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    Not satisfied with m43

    If you don't like the Adobe profiles/colors (Camera Calibration tab) you may consider researching any number of the threads on the Huelight profiles. As I remember they were $10 for 4 (std, lo, med, high).
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    Rookie Questions: Last Nights "Meetup" Studio Shoot

    Really good stuff, thanks everyone. A number of things I wouldn't have thought of but now will incorporate this into the next Meetup studio shoot. -Going to f/11 and staying @ 200 makes perfect sense now, of course. -Live View boost to on - wouldn't have made that connection on my own. -Good...
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    Rookie Questions: Last Nights "Meetup" Studio Shoot

    Thank you Kevin. Nice Sorry Ulfy, I'm just not at your natural genius level to be accomplish at everything within a few months. Why be helpful and teach when you can be an ASSHAT. I won't bother you with my pathetic postings ever again.
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    Rookie Questions: Last Nights "Meetup" Studio Shoot

    Greetings, I had my first experience with a new "MeetUp" group last night. It was in a studio and there were several models to shoot. I had my Em10, there was a Sony there, the rest of the cameras were Canikons. All the lighting was set up (Alien Bees) and the tech guy said to set your...
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    If I may, some questions on technique..

    Hi all, I've recently stepped up from a Canon G-16 to the EM10. So far I am really liking m43 and especially this forum! I started last year with the G16 because I was overwhelmed by the choice of cameras at every level. Since everybody on the Internet :smile: said to learn to shoot in...
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    Greeting from Kansas City, Missouri USA

    Hi everyone from the American Midwest. Trying to move my skills and equipment in the upward direction! I've been using a Canon G16 for the last six months to learn to shoot in RAW and manual mode. Purchased an Em10, the grip, the 12-40, and the 40-150. The EM10 was in competition with...
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