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    So what are the *disadvantages* of a macbook pro ?

    I am considering a second machine in our house and this has helped me realise a desktop would serve me better than a second laptop (As well as the extra "bang to buck" on a desktop, I didn't realise the difference in the screens was so large). I'd say an iMac is on the cards. One thing to all...
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    Photographic software programs: both Mac and PC

    Hope it's going well with Aperture, I recently tried the demo then got the full version. It's very much just souped up iPhoto which, as a Mac user with Flickr, Facebook and Mobileme accounts and lots of photos, is ideal for me. I have PS Elements 6 as well when I want to go a bit more in depth...
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    We are already at the "optimal" 4/3 sensor?

    I agree with a lot that has been said on this, how big a print can you produce with 12mp? I'm sure a decent, in focus low noise shot on my GF-1 could easily print at A4, yet the biggest I've printed so far is 7x5. Some of those are from my old 4mp HP compact, some from a D40 (6mp APS-C) and some...
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    Went whale watching yesterday

    Nice shot in tricky conditions! I presume you'll be first in the queue for the first weather sealed m4/3 camera...
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    A saturday in Brussels

    Thanks Raf, great set. I love the first 3 especially and also the warped view of the super wide shots. My GF-1 is coming suit shopping with me today :0)
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    Show us your Blue Sky - just one, (or two or three), shots

    From a recent weekend in the Lakes, also the first image I've converted with Silkypix and the first I've tried to put in a post on here. Hope it works! EDIT:Found Silkypix a bit limited as far as adjusting size etc so exported the file with Aperture which was easier.
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    Now I know where Sony got the idea!

    Didn't the R1 have an APS-C sensor (Or something close?). If that's the case then they actually started all this:eek:
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    my take on sony NEX cameras vs micro 4/3s

    kevinparis and others - you say Sony isn't photography, yet they make sensors for Nikon, amongst others and experience in the video camera market, which they and panasonic seem to dominate these days, can't be a bad thing? Does the name Panasonic make you think of photos or Plasma TV's? My...
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    Panasonic LVF1 viewfinder replacement

    i think it stinks that a cross compatible system is already going down the route of one upmanship in this way. Surely sales of the oly VF would go through the roof if GF-1 owners could use it? Someone made a good point - you could probably buy a G1 with it's excellent VF for not much more than...
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    GF1 shooting tethered

    Just fired up aperture 3 and there's a tether option, can't try it at the moment but will try and have a go with my GF-1 tomorrow and let you know. EDIT: Course if you use Windows that will be of no use, but I'm sure LR beta 2 will be similar
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    Sold My E-PL1, kept the GF1

    I tried an E-PL1 in a camera store, I actually found the grip better than my G-F1 and also found the real time reflection of change in settings on the oly screen good too. I could hang the oly in one hand very easily, but need to grip my G-F1 with finger and thumb (I put a wrist strap from my...
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