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  1. e_kjellgren

    Ricoh GR III (Finally!)

    It actually gets smaller than the mkII! 109 x 62 x 33 mm vs 117 × 63,5 × 35 mm.
  2. e_kjellgren

    Ricoh GR III (Finally!)

    A tilting screen would have convinced me!
  3. e_kjellgren

    PL 8-18mm users — a question for you

    No clicking on mine..
  4. e_kjellgren

    Showcase Helios 44-2 58mm f/2

    I just got this lens with adapter yesterday. It seems to be in really good shape. Do you mostly shoot wide open with it? What focal length do you enter in the camera, 58mm?
  5. e_kjellgren

    Jerky video GX800, image stabilization?

    I'll try to post a link to my public dropbox-folder, hope you can access it. Dropbox - P1010546.MP4 If you look at the video you see its all jerky. Is this due to the image stabilization or something else? Can I use some software to correct this? /Evert
  6. e_kjellgren

    Lumix GF7 Hands on By TCS

    I did the same, traded the GM5 for the GF7. For me the tilting screen is far more usable than the very small EVF. For my EVF needs I use the G80.
  7. e_kjellgren

    A few shots from a trip to the Dolomites and Tuscany

    Lovely pictures! Can you tell us some more about the car train? We usually go by car through Europe but the last time the traffic was a nightmare and roads were closed and I thought I will never again put myself in this position with small kids in the car. How long was the train ride...
  8. e_kjellgren

    Buy a grey imported PL 12-60?

    I've got an opportunity to buy a new but grey imported PL 12-60 for €700. Price here in is otherwise €1200 so it's a fair price i think. Question is however if I really need it? I've already got the 14-140 II for daylight allround use, paired with the 7-14 on my G80. I've also got the 12-32 in...
  9. e_kjellgren

    Two seperate m43 system - one larger, one smaller.....

    I have similar thought, got a compact kit with the very fun GF7, 12-32 and 35-100 and then my G80 with 7-14 and 14-140.
  10. e_kjellgren

    Gx85 or ??? for Travel light

    For light use I prefer the GF7. I have it paired with the G85 and it's the perfect combo for me. GF7 with 12-32, 35-100 and 20mm and G85 with 7-14, 14-140 and some other primes.
  11. e_kjellgren

    Dropped 12-32, fixable?

    I dropped my 12-32 last week, and it stuck in extended mode. Have any of you screwed one of these apart? Is it fixable do you think? /Evert
  12. e_kjellgren

    Who Else Ordered Peak Design Every Day Backpack on Kickstarter??

    I recieved my 20L last week and after some rather quick testing I found it wastn't for me. It's more of a transport-your-gear than use-your-gear-efficiantly-and-easy I think.
  13. e_kjellgren

    What do you guys think of the e-pl7

    I chose the GF7 over it as a second compact m43 body to complement my G80.
  14. e_kjellgren

    What type of bicycle do you ride?

    Wow, where did you get that bike?
  15. e_kjellgren

    Panoramas with the GX8

    I can confirm that you can change the orientation.
  16. e_kjellgren

    Anyone happen to have a silver 20mm on their black Panasonic GX8?

    Even on the black/silver GX8 the black 20mm looks better. The silver 20mm is very shiny, I don't know which body it would look good on.
  17. e_kjellgren

    Peak Design Panasonic strap eyelet fit?

    On my GX8 I did like this Peak Design Olympus strap eyelet fit? Didn't want any rings between the camera and the connectors.
  18. e_kjellgren

    Peak Design Olympus strap eyelet fit?

    I recieved the Leash and Cuff yesterday (just returned the Slide and Clutch) and did the trick of removing the sleeves in the lugs on my GX8. Workes flawlessly!
  19. e_kjellgren

    Your light travel kit?

    GX8 with 7-14 and 14-140 is my travel kit.
  20. e_kjellgren

    Scanning film with an M43 camera

    Thanks for the guide! What lens is that?
  21. e_kjellgren

    Quick-release camera straps.

    Just bought the PD Slide, Clutch and Capture Pro, but I think I will send it all back. First of all, the Clutch doesn't fit my GX8 very well, I think the upper lug is too far down. And also it doesn't come off as easy as with the quick-connectors. The Sling looks nice but I find it to stiff and...
  22. e_kjellgren

    Scan colour slides with GX8

    Why can't I upload pictures? I tested all my different lenses at their closest possible focus distance, also with the Raynox DCR-150 for those where it fitted (Pan14-140 and Oly75)
  23. e_kjellgren

    Scan colour slides with GX8

    If I should get a macro lens for this purpose (and ofcourse be able to use it for other fun stuff later) which one would you recommend for the GX8? Oly60 - best reviews but just read about some focusing/stabilization issues with this combination (could replace my Oly75?) Pan30 - also great...
  24. e_kjellgren

    Scan colour slides with GX8

    Hello I've come across my grandmothers collection of old colour film slides in glass frames. What would the workflow look like using my GX8 to digitize these images? My lenses are P7-14, PL15, P42.5/1.7, O25, O75, P14-140 Guessing the 42.5/1.7 would be the most macro-like? Should i build some...
  25. e_kjellgren

    Panasonic 12-32mm advantage over 14-42mm Oly Kit lens?

    There's also the upcoming 12-60.
  26. e_kjellgren

    digitalrev on m43

  27. e_kjellgren

    G7 Spare Battery Recommendations

    I bought this PA08 Nueva batería para Panasonic DMW-BLC12 DMW-DMC-FZ200 BLC12E DMC-G5 DMC-G6 Can give you a report when it arrives.
  28. e_kjellgren

    Why no AF tracking in monochrome mode?

    ALL other filters and picture modes works with tracking..!
  29. e_kjellgren

    Why no AF tracking in monochrome mode?

    Why is it that I can't get the focus tracking to work whenever I select monochrome mode or any filter containing monochrome settings? It's the same on both GX7 and G7.. :( Is the camera lacking some feature to perform AF tracking in monochrome or what?
  30. e_kjellgren


    Also I miss the different C choices on the mode dial that I used to switched between colour and monochrome on the GX7. It's very far away between the A (colour) and C (monochrome) locations on the dial. It doesn't seem possible to assign the Custom profile to another button?
  31. e_kjellgren

    OIS at shutter half press on GX7

    Im pretty sure I activated something to enable IS (on the LCD?) when i half pressed the shutter. Maybe it was only an option for lens based IS?
  32. e_kjellgren

    OIS at shutter half press on GX7

    Life without IBIS on halfway release.: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
  33. e_kjellgren

    OIS at shutter half press on GX7

    Hi I recently enabled the stabilized view for when I half pressed the shutter release on my GX7. Reading about the possible issues about this I want to disable this feature, but I just can't figure out what setting this is!!?? Please help! /Evert
  34. e_kjellgren

    Pen-F - Reviews & Previews

    This guy gets sharper images from the EM1 All cameras with corner placed EVF Compact Camera Meter
  35. e_kjellgren

    Pen-F - Reviews & Previews

    Robin Wong doesn't seem to impressed with the ergonomics I Prefer On-Off Switch, Not Dial Exposure Compensation Dial Too Stiff Poor Positioning of Front Knob
  36. e_kjellgren

    Yosemite National Park in Winter

    What lens and focal length is #2?
  37. e_kjellgren

    P35-100 f2.8 - will i be happy ?

    Has anyone compared it to the compact 35-100/4-5,6? It's roughly a third of the weight and price of the 2.8.
  38. e_kjellgren

    Whats my next prime?

    Do you use the 15 without the hood? Otherwise it feels not very pocket friendly.
  39. e_kjellgren

    Whats my next prime?

    Thats my thought also. Thinking I'll sell off the GM1 + 12-32 and 35-100 combo and keep the GX7 with 15, 42.5 (or 45), and 14-140 II. Have you ever concidered the 9-18 or 7-14? /Evert
  40. e_kjellgren

    Olympus 45 or Panasonic 14-45

    Have you seen the Panasonic 42.5 1.7? It's got significantly better minimum focus distance.
  41. e_kjellgren

    Whats my next prime?

    Based on my current setup, GM1 + GX7 + 12-32 + 15 + 35-100 I fell a superzoom would be nice to be able to bring just a one body and lens kit. So maybe I'll add the 14-140. And the 42.5 1.7 and I'll be set!
  42. e_kjellgren

    GX 7 or G7

    I handled a G7 in a shop last week and was nearly chocked it was so light and plasticy. My GX7 and GM1 feel much more like quality items in my opinion.
  43. e_kjellgren

    Whats my next prime?

    I basically sold the O45 to make the EM5 a better deal and easier to sell than body alone. Now I'm on the hunt for a new portrait lens, and with current Olympus cashback offer I can get the O45 for €185. The P42.5 is €410 so it can't hardly be worth it? O75 is €610. /Evert
  44. e_kjellgren

    Whats my next prime?

    Own GX7 and GM1 with the PL15 and compact zooms. Just sold an EM5 with the O45. Basically thinking I should get the P42.5 1,7 or perhaps the O60? Previously I had the PL25 but never really liked the FL. Really liking the PL15, perhaps the P42.5 would be the best companion for indoor shots?
  45. e_kjellgren

    16:9 vs 21:9

    I think I'm also going for a 3440x1440 screen, however I think I'd want a curved one.
  46. e_kjellgren

    16:9 vs 21:9

    Then comes the question of size and resolution. 27 inch 2560x1440 is probably optimal, but is the difference from my 24" enough to justify the buy? 32 inch 2560x1440 might be too big to use as a work computer screen, has anyone used one at a desk? I sit maybe 3 feet away.
  47. e_kjellgren

    16:9 vs 21:9

    Maybe I'll get the 21:9 when I want to upgrade my tv and keep the 16:9 ratio for the computer. I'm thinking of a 32" 2560x1440 which would be a couple of centimerets higher than my current 24" screen and with roughly the same pixel density. This seems to be the available models, any thoughts...
  48. e_kjellgren

    16:9 vs 21:9

    Im currently using my computer for all the basic applications, but I've started to use the windows screensaver browsing through all of my photos. This is a new way of watching a mixed selection of my photos, really fun! However because of the fact that i use a 24" screen mounted on the wall in...
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