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    My 75mm F1.8 at the 2017 LGBT March (20 pics)

    Nice set of portraits. In most I would have liked to see a deeper DOF used to get both of the eyes and nose in focus as in some both or either falls off. That is just a tiny thing that I would like to see as at f/1.8 or even f/2.8 the DOF is often way too shallow and I have seen f/4 being a...
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    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    Manual mode means there is no automations! If I set camera to shutter speed X, aperture ratio Y and ISO to Z, then camera shouldn't be changing any of the settings that adjust exposure! This is same problem with people wanting a Auto-ISO in M with a exposure compensation! Like.... Go and use...
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    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    From start it was just "constant aperture" instead specific "f/2.8" or such. This is why the 12-100mm is in Pro line as it has constant aperture etc. The requirement for the constant aperture is the control and usability thing. As those who use automatic exposure modes (P, A or S modes)...
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    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    E-M1 II next to best from Canon and Nikon is not a slouch, it is really on part and many ways even better (EVF, Pro-Capture, Silent Shutter, 18 FPS, Size, Weight, Ergonomics etc etc). And you pay far less for it. But the problem is very simple that Olympus is having. It has no zoom past the...
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    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    Olympus is very underrated dog in the photography history. When they came out with the OM they were really shocking the market with the tech and the size etc (comparing even to Asahi Pentax!). Their lenses, their TTL metering, spot metering, multi-spot etc were amazing. You didn't really need...
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    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    Interesting part is that Olympus defined their PRO series to have a constant aperture ratio. So 300-500mm with variable aperture ratio should be not in their PRO line. So do they drop that requirement from their PRO line zooms? I want to see a 150-450mm f/4. Compatible with the 1.4x TC and...
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    Hasselblad X1D - Mirrorless Medium Format

    Yes they would have laughed. As 6x4.5 was a crop format for medium format and considered same as the crop format (135) in photography. 6x4.5 was then like APS-C is today between 4/3" and 35mm sensors. But now as many 35mm fan say APS-C isn't enough compared to 35mm (and they don't even...
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    Lightroom & Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software options/alternatives

    Just the digiKam. Get easily photos out, tag, rate and done. For editing I use then GIMP or Snapseed for corrections. Supports well NAS and thumbnail caching for removable devices etc. Can handle without problems libraries with 2 million photos and so on. You get all face detection, face...
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    Do you shoot in 3:2 format by default?

    I love the 4:3 because it allows me to get wanted other ratios without problems if wanted. I dont crop for specifix ratios unless for wallpaper, otherwise it is the best framing and prints made by that. I learned on large format and medium format era to leave enough space so i can choose...
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    E-M10. Beginner lens.

    . That needs little clarification that it is mostly rule of thumb but not always so. Like Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO or Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 are zooms that replaces most primes in same focal length. So primes benefit is aperture like f/1.8 vs f/2.8 for low light and blurring background.
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    em1 vs. em5mk2 after a few weeks

    The problem is we can't buy same camera with wanted display. I am not choosing the camera by its display, but I can not to buy the camera because the display. So for me if E-M1 successor comes with side articulating screen then i am not going to buy it because bad design for still camera is...
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    em1 vs. em5mk2 after a few weeks

    So can I with flip screen. When you have 178° viewing angle and screen is parallel with lens Z axis it is super easy to compose and handle without playing with the display. And if I want to be super stealthy, I don't use rear screen at all, but turn wifi on and use phone. I can keep camera...
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    Why don't they think outside the box?

    F/2.8 is often 99€ and f/1.8 is usually around 350€ so there is to me a big difference. Sometimes i find f/2.8 as 285€ but on that price i would agree. (Prices as new).
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    Why don't they think outside the box?

    I didnt mean that those are standards because those exist, but because there is a mathematical formula in to originally choose those focal lengths for ANY format. It goes all the way down and up. And the 4/3 sensor focal lengths are just half of those instead following the ratio.
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    Oly 7-14 Pro coming in June

    Check the Robin Wong review where he shows worst flares he got by seeking them. And there circles the one photo from Mirrorlessons or something with bad flares in photo taken in forest and that is most often...
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    Why don't they think outside the box?

    All that is great examples of people who have stuck to a specific field of view with a specific focal length and they cant see around those. Like there are people wishing a 67.5mm focal length just in the sake of 135mm for 35mm. Like why? Yes we know that it use to be easier optical design...
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    Kipon EF-M43 AF Adapter Performance

    Once you have digital connection, body use the focal length the lens for informs and doesn't allow user to input custom one (Olympus bodies). So if the adapter doesn't know focal length and transmit it to body correctly, IBIS doesn't work and you need to relay on Canon OIS. Unless the Kipon...
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    em1 vs. em5mk2 after a few weeks

    And all they are happy only because that side articulated screens? Sorry but most who I know owning the camera with that screen type dislikes it for stills but like it for video. Even avarage joes and janes hate that they need to pull and rotate screen to get a better view under sun and that it...
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    My GF wants a camera...

    Olympus is only choice in by opinion as it has IBISand that makes so easy to get great photographs that no OIS helps. As people want cameras to be easy, there is no sense (in my holy opinion) to give camera without IBIS unless person truly can withstand blurry photos and knows how to work with...
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    E-M5 II real world battery life: pretty great

    If you look in dark the rear screen you find it isn't totally shut off but has a backlighting, weak but still there. I hope one day or can be totally turned off to give little more better energy savings.
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    E-M5 II real world battery life: pretty great

    Same results for me, 3h shooting and few times turning camera off for few minutes but capturing total ~1400 frames per battery. I would not say it is a problematic at all. As I like as well recharge battery after every day of use.
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    No AF fine-tuning....

    The sensor PDAF doesn't need the calibration. That is the question why Olympus added the function to calibrate each focus point. What is when lens focus is off because lens element being off-center. But when image plane is same as PDAF focus metering plane is, there is no mis-focus because PDAF...
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    With and without the MC-14 1.4x and the 40-150 2.8

    I know that the teleconverter doesn't really lower the resolution for not giving benefit using it, but I still find 1.4x multiplier of the magnification "negligent". I personally keep 2x as the minimum to be a reasonable, like a 50mm to 100mm or 75mm to 150mm. It does has its uses but it really...
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    Focus motors running continuously in 12-40/2.8?

    Are you totally sure it isn't the IBIS? As it keeps a silent humming. Is the sound same when you pull manual clutch focus ring and focus back and worth? As if it is same, then there is something in the focusing. Try very very slow focus turning so you get the stepping. Turn off the half-way...
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    em1 vs. em5mk2 after a few weeks

    Fast Bad light performance is a thing? What is bad light in this case? There is a low light and a bright light, the bad light is like strobes in clubs or lasers that can damage sensor etc.
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    Rubber skin loose on E-M1 rear control panel

    Try first to something other and then just little bit to the camera itself first.
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    Why I Love µ4/3 for Wildlife Photography

    Until you hear Americans say that in space a flying nice lead dust isn't so nice to electronics... Until you again remember that same lead is used to solder electronics and a such lead dust isn't a problem for soviets used tech as they preferred to use vacuum tubes very much (invulnerable to...
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    Rubber skin loose on E-M1 rear control panel

    Okay... One reason why I don't like to save in second hand in most products. Like I registered my E-M1 and got 3½ year warranty with premium service that guarantees camera is only 3 days at max in their service. Needed to send camera to service a while ago and it shipped back and worth in...
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    em1 vs. em5mk2 after a few weeks

    Olympus Product manager told that there is coming few firmware updates to E-M1 in 3.x series, as it was important to lay down the basics with the PDAF+C-AF first. So there is change something gets backported from E-M5 II to E-M1 like menu memory, MySet saving to SD card etc. If they listen and...
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    em1 vs. em5mk2 after a few weeks

    I am interested to see what does Olympus add in future firmware updates as there are coming few in this year. Hopefully something to video and something new to photography and about the Wi-Fi. And if Olympus can start improve video in new model it will make some people more happy as they are so...
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    em1 vs. em5mk2 after a few weeks

    Sorry for bad quote, I reply from the phone. The articulated screen to left in E-M5 II isn't there for selfie. Can we please stop using that stupid word as it has been called for centuries as "self portrait" and that has the meaning and respect for the process? OK, back to screen.... The...
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    Rubber skin loose on E-M1 rear control panel

    Why not to send it to Olympus? It takes just 2-3 days to go in service and back?
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    Linking AE-L/AF-L to shutter release on E-M1, is it possible?

    People use A, S and P modes a lot. And then they choose exposure by pointing metering point and locks it with shutter. They don't like that focus changes when they release half-press after recomposition, because half-pressing again causes focusing to foreground/background and not to subject. So...
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    [EXPIRED] blemished/scratched, scuffed m43 Lens

    I would give 15mm BCL for outdoor use. Bought that for LoMo use myself and after it that 17mm f/2.8.
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    [EXPIRED] blemished/scratched, scuffed m43 Lens

    My vote goes go 17mm f/2.8 as you can find those brand new sometimes at 99€ and so on as used one somewhere 50€ range. Great as it is sharp, good indoors, small and gives manual focus and close focus distance is enough, that can be later improved with extension tube that makes it great for...
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    Linking AE-L/AF-L to shutter release on E-M1, is it possible?

    Yes I know. But I shoot only in M. I adjust exposure as I see I need. For me it is single button and front wheel to move focus point horizontally so I don't misfocus because recomposition. And it is a single shutter press to get always subject in focus. DSLR and semi-auto modes requires...
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    Linking AE-L/AF-L to shutter release on E-M1, is it possible?

    To me those are one, M mode all the time, focus point movement without worrying subject gets out of focus and then composition+timing is only thing waiting. when I know the depth of field will be deeper, I used only center point. Half pressing shutter isn't a problem and if doing longer...
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    Linking AE-L/AF-L to shutter release on E-M1, is it possible?

    When you use A/S/P modes (or other auto-exposure). I don't understand those who use backfocusing anymore on MILC cameras like E-M1. Have not really got it ever.
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    EM-5 II High Resolution Panorama

    I coyld use that in any situation where I could use 1 second or longer exposure time. Like waterfalls, still days when no wind etc.
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    M43 for Landscape (Resolution, micro contrast...)

    Ad, but neverless than what you really can see. Big Prints from LUMIX GH3, featuring Ira Block: My largest print ever made is over 3x2 meters. And that was on the time when 8MPix was new on DSLR cameras. I could make over 4.6x3.4m size prints and it would look...
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    Whats the highest auto iso you have set for OMD cameras?

    The auto ISO is at 3200 because higher I can't get with the video mode. Otherwise I go at highest extension if needed and quality is still great. I don't use auto ISO for anything else.
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    Speculation on the E6.....

    Get the E-M1.... The grip isn't there to hold down, the user interface is best there from any camera and that is what matters mostly.
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    Speculation on the E6.....

    Could someone say what is a good codec exactly (and what is bad) by the codec specs?
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    How DxO mark tricks you into being stupid

    Exactly. Science is about repeat and confirmation. There isn't wrong information or bad information, just information. And when some people gets their hands on information, they can twist and show it when it is good for them. Does DXO use scientific laboratory with unbiased devices to meter...
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    Transporting the lens hood

    Remove the hood and slide trough it your bag strap so it hangs out outside of your bag. They are plastic so they survive well.
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    E-M1: buy now or wait for E-M5 successor?

    IF they hit everything they have to next OM-D model, it will eat E-M1 sales. While true that Olympus should have one model that has everything, it is now E-M1. And this is one reason why having multiple models (even "just" three) is bad as you can't do anything if updating each as own...
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    F2.8 or less not always good or is the 40-150 2.8 really needed by most

    Not intended often. Unless you mean that it is nice that framing is where example one person is shot back being little covered in one bottom corner, then the main character leans forward for 10 second discussion while the focus area is behind the main character face, at his ear or even back...
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    Olympus releases 2nd quarter financial results

    Not mattering much....
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    E-M1: buy now or wait for E-M5 successor?

    I was required to consider what to get between few bodies: 1) Sony A7 2) Nikon D600 3) Olympus E-M5 4) Olympus E-M1 5) Fuji X-T1 After decision and deal, next cameras came out (didn't wait them as they were just around corner and previews were out) 6) Sony A6000 7) Panasonic GH4 I was about...
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