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    About that new Canon mirrorless camera...

    Actually, In their entire history, Canon made 3 cameras I wanted to buy - the last of these was introduced 40 years ago: Cononet QL17 GIII, Canon EF, and Canon A-1
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    Micro Four Thirds 10 Year Anniversary

    I was really impressed with Olympus' new product announcements to commemorate the anniversary. .....Oh, wait......
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    Found a good, very cheap, wide converter for the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 lens

    Well for a couple of years, this Fujifilm converter was also tough to find. In fact, I sold my spares for $30 each + shipping last year, to buyers who had read this thread and were unable to find them. I may replace those again at $12 ;) BTW, to the poster who tried this with an extremely...
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    Found a good, very cheap, wide converter for the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 lens

    I'm pleased to be corrected about that. Buydig is where I originally got mine about 4 years ago. I thought they had sold out long ago.
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    Found a good, very cheap, wide converter for the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 lens

    Except that it's no longer easily found for $12 like it was when I first started this thread. As the originator of this thread, I would say that my experience, with multiple units of this converter on multiple lenses, the biggest variable will be the specific target lens, and the actual...
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    At The Zoo - Any Zoo with Any Camera

    I saw in an interview once that Michael Palin said that he had a bad reaction to it one time in hospital. Fortunately, he recovered fully.
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    Dwindling market for used gear?

    Sony is the current fashion, but I suspect that's going to end when the Nikon and Canon FF Mirrorless systems hit any week now. It really comes down to this: Are you comfortable with the inherent IQ of M43 sensors relative to FF. ALL of the marketing critical mass of the 3 big players and...
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    Dwindling market for used gear?

    I sell on ebay all the time and I've never had a bogus return in several hundred transactions. A couple of times, I missed a functional defect, and I accepted the return for refund, but that's cool, those were my fault. The biggest issue I have is non-paying buyers. They can be avoided with...
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    Dwindling market for used gear?

    It's definitely a buyer's market now. OTOH, M43 is not as tough as Nikon 1, now that Nikon has officially killed that system. I just bought a J5 body, 3 lenses, and an FT-1 mount adapter for a total of $325. This was quite recently (like 2-3 months ago) $600 worth of gear. and BTW...
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    Panasonic discontinuing 12-32?

    I care. 12mm, the optical quality, and the tiny size are the main reasons that this is the main lens I use on my E-PL7
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    Meike 6.5mm F2.0-22 Fisheye for US$119.20

    I just picked up a Rokinon 4/3 fisheye which is an 8mm f3.5 for $80 on the bay. Seller was listing it for $109.99 including shipping or best offer, and I made what I thought was a low-ball offer, just to see a counter-offer, but instead, he accepted it. This lens is bulky, but because...
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    What's the best m4/3 deal you've gotten?

    Probably two stand out at this point: About 4-5 years ago, Samys was clearing out a bundled kits with the Panasonic GF5 and the 14mm f2.5 lens for $199.99 and they also were covering the sales tax (which mattered to me, since I live in California, so that was another $16 discount. Anyways...
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    Another 15% on ebay

    I just picked up an underwater housing for my E-P5 on this 15% off sale. Seller listed it for $163.40 or best offer, with free shipping from China. I offered $150, seller countered with $155 which I accepted, and with the sale, saved an additional $23.25, so the housing cost me $131.75 all...
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    Your three-lens lineup of choice right now?

    What camera are you using? If it's one of the EM-1s, the 4/3 70-300 would make a very inexpensive and good complement to the lenses you already have, and you can pick up clean used one for $150ish , and a generic 4/3 adapter for ~$25. I think it's at least as good as the inexpensive native M43...
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    Stiff Domke F803

    If you don't mind the color, I flat out LOVE this Tenba Vector shoulder bag, and the price is an absolute screamer (these are $80-100 bags that are being cleared out because they have been discontinued, probably due to the color): Tenba Vector 3 Digital SLR Camera Bag Case Oxygen Blue...
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    Your three-lens lineup of choice right now?

    It depends: When I'm not size constrained, and I am shooting with my EM1, I tend to go with 4/3 9-18, 4/3 14-54 mk ii, and Panasonic 45-175mm, although if I need alot of reach, I'll use the 4/3 70-300mm instead. When I'm shooting primes with my EP-5 with a VF4, I tend to use 14mm...
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    Do not shoot a Nikon D500

    And homemade chocolate chip cookies are much better than the ones you get with your web browser.
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    Do not shoot a Nikon D500

    I haven't, but I have shot with other DSLRs at rates in the 8-10 FPS range, and I found the viewfinder flicker to be bothersome. Not unusable, but definitely distracting.
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    Thrift Shop Finds

    Were it me, I'd not have bothered with the ball bearing and kept the aperture ring de-clicked and considered it to be a video lens.
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    Do not shoot a Nikon D500

    It wasn't about live view, and it wasn't a weird corner case. It was about keeping Birds in Flight in view in the viewfinder while shooting - and it had been suggested that the D500 OVF was far better for that purpose than the G9 EVF. The point of my comment was that many folks who shoot BIF...
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    Do not shoot a Nikon D500

    How do you do that with a DSLR while the mirror is in the up position?
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    Do not shoot a Nikon D500

    Well I use both systems M43 and Nikon 1. And it IS true that a lot of the tracking AF capability that EVERY Nikon 1 camera has, only exists in a small fraction of the better M43 bodies. And sadly, only 1 Nikon 1 camera ever had a competitive sensor, the last in the line point & shoot style...
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    Thank Goodness, I'll soon be able to get an E-PL9 in Denim Blue....

    Of course there still won't be any way to attach a viewfinder to it. Olympus launches blue edition of the Pen E-PL9 for denim lovers
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    Pretty sure I just got ripped off...(Olympus repair shipping)

    USPS rates are clearly published. And you can certainly do the research to find out what the economical services are and what package sizes trigger much higher rates. Personally, I am a big fan of the Regional Rate A Priority Mail box that you can only order and get postage for on line...
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    Pretty sure I just got ripped off...(Olympus repair shipping)

    OP got hosed. Proper cost is on the order of $25-30 including insurance if someone packed it themselves, and perhaps $40-50 if someone else packed it for you.
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    For Sale: Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 Mk II | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    This is a great lens - I actually use this as my main standard lens on both my EM1 and my E-P5. I recommend it highly.
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    Panasonic accounces rugged Lumix DC-TS7

    Frankly, the Nikon AW1 and the couple of ruggedized lenses they made for it was a pretty good Nikonos successor for the digital world. Probably it's main limitation was the fact that Nikon was intentionally over-pricing and crippling the non-weather-proofed Nikon 1 cameras so as to not impinge...
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    MFT Purist Or Brand Agnostic?

    No brand loyalty at all for me with respect to lenses. All my M43 cameras currently are Olympuses (E-PL7, E-P5, and EM-1.1) But I have owned a G5 in the past, and I could see myself someday getting a GX9 or G85 in the future. On my E-M1, I use 4 Olympus and 2 Sigma 4/3 lenses, 2 native...
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    Upgrading from OMD EM1 to ?Panasonic GX9? What do you think

    If you have an E-M1, no version of the E-M10 would be an upgrade. A GX9 would be an upgrade in terms of resolution and video, but little else except that it's smaller. Probably the only camera that is in any real sense an upgrade while also being smaller would be the Pen-F, and even then, it's...
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    50-200 SWD aperture vs 50-200

    Interesting. I recently bought a copy of the 12-60mm SWD. I sold it very soon after, because I came to the conclusion that my 14-54 mk II was a more useful lens because it was essentially 1/3 to 1/2 an f-stop faster through it's entire range. Given that the 12-60 also weighs 4 ounces...
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    Panasonic accounces rugged Lumix DC-TS7

    I find that I can take really cool photos after I store my camera in the freezer.
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    How many batteries for E-M1 mk1 ?

    I would amend that to any number between 2 and 10. One might definitely be the incorrect answer.
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    Stupid GAS strikes again (sigh)

    Here's the scariest part: For every one of those different cameras, I can identify a particular shooting situation where THAT specific camera is superior to any of the other ones that I own, and that is my justification for keeping each and every one of them. I finally came to the realization...
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    Stupid GAS strikes again (sigh)

    So I'm guessing that my 4 digital systems, each having 3 or more lenses, does not qualify? Although I could argue that it's really only 3 digital systems, since my only Nikon DSLR is a 12+ year-old D50 that I only kept because it has a Katz-Eye manual focus screen which makes it a good...
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    Obsolete and Inexpensive

    I still shoot my ebay product shots with an Olympus E-520 - which has IBIS, pop-up flash, and the files are small enough that I can transfer them quickly. Mine also has a replacement groundglass/microprism/split-image screen, and I usually use a manual adapted 28mm, 35mm or 50mm prime for this...
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    Stupid GAS strikes again (sigh)

    What is this "minimalism" of which you speak?
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    Stupid GAS strikes again (sigh)

    Probably because you are more interested in cameras and lenses than in photography.
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    Panasonic discontinuing 12-32?

    Way too late for that. Personally, I have far more use for the 12-32 than for any 14-42, but to each their own. I've got at least 4 other lenses that I can use to cover the 40-50mm focal length range, at least one of which, and usually two, are either in my bag or on one of my cameras at all...
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Olympus E-P5 body, VF2 EVF, 14-42 IIR lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Olympus E-P5 body, VF2 EVF, 14-42 IIR lens What are your prices? Olympus E-P5 body - $200 Camera SOLD! Olympus VF-2 EVF - $90 Sold, for $80 Olympus 14-42 II R lens - $50...
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Olympus 4/3 12-60mm f2.8~4 SWD lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Olympus 4/3 mount 12-60mm f2.8~4 SWD lens What are your prices? Olympus 4/3 12-60mm SWD lens $199.99 Generic 4/3 to M43 Electronic mount adapter $20.00 with lens Where are you located? USA Where are...
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    Roberts Camera (USA) Olympus Refurbs - HLD-8 for $99 (and more)

    Main advantage is, Roberts doesn't charge me sales tax to California, and the Olympus outlet does. Too bad I'm not in the market for anything they currently have at good prices.
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    KEH lens sale

    This. They charge sales tax to California
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    For Sale: Olympus E-m1 , 12-40 f2.8 PRO, 50-200 SWD w/ MMf-3, 20mm f1.7 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Duke, could you please show a photo of the 50-200mm lens without the lens hood on it. The way you have photographed it, there is no way to tell that it is actually the SWD version of that lens, and I have seen numerous examples where the seller claimed it was the 50-200mm SWD and it was...
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    Too many good telephoto options. I can't decide!

    I agree that it's not worth buying any front TC for that sort of a price, but many of the other front TCs we were referring to and which perform well, such as the Olympus A-200, B-300, C-190, C-210, and Tcon-17 can typically be found for $20-40 on ebay. For those prices, they are very useful...
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    Too many good telephoto options. I can't decide!

    My lightweight combo is 9mm BCL, Panasonic 12-32, and Panasonic 45-175mm. Also comes in at barely over 300g for all three lenses, and spans from 18-350mm FF equivalent. Generally used on an E-PL7 with a VF2. If I know I won't need nearly that much long range, I'll sub out the Sigma 60mm...
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    Too many good telephoto options. I can't decide!

    You must be Uri Geller if you can dent a metal lens by looking at it.
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    Too many good telephoto options. I can't decide!

    Well, as was pointed out previously, the 45-175mm also can take a front converter that can, depending on the converter, extend it to between 250 or 330mm. Obviously, it would be nice if it was also f4 out at this length, and of course it's not, (again, depending on the converter, it's really...
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