25. chuckgoolsbee

    Shots from my US/Canada boarding trip.

    Very lucky to be atop Whistler on a sunny day!
  26. chuckgoolsbee

    COMPLETED looking for a Panasonic 7-14mm (US)

    You'll love the 7—14... it is my favorite lens.
  27. chuckgoolsbee

    TSA & carry on tripod/monopod

    I've been mildly hassled about my Manfroto monopod a few times by the morons at TSA.
  28. chuckgoolsbee

    Remember Me?

    Yes, I remember, and welcome back!
  29. chuckgoolsbee

    Panny G1 questions.

    I still have two G1s and shoot with them exclusively. The EVF is great, and the cameras have never let me down.
  30. chuckgoolsbee

    Does Panasonic EPP still works?

    My employer has an EPP with Panasonic, but I haven't seen any prices or even checkout functionality enabled on the site for the past six months or so!
  31. chuckgoolsbee is moving to a better server

    Maybe because Twitter has been down all morning!?
  32. chuckgoolsbee is moving to a better server

    Ditto what the other Chuck said... No interest in G+ here, but really hoping to see :43: improve in both performance and reliability!
  33. chuckgoolsbee

    Wide angle great doubt

    The 20mm is not really a "wide-angle" lens either. With the M4/3 format and sensor size it is equivalent to a 40mm lens in a 35mm format. If you're looking for a true wide-angle lens for M4/3 your choices are the Panny 7—14 or the Oly 9—(something... I forgot)
  34. chuckgoolsbee

    'Close-Up Wide-Angle'

    I *always* use my wide angle lenses UP CLOSE. The shots are always dramatic and have an element of motion that can't be captured any other way. For example, I shoot my son's High School Nordic Ski team races, and always bring two cameras. One I have on a monopod shoved into the snow, with a long...
  35. chuckgoolsbee

    What is your native m43 lens kit?

    In order of use: Panny 7—14mm (this lens is by far my favorite) Panny 45-200 (great action and portrait lens) Panny 20mm (my go-to lens when shooting people) A Pinwide (really just a toy - not that happy with the results) I have a 14-45 kit lens that came with my first G1, but almost...
  36. chuckgoolsbee

    Woweee! Lovin' my new 7-14mm!

    I love my 7—14!
  37. chuckgoolsbee

    Hello from Roswell NM

    Hard not to love beautiful old cars!
  38. chuckgoolsbee

    Hello from Roswell NM

    Hello and welcome. Small world as I had a college roommate from Roswell. He taught me an appreciation for green chile enchiladas. ;)
  39. chuckgoolsbee

    Do you have more than one body?

    I have two G1s, a blue & a red one (the latter bought from another user here) and I use them to carry two lenses, one short, one long. Makes being ready for the right light and shot much easier.
  40. chuckgoolsbee


    Full Disclosure: I work for Facebook at their Prineville, Oregon Datacenter. That may lead you to believe that my PoV is biased, but I'm certain that I am capable of independent thought. It also means that yes, I can help you with FB problems if you have them - just don't all of you bug me 7/24...
  41. chuckgoolsbee

    Are we Corporate slaves???

    Control our lives and make us buy things?? No. There has never been a better, more comfortable time and place to live than here and now.
  42. chuckgoolsbee

    Do you bring your camera everyday?

    I carry two bodies and three lenses everywhere I go. One of the wonderful size/weight (or lack thereof) benefits of shooting M4/3!
  43. chuckgoolsbee

    G1 vs GF2

    I have a G1, and LOVE the viewfinder! I can adjust it so that my uncorrected eye can see through it perfectly.
  44. chuckgoolsbee

    Show "Cars"

    Another E-type Jaguar, this one a 1963 coupe, shot in northern Arizona a few weeks ago.
  45. chuckgoolsbee

    Brecon Beacons Natural Park + EP3 + Leica Summilux 25mm f1.4

    I spent a wonderful week there with my family in a canal longboat in the (rainy) summer of 1997. Great place.
  46. chuckgoolsbee

    Monument Valley, Utah

    I kind of like the drama that the distortion of this lens adds to images. To each their own I guess.
  47. chuckgoolsbee

    Monument Valley, Utah

    Of the dozen pre-1970 cars we only had two issues (both SHOCKINGLY due to failed electrical components! One voltage regulator and one generator) so it seems to prove my adage that if you drive them often enough they work out all of their issues. I drove my car (a '65 E-type Jaguar) 3,150 miles...
  48. chuckgoolsbee


    I have a Manfrotto 'self-standing' monopod, which I love. It provides the flexibility of a tripod base when I need it, along with excellent monopod performance. I don't know the model # off-hand but I can look it up when I get home if you want to know.
  49. chuckgoolsbee

    Monument Valley, Utah

    I passed through Monument Valley on a tour of the southwest a couple of weeks ago. G1, Panny 7—14.
  50. chuckgoolsbee

    Best telephoto lens?

    I have the Panny 45-200. I would not really consider it a "telephoto" despite its focal length. It is a great medium-distance lens though, especially for shooting people. The best shots I've produced with it have all been people/portraits. I've heard great things about the Panny 100-300 though.
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