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  1. texascbx

    Colored Cameras - do you own one?

    I have a blue G1. Color of a camera is a personal thing I guess. My old FZ50 is silver.
  2. texascbx

    Show "Cars"

    Took these a couple of weeks ago with my A33. Used multi-shot to increase the DR a little.
  3. texascbx

    Eeeeekkk , it's a snake

    Generally, the only snakes around here are chicken snakes, which are OK. The water moccasins, are shown no mercy. At least seven of them met their end when I had my pond cleaned out with a track hoe. Rattlers receive little sympathy here too.
  4. texascbx

    sony slt range of cameras

    I love my A33. It is soon to be replaced by the A35 since they quit making the A33. You can pick up the A33 with the 18-55 for 700 bucks now too since they are clearing out the inventory. Plus the A77 24Mp camera will be out someday. I have the 18-250 Tamron on mine and you can get a real deal...
  5. texascbx

    Show: Waterfalls.

    I took a few shots of waterfalls while I was in Alaska.
  6. texascbx

    Greetings from Texas!

    Glad to see a fellow Texas here!
  7. texascbx

    Cheapest entry to "good" IQ?

    Fry's has the A33 with kit lens for 700.
  8. texascbx

    Show: The Moon

    MajorMagee, you would not happen to be on one of my favorite sites, SIMHQ?
  9. texascbx

    Software Poll Question: Which Do You Use

    Lightzone for me.
  10. texascbx

    G1 with 45-200 images

    I took these at our ranch. I got the old G1 out and the old cam still takes some nice sharp pics. Just have to get used to the slower auto focus. Many of these were manual focus and shot in RAW. There is a hawk of some kind sitting on the backyard fence, a series of images of a squabble...
  11. texascbx

    Opinions Please -- is this as good as it gets?

    The new SLT-A35 should be even better than the A33.
  12. texascbx

    Opinions Please -- is this as good as it gets?

    A SLT-A55 and 18-250 lens would solve your problem.:biggrin:
  13. texascbx

    People in Motion: Dance

    My old FZ-50 caught these.
  14. texascbx

    Show Sunsets / Sunrises

    Taken with my A33.
  15. texascbx

    Gallery and image hosting info: Zenfolio, Flickr and more!

    Zenfolio has some new updates too. I'm one of the lucky ones that is grandfathered in at 40 bucks a year. They have the professional grade too for 100 a year. And everyone that has an account can get five dollars off for others using their five dollar off code. A regular account like mine is 50...
  16. texascbx

    Show "Motorcycles"

    My wife and I went on a motorcycle rally a few years ago and I took this picture. The two guys on the right are trying to figure out what the heck Honda was thinking when they made the CBX. I could hear them and one was saying what the heck is that? <iframe title="YouTube video player"...
  17. texascbx

    Show "Motorcycles"

    My brother in law was riding this Honda when a storm knocked a tree down right across the road in front of him. He broke his leg and foot in several places and still limps.
  18. texascbx

    Buy camera online?

    I have ordered at least three different cameras from Amazon and they are a good place to buy from. I even returned two other cameras that I was not happy with and they refunded all of my money.
  19. texascbx

    Hello from Austin

    Glad to see you here Charles. I used to live down in Dripping Springs close to the Salt Lick BBQ joint out in the country. I know you have lots of opportunities for interesting shots down there in Austin.:smile:
  20. texascbx

    How to see photographically

    I always keep the rule of thirds in mind when taking a photo. It's true that a super sharp well exposed photograph that has an uninteresting composition is not as good as a slightly off image that has a great interesting composition.
  21. texascbx

    Lens Hoods

    I bought a lens hood for my kit 18-55 Sony lens on ebay for about eight dollars shipped. Sony wanted 18 dollars plus shipping for the little hood which can't be worth much, but I wanted it for the protection it offers. There are many clones of the factory lens hoods and much cheaper to boot.
  22. texascbx

    [EXPIRED] WTB: Cheap P&S camera

    I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 for my daughter. I paid 250 but the price has dropped quite a bit and they are around 200 now. Takes good pics and the 12X zoom is very cool.
  23. texascbx

    The Elephant in the Room - Automated Change

    As they shrink the electronics even more and cram faster processors into these cams, I can see a day when they will be fully automatic. You will tell the camera the effect you want and it will do it. I generally shoot at least one auto shot and then I use my settings. About half the time, the...
  24. texascbx

    Some images of a baby longhorn taken with A33

    Sorry, the only cameras I have used are in my sig. I have a G1. I'm not running the G1 down, but the contrast auto focus just flat out can't compete with the phase detection at least in the SLT cameras in regards to speed and accuracy. Some of the female longhorns have the most spectacular...
  25. texascbx

    Some images of a baby longhorn taken with A33

    Yes, she acted like she might go medieval on me if I got too close to the baby. She has horns and knows how to use them when the horses get too close. Longhorns can get psycho on you if you don't hand feed them every once in a while. So I've fed her regularly so she's pretty docile. I don't want...
  26. texascbx

    Some images of a baby longhorn taken with A33

    We bought this longhorn cow back in June. The friend of mine I bought her from said he thought she was pregnant and that's really why I bought her. As time went on, I never thought she was pregnant since she did not show it. But several people told me they don't show it much and I guess they...
  27. texascbx

    Wyman Meinzer

    Wyman Meinzer is the state photographer of Texas. I have him in my FB friends and he lives thirty miles from where I grew up in the little town of Benjamin. He posted this little video and I am re-posting it here. He takes some incredible photographs of the area where I grew up. <iframe...
  28. texascbx

    GH2 Continuous AF mode

    Even the super fast focus A33 and A55 are derided as far as BIF. Even with the auto review turned off, the screen freezes for an instant for every shot so you have to lead the bird and hope for the best. I guess you could adopt the popular red dot sight hack many use on the point and shoot...
  29. texascbx

    SHOW: Your Flag! Challenge (with extras....)

    Six flags over Texas is named after the flags. I found it on the internet.:biggrin: Texas Under Spain. 1519-1685; 1690-1821. Texas Under France. 1685-1690 Texas Under Mexico. 1821-1836 Texas as a Republic. 1836-1845 Texas in the Confederacy. 1861-1865 Texas in the US...
  30. texascbx

    SHOW: Your Flag! Challenge (with extras....)

    Shot in Rotan Texas, 2007 with my Panny DMC-FZ50. Shot in Roby Texas with same camera.
  31. texascbx

    What are you listening to?

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  32. texascbx

    Are you looking forward to the Sony A77?

    I'm not sure how they can overcome the overheating problem since from what I've read, it's due to the sensor shift stabilization. Panasonic sidesteps a lot of that issue because their stabilizer is lens based. I've read the GH1 has a big heatsink on the sensor so maybe Sony can put a bigger sink...
  33. texascbx

    E-PL2/Lens for Disney World?

    Nice images Burkey!
  34. texascbx

    Embedding SLide Shows in Posts

    I won't work. It's an incompatibility between Zenfolio and the forum's software, of which the forums software is up to date. So I understand it's Zenfolio's problem. This forum allows HTML. Most don't. But you can make it work in a way. Click the # symbol above which creates the code box for...
  35. texascbx

    Are you looking forward to the Sony A77?

    Should be interesting when it gets released. All those people that are so fearful of an EVF and insist on a OVF will run away screaming bloody murder. Just some humor there as an OVF is useful for low light and in some other instances. If all the rumors are true like a 24Mp APS-C sensor...
  36. texascbx

    G2 or GH1???

    Man I would get the GH1. No question.
  37. texascbx

    Win 7 SP1 available now

    Native support for USB 3.0, enhanced bluetooth, wifi, Dynamic Memory support and a more robust Remote Desktop client which uses RemoteFX technology. That's all I know. I installed it. Took about 15 minutes. XP service packs did nothing but improve it. Vista service packs helped the speed or...
  38. texascbx

    Sony Nex-5 : Bargain or losing value?

    They are selling like hotcakes. I imagine they can lower the price the way they are selling them.
  39. texascbx

    Anyone buying a slate/tablet this year?

    I'm planning on getting an Android tablet of some kind. It will have to be at least a ten inch screen with a front camera for Skype and with no contract. And the price has to come down some. That Motorola may be just the ticket, but I'm not paying for another 3G or 4G contract. I'll use it at...
  40. texascbx

    Win 7 SP1 available now

    If you are so inclined to install service packs, the new SP1 is in the wild now. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 RTM Download - Softpedia
  41. texascbx

    We Buried My Father-in-Law Today

    Sorry for your loss Richard.
  42. texascbx

    Farewell folks :-(

    DC, first thing you need is the new Tamron 18-270 lens when it comes out for Sony. Already out for the other brands. I have the 18-250 and it's a pretty good lens most of the time, except in low light.
  43. texascbx

    Winter has set in, share your pics with us !!

    We got a good little blast here a few days ago.
  44. texascbx

    Some old pics and some new ones from my G1

    I got the G1 out to play around with it and it had some older images on it and I took a couple of the snow we got here in Texas. As for Molly, it amazes me that a creature can run wide open across a field without being able to see anything with no fear, just the trust she has that I will tell...
  45. texascbx

    Processors - AMD vs Intel

    I just built an i5-750 system using Newegg's Cyber Monday sale. I could not believe how fast it encoded a raw Fraps file to WMV HD. MSI P55-GD65 with i5-750 @ 4.0Ghz Xigmatek Balder HS/fan, Antec EarthWatts EA750 750W G.SKILL Ripjaws 2x4Gb DDR3 1333 One 1Tb Seagate 12 32Mb, two 1.5Tb LP...
  46. texascbx

    Can I mount my Minolta Rokkor 20-80mm f/2.5 zoom lens?

    I directed you here my friend. Good luck.
  47. texascbx

    Free online storage

    I use Skydrive a little. The 50Mb attachment limit is good or bad depending on what you want to put there. You can use it to embed images but it's not really set up for that. There are several third party programs available to let you mount it like a hard drive too. I used Adrive a little too...
  48. texascbx

    Copyright issue

    I would ask them to put on there courtesy of you or I would just download them and remove them, breaking their link.
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