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  1. Sniksekk

    Olympus 10,12,14 and 16mm F1.4 Prime Patents

    Even though I don’t like any of those focal lengths patented so far, I’m glad they have patented it hoping it will result in 25,45 (or there about), and 75 1.4.
  2. Sniksekk

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    @Eirik I never destroyed any of mine touchscreens (e-m10 and 2x em-1 mk1). I’m so certain I won’t brake it so I never turn my G9 around. Of those two touchscreen hinges, I would rather pay more for a tilt up/down instead of a turn out and swivel around.
  3. Sniksekk

    E-M5 II upgrade path?

    G9 has weathersealing as well, is Olympus known to be better?
  4. Sniksekk

    Peak Design Tripod

    :thiagree: That price is off the charts.
  5. Sniksekk

    Your Ideal m43 Travel Kit? (No more than 3 lenses)

    @Cederic if the question from original poster had been 4 lenses, it’s quite possible that the 100-400 pana would be included. I often walk around with 8-18, 12-40, 40-150 and 100-400, but that’s more then three lenses.
  6. Sniksekk

    Your Ideal m43 Travel Kit? (No more than 3 lenses)

    O 12-40 pro O 40-150 pro Pana 8-18 Or O 25 1.8 O 45 1.8 O 40-150 pro
  7. Sniksekk

    Review Quadralite Reporter 200 (Godox AD200)

    I don’t know why, but I want V1 (the new round flash godox has announced.) But this review might make me reconsider. Need to read it thorough. Thumbs up for a long post! Love it!
  8. Sniksekk

    1 Lens for Family Vacation - What Would you pack?

    If I would need to keep it really light, and only 1 lens. It would be Olympus 25mm 1.8
  9. Sniksekk

    Stupid GAS question

    Thinktank glasstaxi or protactic 450 aw.
  10. Sniksekk

    Stupid GAS question

    Haven’t read every reply, so other people might have said this before, but here’s my five cents. With that much glass, I would rather have another body. At least if you change lenses a lot. But this comes from a guy who is to lazy to change lenses. I’m on a trip in Italy now with 1em1...
  11. Sniksekk

    Panasonic product announcement 7 April

    I saw it myself. It’s bonkers (crazy) cheap. Too bad I can’t justify it. :(
  12. Sniksekk

    Windows codec for E-P5 Raw files

    This reminds me of something annoying. Old windows (previous version), showed my em-10 raw files. The newest winblows version don’t. But em-1 shows perfectly. Both in current and old.
  13. Sniksekk

    At What Price Would You Buy An E-M1X ?

    I don’t know what to push, since I haven’t really read what the camera can do. But I guess either the last one (not interested at all), or the second last one. Max 1500 usd.
  14. Sniksekk

    Anyone buying the silver E-M1 Mark II?

    I’v never liked the silver version of em1, and still don’t get it with this version either. But I see that a lot of people love it, so I guess I am the grumpy old one. :-)
  15. Sniksekk

    New Olympus Lens Roadmap

    That is true, I misread. Saw the long orange field, and thought they meant zoom, but it’s “bright prime lenses” covering a large field. Argh! :( So, primes between 1.2 and 1.8? Or faster then 1.2?
  16. Sniksekk

    New Olympus Lens Roadmap

    Hahaha! :-D There IS a new pro zoom coming! 25-45 2.0 or 1.8 would be enough for me, but it looks a little wider then 25.
  17. Sniksekk

    I hope MFT doesn't lose its identity

    No I meant what I wrot. Let’s wait and see.
  18. Sniksekk

    I hope MFT doesn't lose its identity

    Let’s see what else Oly has up their sleeve in 2 days. Might be something small as well.
  19. Sniksekk

    Considering returning to shooting Olympus

    Off topic, but can you tell me the reason / reasons you are considering coming back, and from what system? I need to chill my own GAS for other systems. :)
  20. Sniksekk

    A new roadmap from Oly the 24. What will it say?

    I’m so stoked! More happy about a new roadmap the the new camera! What do you think or hope will it say? Me: 75mm 1.2? A pro zoom faster then 2.8? Source: (FT5) Next leaked E-M1X image! - 43 Rumors
  21. Sniksekk

    8k video not possible? Think again Panasonic!

    I though photo/ video was a hobby or job, not a fashion statement. I have no understanding at all if people wouldn’t use it because of looks. Unless you are a 22 year old instagram celebrity.
  22. Sniksekk

    Seems like cell phones have hit market saturation.......

    I’m glad it’s possible to answer both yes and no at the same time. So I just had to. Sorry.
  23. Sniksekk

    Will Oly ever release something between 1.2 pro and 1.8?

    I don’t angre on saturated if you look at cheaper then Oly 1.2 pro and with AF. Then there is only 1 (?) left at 25mm that is considerably faster then ply 1.8. The pana 1.4. I forgot to mention AF in my first post, that’s my fault. It might not be for everyone a lens faster then 25mm 1.8...
  24. Sniksekk

    Will Oly ever release something between 1.2 pro and 1.8?

    I understand that, but my needs are as follows. I either have to use a blitz , or iso 3200 or upward during the winter when in family gatherings. My family loves to keep it way to dark and “cozy” dimming all the lights inside when it’s dark outside.
  25. Sniksekk

    Olympus 150-400mm lens to be announced in January

    I do understand that stabilization on 300 mm is important. I also do like the dual IS with pana 100-400, but that is at the longer end. I don’t think i’ve ruined a single shot @ 100 mm when the pana 100-400 Lena was on the Em1 mk1. So still a little baffled about the importance of dual is...
  26. Sniksekk

    Olympus 150-400mm lens to be announced in January

    Is significantly better with what? Pictures with longer shutterspeed and that is about it that OIS is helping for...? How often is that (long shutterspeed with 40-150) significantly important when taking a picture? Often enough for consumers to buy a more expensive lens? Or is it prosumer...
  27. Sniksekk

    Olympus 150-400mm lens to be announced in January

    Not to certain it will be a 40-150 pro ois. The ibis in a lot of the bodies are so good that I don’t think to many people will buy a 40-150 ois lens.
  28. Sniksekk

    Will Oly ever release something between 1.2 pro and 1.8?

    I don’t think a weather sealed 1.8 would cut it for myself. I would rather have a un-sealed 1.4. That would open my wallet. But it feels strange in a good way. No GAS with current lineup. Rumored Em1x is to expensive, em1mkII also. If they sometime release a em5mkIII that crushes em1mk1 I...
  29. Sniksekk

    Will Oly ever release something between 1.2 pro and 1.8?

    So, this is just a thought. Some people (at least me), is not that interested in buying the f1.2 primes (because it’s to expensive for me now, it’s difficult to justify the price), but will they ever release something in between1.2 and 1.8? Why would they? My view on this is simply: they are a...
  30. Sniksekk

    Question about the Peak Design Leash strap...

    I have it. Used it a lot earlier, but never with the 40-150 2.8 combo. Even though it can handle the weight of camera and lens it just felt wrong. Now I don’t use it any more. I only use cuff.
  31. Sniksekk

    M43 isn't dead. David Thorpe.

    @Ross the fiddler think you quoted the wrong guy, but it’s ok. I’ve been there myself.
  32. Sniksekk

    M43 isn't dead. David Thorpe.

    I meant: Dead to consumers. Not enough consumers buying it. That kind of dead. But as I said. MAYBE m43 is dead (not enough consumers buying it) who knows? We all will in the future.
  33. Sniksekk

    M43 isn't dead. David Thorpe.

    It’s just confirmation bias either you are on Northrup or Thorpe side. Looking forward to the future. Maybe m43 is dead, maybe not. Life is to short to use a lot of time on this matter. Not much difference I can make anyways.
  34. Sniksekk

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    @Ross the fiddler ahh, did not know about that feature. Tried replying there a long time ago and couldn’t figure out how to do that without creating a account. Guess I was blind, or something has changed since then.
  35. Sniksekk

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    When pressing the link, it says “simaeon”, not Simon. Could be a copy-cat.
  36. Sniksekk

    Opening up the site to all cameras

    @Amin Sabet you opening up the forum at about the same time Tony Northrup says MFT is dead. This can’t be a coincidence. :p
  37. Sniksekk

    Pleasant surprise as m43 newbie.

    @siftu correct. I have an EE-1 for that purpose. Used it alot in the beginning, but is more used to the 100-400 now so I don’t use it that much anymore.
  38. Sniksekk

    Do you really need that FF mirrorless system?

    @ionian or «my Lens is larger then your lens”. I agree with you btw.
  39. Sniksekk

    Rumor New major OMD camera announcement in early 2019?

    @Ross the fiddler did not realize it was pre-shots before triggering complete button push you where eager about. G9 does that also.
  40. Sniksekk

    Rumor New major OMD camera announcement in early 2019?

    More like 60fps. Panasonic G9 offers pro-level features, 20 fps bursts, huge EVF and class-leading image stabilization
  41. Sniksekk

    Rumor New major OMD camera announcement in early 2019?

    @MFTmaster this is off topic. Pro capture was good, but with G9 you can do the same with every lens. “Pro capture”, should be named Olympus lens high FPS. ;)
  42. Sniksekk

    Leica 25mm f1.4 vs Oly 25mm f1.8

    Kiiiiinda diffucult to prove what is the best. I’m uncertain how many people here have / had both. I’ve only got o25, and I love it. PL might be better, but to my needs the O25 don’t lack anything.
  43. Sniksekk

    Panasonic 10-25mm f1.7 Announced

    Completely off topic, but I want a 24-42,5 f1.8 zoom. But have no idea how large it would be. Maybe there’s a minor chance something like that will be released.
  44. Sniksekk

    Sony announced the world’s first 20 Megapixel Four Thirds format Global Shutter sensor

    No you are wrong. It was dead last week, this week it’s alive. But wait for next week. Dead. Totally dead.
  45. Sniksekk

    So, what does the R mean?

    Read 2 replyes before yours. I think we can agree. :)
  46. Sniksekk

    So, what does the R mean?

    Redundant (no longer needed or useful; superfluous)
  47. Sniksekk

    Drop-testing MFT gear

    You sir, are a winner! Could have gone so much worse. Once dropped em-1 with 12-40 pro from table to wooden floor. Not a scratch.
  48. Sniksekk

    About that new Nikon mirrorless camera...

    A long thread, haven’t read everything. But I think Nikon is spot on in this release. If they had released a pro camera, the price would be higher (most probably), and sales lower. it’s difficult to say “this is the new thing”, when it don’t sell as expected. Release round 1, for the...
  49. Sniksekk

    Official Panasonic G9 Image thread.

    I have to admit, I’ve found the 100-400 somewhat boring in the colors compared with 40-150. And I’ve had some problems with the ibis from EM-1 with the 100-400. But now with G9? 1/320 of a second handheld 400mm. (Difficult to frame due to a lot of branches/ nature. But loving this combo...
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