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    OK. I thought I'd give that challenge a try. The swallows by us have hatched their broods and are feeding like mad before they fly south. It stopped raining today, so I thought I'd give it a go. Here are a few heavily cropped. None are exhibition standard, but...
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    Three more from this morning's attempt to get birds in flight in frame and in focus at the same time (I can manage one out of two reasonably consistently). AMM_130731__7310014_LochBirnie_ by Amaczero, on Flickr AMM_130731__7310015_LochBirnie_ by Amaczero, on Flickr...
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    Share Birds

    I can't tell you the pain that I am going through to try to capture BIF!
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    Share Birds

    An almost BIF with OM-D and 75-300: AMM_130730__7300452_BirnieLoch_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr Andrew
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    Share Birds

    Garden face-off: _7161070_Garden_Birds_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr Andrew
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    Showcase Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6

    This evening _7181486_Evening_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr _7181488_Evening_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr Andrew
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    OM-D EM5 caught in the wild.

    Pity you weren't in Yellowstone last year. I was there with my OM-D and my wife with her venerable E-P1. There were Japanese tourists with both Olympus and Panasonic m43 cameras as well. Andrew
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    Given the rubbish spring we had, our garden flowers seem to sprinting to catch up and they are better than they have been for years. All OM-D and PL 45 f.28 AMM_130711__7110858_GardenFlowers_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr AMM_130711__7110862_GardenFlowers_Flickr by Amaczero, on...
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    C1-7 M. Zuiko Profiles

    The latest version of Capture One 7 (7.1.3) now contains profiles for many of the Olympus m Zuiko lenses. Andrew
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro Elmarit

    P6020210 - Version 2 by Amaczero, on Flickr Andrew
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    Focus issues with the FT Oly 50-200 on OM-D

    I agree. That's my experience as well. Andrew
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    Wester Ross, Scotland

    I have been up Liathach years ago. It's a stupendous part of the world - I completely agree with you. Great mood in your photos. Thanks for jogging my memory. Andrew
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro Elmarit

    Cross-posted in the B&W forum: Meconopsis by Amaczero, on Flickr Andrew
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    A hand held shot with the Pan-Leica 45/f2.8 at Gardening Scotland: Meconopsis by Amaczero, on Flickr Converted in Aperture 3 Andrew
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    Share Birds

    A pair of starlings have taken advantage of some missing guttering to make a nest under the eaves. I'm glad I don't have the bedroom next to this as the chicks are pretty noisy. About 40 feet away (so fairly heavily cropped) using the 75-300 in cloudy weather. Andrew
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    Showcase Olympus 75-300 f/4.8-6.7

    Our neighbours need to fix their roof, but until they do a family of squatters has moved in. Andrew
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    what programs do you use for your photos and raw jpeg taken with olympus om-d em-5?

    Aperture is a great DAM, but I find C1 better for RAW. Andrew
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    Some from Yellowstone (10 imgs)

    Your wish is my command, B&W Paint Pots coming up: And as a bonus a head portait of a bull bison near Sulphur Cauldron: I converted this to B&W because it was an early morning shot at ISO 4000 and I thought there was slight banding in the dark fur. The B&W does away with this...
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    Some from Yellowstone (10 imgs)

    Sorry, meant to add that I actually don't agree with you about the rule of thirds and the Alum Creek shot. I think this is a case (reflections, feeling of harmony etc) where a balanced composition is better than the dynamic which the rule of thirds brings. (It works really well in recropping...
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    Some from Yellowstone (10 imgs)

    Nope Fife, as in Kingdom of Fife in Scotland. Yellowstone is a long way. If it weren't I'd be there now taking winter shots. A fantastic place to visit. I really appreciated your comments. A bit of friendly constructive criticism is really helpful. We could all do with it from time to time I...
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    Some from Yellowstone (10 imgs)

    DeeJayK Thanks really for the critical feedback - it's a bit difficult to get sometimes. I'd like to explain the thinking behind the three images that left you flat and with that in mind see what you think. The first was a a close zoom (in camera) of the Lower Falls. My aim was to get away...
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    Some from Yellowstone (10 imgs)

    Rather belatedly I have stopped faffing around with ways to organise my image library and have started to catalogue and process a large backlog of images (which explains some of the really bizarre file names that they have). Here are 10 images which I would value some constructive comment on...
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    Media Pro and Capture One with Olympus .ORF files

    I was sent the MP 1.4 beta (now officially issued). It looks like MP 1.4 and C1 7.02 seems to work at getting my metadata talking to each other. My workflow is MP for metadata and sorting, export to a C1 catalogue for adjustments and then to Aperture for sharing on Photostream. I haven't got...
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    Media Pro and Capture One with Olympus .ORF files

    Hi I'm having a few problems with Media Pro updating files as well, but have had a problem uploading files on a support ticket. Did you get anywhere with your support request before I try and work out why I can't upload the files? Andrew
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    Cold temp oper of OMD

    I don't know about the absolute minus temperature, but watch for fogging/freezing of the EVF. It doesn't affect the end image at all, but does look like looking through a bit of a haze. Andrew
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    Share Birds

    Just a reminder that it's pretty chilly in some parts of the world: I'm glad I'm not swimming in this water: Loch Leven yesterday afternoon. Andrew
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    MF with 50-200

    I set up focus peaking as described in this forum. The x2 digital zoom seems to replace any zoomed in effect (ie x5 - x14). I ought to say that all my pictures were hand held, so speed of getting to the correct focus was important; hence the x5. If you are using a tripod you may be able to go...
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    Featured Forum Post: '7 days in Myanmar'

    Couldn't Agree More Absolutely sublime. Andrew
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    Photo Ninja with Aperture

    For anybody who uses Aperture and loves the organisational features of the software, but wishes that the raw conversion could be a bit punchier, I recommend trialling Picturecode's Photo Ninja as an external editor. (I have nothing to do with the company). They have cracked a way of...
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    Small Birds and a Squirrel

    The result of my MF practice with the old non-SWD 43 50-200 lens (which I am using instead of the 75-300 because of the low light levels and the need for high shutter speeds to capture highly active small birds. All the images were taken at Birnie Loch local NR. (A...
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    MF with 50-200

    I spent an hour at a small local nature reserve (reclaimed from an old gravel quarry and now bustling with wildlife). The aim was to practise MF with the 50-200 (I love the 75-300, but there is no native lens that can do 400 mm equiv at f3.5 and at this time of year in Scotland I need all the...
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    Share Birds

    I hear what you say. However, I am not sure that I am really being fair to the OM-D. I am sure that I am often too far away and that the bird is too small a part of the focus frame even at maximum zoom. Also, it is winter in Scotland and light levels are pretty low, even when it is bright...
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    Auto-focus and the art of motorcycle maintenance

    I have some sympathy for this point of view ... ... although you can't blame people for trying to get the technology to work for them. I have been trying, fairly fruitlessly, to make the CAF system on my OM-D work for me when photographing birds in flight. Results have not been good...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Image Thread

    I love the layers in this. Great! Andrew
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    Share Birds

    All I can say is 'snap'. I have spent hours recently trying to catch BIF using an OM-D and 75-300. I take it as read that professional birders seem to default to Canon or Nikon, but that is not on the cards for me. I have to sweat the most I can out of what I have got. I have read all the...
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    In the dreich midwinter ...

    It turned out to be a bad decision to go for a walk today ... This is the trail to John Knox's Pulpit (the rocky outcrop towards the left centre of the top of the picture mark the remaining bits of it) in the Lomond Hills of Fife, where an angel with a flaming sword was supposed to guard...
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    Any Tips for MF?

    I didn't know that. It sort of works ... Andrew
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    Any Tips for MF?

    Frank Thanks for this. I understand most of your settings, but why do you have Reset Lens set to OFF? I'd wondered about AF Assist set at x7 - is that too much? This Robin was clearly chilled (only a few degrees over freezing in Scotland today!) to put up with all the grinding and whirring...
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    Any Tips for MF?

    I have dug out my old 43 50-200 telephoto lens and the Olympus 1.4 TC to take photos of birds. In Scotland at this time of the year, you need to gather all the light you can and even with the TC the old lens is only f4.9 at c280mm + (not bad compared to the native lenses). The Zuiko does...
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    Capture One 6 Pro

    I just wanted to add that C1 7 adds in catalogues, which are similar to Aperture or Lightroom catalogues (they are still in a rather early stage of development so are a bit rough yet). I have also managed to export files to some of the Nik plugins and PTLens (if the built in lens correction...
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    Showcase Olympus 75-300 f/4.8-6.7

    Seasonal Robin This little chap was happy to pose. It shows what the lens can deliver if the user doesn't make a mess of it! Exif should be intact Andrew
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    Capture One 6 Pro

    I have used C1 5, 6 and now 7 along with A2 and A3 and LR2 (trialled 3 and 4, but didn't buy). I love it - with one caveat that C1 7 is still a bit buggy. You might want to give the trial a go. It took me a little while to get my head round the way it worked. It's always wrong to assume that...
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    Showcase Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm f/4.5

    It looks like the new tower at Edinburgh Airport to me, although at this time of year it's normally dark when I fly in and out. Andrew
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    Showcase Olympus 75-300 f/4.8-6.7

    SOOC JPEG from OM-D at 300mm Seems sharp. Andrew
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    Olympus 75-300mm at Yellowstone and the Tetons

    I am just wading through all the pictures that I took during a fantastic 3-week holiday in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons NPs and Cody, Wyoming. I mostly used the 12-50 and the 75-300 with my new OM-D. I really don't know whether the Oly lens is better or worse than the Panny equivalent as...
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    Aperture 3 RAW processing looks horrible...

    Can I ask if you have tried adjusting the raw boost setting in Aperture? It seems to affect the tone curve applied to the basic raw adjustment. Perhaps this would make a difference. I am interested in this as I use A3 with C1 as an alternative raw developer. Andrew
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    COMPLETED (UK) HLD-6 grip for EM-5

    I'll send you a pm. Andrew
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    Olympus 75-300

    I got one about a month ago (I was offered a good price on it). I have the FT 70-300 and 50-200, and have had the Panny 45-200, although I don't now. I have paired it with an E-P3. I am more than happy with the results, although using a super zoom (any one) actually is a bit of an acquired...
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    Showcase Olympus 75-300 f/4.8-6.7

    Crowded Airspace Congestion in London skies ... over the Serpentine in Hyde Park: With E-P3, handheld, cropped slightly for composition. Andrew
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    Showcase Olympus 75-300 f/4.8-6.7

    Bird (Almost) in Flight This was from my first attempt to capture birds in flight handheld. My major focusing problem was being able to track the birds accurately enough to get a focus box on them at all. More practise needed. Lots of missed shots attributable to user error. The 75-300...
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