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  1. sebastel

    Review Panasonic Lumix 14mm f/2.5: The Review

    just one (stupid?) question: what is a "Tessar-style format"? i know "Tessar" only as the name of a lens design developed by the zeiss designer paul rudolph in 1902 (Tessar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). the characteristics of this design are four elements in three groups. as the lumix...
  2. sebastel

    Greetings from Shanghai!

    well, em, yes, it is. (an interesting city to photograph, i mean)
  3. sebastel

    Ni hao!

    ulfric, you are supposed to BUY one ... (it's a real estate ad).
  4. sebastel

    Why did you choose Olympus over Panasonic?

    first had the G1. reason: good finder, bigger than actual 4/3 SLR. compact camera. preferred it a lot over the 20D that i was using before that time. used it for 1 year ... until i could hold the E-P1 in my hands. then i knew, this is much more like it - and it still is, as far as digital is...
  5. sebastel

    Thoughts on the Pen and the lens system

    go buy: leica M9
  6. sebastel

    Is a Leica lens better than the Oly 17mm?

    only my opinion: yes, the leica lens (or zeiss, or cosina/voigtländer) is a better lens. on the M-body. on µ4/3, some are quite nice to use (i like the ZM c-sonnar, for example, and the snapshot-skopar is my standard on the E-P1), but the real beauty of the M-lens shines on 135 format...
  7. sebastel

    Why do you take photographs?

    so far, same with me. s.
  8. sebastel

    I sold my E-P2 and bought a Bessa R3A

    got me an M4-P additionally. it was the kind of offer you just cannot reject. most probably will keep the E-P1, though. home development is not a big deal for B&W (preferred by me anyway), and my scanner works quite nicely. - so, it's back from digital for me. why? i am more satisfied. cheers
  9. sebastel

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    em, i guess noodle's remark was more on the smooth surface of the camera front ...
  10. sebastel

    I sold my E-P2 and bought a Bessa R3A

    good choice, even though i prefer the ZI ... but the 1x finder should be nice.
  11. sebastel

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    this combo was shown already, but now with a new feature. snapshot skopar on RJ LTM adapter.
  12. sebastel

    Question on using panasonic lens on EP-2

    as soon as you release the shutter, it will explode, leaving a black hole that in the final consequence swallows the whole world.
  13. sebastel

    Going to play with my own money...

    hi ed, FD lens do not work with the T2i - canon changed the lens mount from FD to EOS. at least not without adapter. i do not really get your point about sharpness/crispness, so i cannot wholeheartedly recommend the panasonic, but i can tell that i never has issues with the G1 that mach...
  14. sebastel

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    lookup the internet provided information sources for "industar 61"
  15. sebastel

    E-P1; who else prefers the Oly 17mm to the Panny 20mm?

    to me, the 1.7/20mm is too expensive for what it offers, even though i am a dedicated fan of the "format diagonal" normal lens. i also dislike focus-by-wire and aperture-by-camera. consequently, my favourite remains the snapshot skopar, closely followed by the 17mm (which comes into the game...
  16. sebastel

    Options for C Mount lenses

    have a look into the getdpi forum. there is a lot of info about C-mount lenses in several threads there, and the search function works. 4/3rds Cameras - The GetDPI Photography Forums
  17. sebastel

    Which inexpensive Legacy tele 200mm+ (OM fit)

    try to find the 200mm f/5 olympus OM. should be the most compact 200mm that you can find. Olympus 200mm lenses - Part II whether it can be inexpensive? i don't know ...
  18. sebastel

    Rangefinder Style Normal Lens

    hi ben, the LTM version also focuses "normally" - just it has these detents that make it easy to focus even without looking up the distance scale. and, yes, it is "sharp" (whatever this term really means). not the best examples to show, but ... maybe this helps? optically, the LTM...
  19. sebastel

    Rangefinder Style Normal Lens

    honestly: i wish there was a lock at 6m, too. but after all, i found it the perfect lens for everyday's needs. especially the focus locks are extremely helpful, and its compact size helps, too.
  20. sebastel

    Rangefinder Style Normal Lens

    noodle: correct. 39mm LTM mount - so, it's not the 'P', and that makes it even more compact. distance ring locks in at 1m, 1.5m, and 3m.
  21. sebastel

    Rangefinder Style Normal Lens

    i tried the ZM 25mm. a little bit soft in the corners wide open, but in a gentle way. not the "violent smearing" that my 15mm shows. still, i prefer the snapshot skopar, which is my most used lens on the PEN.
  22. sebastel

    Bags and more bags

    domke fx5b
  23. sebastel

    what about a visitor/guest account?

    thank you for the discussion. bye.
  24. sebastel

    what about a visitor/guest account?

    thanks, amin. that was exactly my proposal. cheers, sebastian
  25. sebastel

    what about a visitor/guest account?

    i do not see this risk. comments from a guest may remain invisible to the public until the blog owner or an admin releases them. this functionality can be activated already for all comments in the blogs by the blog owner. regards s.
  26. sebastel

    what about a visitor/guest account?

    hello a(d)min, i'd like to hear (read) your point of view. today, i received some (mild) complaint from a friend who i had given the URL of my blog here. she wanted to comment to some of my pictures only to notice, that for commenting it is required to logon to a registered account on this...
  27. sebastel

    The Sleeping Buddha of Beaverton

    i am not certain, but i believe this should be guanyin ... never saw her reclining yet. interesting!
  28. sebastel

    Drink of Choice

    i'll find something nice almost everywhere ... freshly pressed orange or grapefruit juice 龙井茶, 鐵觀音茶 coffee reserva from navarra or rioja (though most crianza are similarly nice) tsingtao, starobrno, radegast caol ila caipirinha
  29. sebastel

    E-PL1 kit lenses

    actually, i own the adapter (although the one in lumix flavour - functionally identical) and both the 40-150mm and the 9-18mm lenses. both work flawlessly on the E-P1.
  30. sebastel

    Spring storm over Belgium

    hi rafa, i prefer the second. it shows more graduation than the first. the combination of both has too much elements for my eyes. quite strong pictures - i like this. cheers, sebastian
  31. sebastel

    Back at last

    you're not alone, being away and back.
  32. sebastel

    Which analog camera(s) do/did you own?

    ZI, CV Bessa R2C, Contax IIa, Leica IIIa, OM-1
  33. sebastel

    There's nothing like

    sorry to say so, but it's your own fault. why do you return the other camera? no, i do not feel sorry for you. ;-)
  34. sebastel

    Question about Voigtlander's lens naming system

    the original voigtlaender skopar was derived from the (zeiss) tessar by making the front group a two lens element (5 lenses in 3 groups). it showed few chromatic aberration when color film became fashionable, and was further developed in this regard, hence color skopar. when cosina started...
  35. sebastel

    Member opinions wanted about Reputation and Thanks display in the postbit

    while i learnt to appreciate the "thanks" button as a quick and easy way to say thanks, agree, or 'thumbs up', my experience in other forums is that accumulated 'score values' are distracting and not helpful. especially i noticed, that a high value on those scores does _not_ relate to...
  36. sebastel

    New Toy

    great examples, showing both the possibilities and limitations. and especially they show how the technical limitations can NOT keep you from taking good pictures!
  37. sebastel

    Rangefinder Lenses

    hi brian, corner smear is most apparent at short focal lengths - 28mm and shorter - and also depends on the lens itself. for example when comparing the 25mm biogon to the 25mm skopar, the biogon shows a little more smearing. regards, sebastian
  38. sebastel

    Open Letter to Mr. Kobayashi, President of Cosina

    i do not see an advantage of a mu-4/3 mount on the current CV optics over using the already available ones on an adapter. the 25mm snapshot skopar on an LTM adapter is still my favourite on the E-P1! but i have some ideas for dedicated fully manual mu-4/3 lenses (already mentioned in the...
  39. sebastel

    Comments on Adapters

    only, it is a little bit outdated. still helpful.
  40. sebastel

    Nikkor RF 50mm 1.4 fitting

    contact jin rong (RJ camera, jinfinance). he told me about working on a nikon S adapter with inner bayonet. you may want to ask for his progress. regards s.
  41. sebastel

    Lenses you like to see in the future

    just to add the discussion we already had:
  42. sebastel

    Crazy thought regarding bokeh for m4/3rds.

    just the response i had in my mind. brian, that's a very nice photo, and a good illustration of your proposal.
  43. sebastel

    Dontcha just hate it...

    well. expensive hobbies are a good motivation for earning money. no plans for buying additional gear?
  44. sebastel

    from the Little Red Dot

    sorry for starting about durian.
  45. sebastel

    from the Little Red Dot

    is durian still banned on the MRT? hope so ... :-) cheers, s. ps: for the ones who never been to SE asia:
  46. sebastel

    Why not a Leica sized m43

    the pen F has similar width and height, but it is slimmer. interesting for carrying a camera in a pocket (coat, jacket).
  47. sebastel

    Why not a Leica sized m43

    i do not want an M-leica sized µ4/3 camera. the E-P1 (and 2) is a bit on the big side for me already - if i was to ask for resizing them, i'd prefer to have them in the leica LTM or olympus pen F size, which is just a little bit smaller. still i won't object to own a leica M9 - just for what...
  48. sebastel

    Dumb question regarding mFT lenses

    hi dj, yes, you got it. for long focus length, the aperture is (close to) identical to the lens diameter. (telescopes usually have a very long focus length!) but, as soon as your optical construction is more complicated than a single convex lens or a two lens element, the deviation from...
  49. sebastel

    Comments on Adapters

  50. sebastel

    Dumb question regarding mFT lenses

    hi. the optically effective aperture diameter (the entrance pupil) for a 14mm lens at aperture 3.5 is 4mm (not 39.2mm). you can see it by looking into the lens from the front. this opening diameter is not identical to the lens diameter. especially with wide angle lenses, the required lens...
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