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    [EXPIRED] (EU) Konica 57mm, Olympus 35mm macro 4/3rds, Leica 14-50 4/3rds

    Hello, I am selling three lenses. - Konica Hexanon 57mm f1.4 in good conditions, with both caps, 55 euro - Leica 14-50 f3.8-5.6 OIS, this was the kit lens for the Panasonic L10 camera. In excellent conditions, no box, both caps, 210 euro - Olympus 35mm f3.5 macro in excellent conditions...
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    Poll: Tapatalk or Forum Runner

    I have been using tapatalk for some time on my iphone and just found out this forum is on it too. I wasn't aware of forum runner but tapatalk does everything I want and makes it possible to browse forums even on tiny screens. It is not free but the price is right. Thanks Amin for your great work
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    E-PL1: help me set up MyMode settings

    The custom reset is the way to go as you can record a lot more settings compared to my mode. However Oly forgot one very important feature, the ability to rename custom reset 1 and 2 to something more meaningful, I know I'll never remember which does what.
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    COMPLETED SOLD: Konica Hexanon & Olympus lenses (SOLD)

    Martin, the 57mm Konica and adapter arrived today. Items as described and super fast shipping. Thank you! :smile:
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    Just received E-PL1 -- misc. E-PL1 stuff

    I had the same feelings after using the e-pl1, loud shutter noise and unimpressed by build quality. However everything works quite well and the thing I'm enjoying the most coming from an e-330 is the weak anti-aliasing filter. I took some close up of my kids and their eyelashes were as sharp as...
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    Video with E-PL1 and art filters

    Both, it is just recorded at a very low framerate. Not enough cpu power I suppose
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    Hello all, new member here

    Thanks guys, I'm already enjoying the great content of this site. Also I now know there is a marketplace section, I wish I didn't. :-)
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    Video with E-PL1 and art filters

    Hello, was playing with the E-pl1 this past two days and tried taking videos of my kids while also using the art filters. Boy does the video become jerky!! Framerate is like 2FPS, ridiculous. I thought there would be a way to add the filter in post using Oly Viewer 2 but that does not seem...
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    4/3+OM Adapters Together?

    Yes it works! I had the 4/3rds to OM adapter from my E-330 kit and mounted that on the MMF-1 Tested with both the OM 135mm f2.8 and the 50mm f1.8 with good results.
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    Hello all, new member here

    Hello, my name is Manuel Gherardi and I'm a new entry in the m4/3 world. Bought myself a E-PL1 taking advantage of the recent offer of a free MMF-1 adapter from Oly. I still have my 4/3rds camera, an E-330 plus a bunch of standard grade 4/3rds lenses. Oh and two OM primes too! I have...
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