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  1. beameup

    FT5 - Olympus EM-1X is a "Canon 1DX level" Camera - Built in Vertical Grip

    A larger screen in 4/3 format would be welcome, since the camera will be used in "portrait" mode. Not sure about the EVF.
  2. beameup

    About the new OM-D.

    How about eye-directed focusing (or whatever they called it back in the '80s). I believe they could also add a "joy stick" (from Nikon, I believe).
  3. beameup

    About the new OM-D.

    You'll be able to give verbal commands to the camera to change settings.
  4. beameup

    Olympus at Photokina.

    Christmas is coming for Olympus. Photokina is irrelevant.
  5. beameup

    The biggest, heaviest Olympus I've ever seen!

    Olympus' major income is from medical equipment, cameras are just a side-line.
  6. beameup

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    I just got a good deal on an E-M5 II. I really don't see how it could be much improved. I added a cheap grip-baseplate, and put some non-skid clear shower tape on the grip.
  7. beameup

    Panny FF rumors coming into focus

    By making this announcement, Panasonic may prevent desertion to Canon and Nikon mirrorless. However, the "video" offerings on the new mirrorless Nikon & Canon cameras leave a lot to be desired (ie: amateur).
  8. beameup

    Rumor New major OMD camera announcement in early 2019?

    Olympus actually put several elements into a successful working camera, rather than just creating "patents". How many camera makers had a supersonic method of cleaning the sensor, combined with IBIS and Live View?
  9. beameup

    About that new Canon mirrorless camera...

    Actually, Canon's first mount was the "R" mount (1959). Then they had several varieties of the famous "breach-lock" (F) mount. I wonder why they returned to their original "R" designation?
  10. beameup

    About that new Canon mirrorless camera...

    I keep hearing how the Canon doesn't have enough room for two card slots. I guess they haven't seen a micro SD. I believe Nikon failed to even consult with their users to find out what they wanted in "mirrorless".
  11. beameup

    Nik or Phase One fro black and white ?

    Topaz Black & White Effects
  12. beameup

    Anyone tempted by the Nikon Z6 or Z7?

    Tempted? Nope. I love the extensive Olympus "E-M" menu options.
  13. beameup

    Olympus EM-5 Mark III news and rumors

    Soon, all major manufacturers will be offering interchangeable lens mirrorless, so Olympus needs to find a niche that the others have overlooked. The Pen series is being eroded by the high-end smartphone market. So, I would look for something entirely new from Olympus.
  14. beameup

    Sony Full Frame vs Olympus E-M1 II

    If you are just shooting wildlife, you probably would be better off with a DSLR.
  15. beameup

    Micro Four Thirds 10 Year Anniversary

    I was heavily into 4/3, so I waited for the E-M1.
  16. beameup

    Rumor New major OMD camera announcement in early 2019?

    There is room for improvement in the on-sensor PDAF area. DSLRs still excel in the focusing.
  17. beameup

    EM-5 Mark II + MMF-3 + Zuiko 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 SWD

    Some of Olympus' 4/3 lenses had firmware upgrades to allow both PDAF and CDAF focusing. I'm delighted with my 4/3 14-54mm II lens on my OM-D E-M5 II using the CDAF focusing (and MMF-3 adapter). The lens works as well with the E-M5 II as it does with my E-M1 and PDAF.
  18. beameup

    Does “One touch white balance” really works as its name implies?

    I just used a towel and a couple of thumb-tacks. I was shooting infrared, so getting the white balance was important. I also used "set the gray point" often.
  19. beameup

    Question about HLD-7 grip.

    I threw the battery grip away. It was a waste of money and pretty useless for me. Now, if it had 2 batteries in the grip, that might be a different story.
  20. beameup

    Need a cheap Ultra Wide Angle lens for Pen-F.

    I really like the 9mm body cap lens. (<$90)
  21. beameup

    Olympus Body Cap Fisheye - Filters

    Have you tried using gel filters and attaching them inside the lens?
  22. beameup

    Upgrading Windows laptop

    When I first started serious processing of HDR images with Photoshop, I bought a Toshiba laptop with i7 second generation and 8 GB of RAM. I immediately bought an SSD and installed it. This boosted my start-up "boot" to 6 seconds and SIGNIFICANTLY boosted the processing power. After that I...
  23. beameup

    What digital camera was your first love?

    Olympus Evolt E-510 was my first digital camera. I still have it and use it; however, I've had it converted to infrared.
  24. beameup

    My 1st 30 days with a EM-1 Mark I

    For MySets, I use a Brother label-maker and then punch out my 2 letter "code" with a hole punch. I then stick the little round label on the Mode Dial.
  25. beameup

    Kit Advice for Arizona and Utah? New Lenses to Add?

    I spent a few years doing landscapes in Arizona/Utah and used the 9-18mm Olympus lens 80% of the time.
  26. beameup

    Flat Field lens?

    Flat Field Lenses = Enlarger Lenses (for film)
  27. beameup

    Exposure and white balance issues

    Shoot RAW + jpg That way, if the jpg WB is off, you can easily correct the RAW in processing
  28. beameup

    landscape-seascape photography. - OMD settings and Tips

    1) Always use a tripod 2) Always use a circular polarizer 3) Use HDR (ie: bracketing) a lot
  29. beameup

    Can anyone recommend a small (thin) lens...

    I just bought a Meinke 28mm f2.8 for $89. It was designed for cropped sensors, but is available in micro 4/3. It's about 2 cm thick and is manual focus (about the size of the Panasonic 20mm). I just set it for hyper-focal distance @ f5.6.
  30. beameup

    A new Yi M1 review!

    I'm sure you can get a fake Leica decal from China.
  31. beameup

    LifePixel is now selling new IR cameras

    I never used Life Pixel as they did not convert Olympus. They have been offering new IR converted cameras for many years. I've used Precision Camera & Video and Spencer's
  32. beameup

    Multi-Aperture Pinhole Lens

    How would my 15mm body-cap-lens and using the "pinhole camera" Art Filter work?
  33. beameup

    Got ahold of a New-Old-Stock Tiffen 87

    You can get infrared polarizers, but they are expensive. The Marumi DHG Super does work better than most polarizers, in the near infrared.
  34. beameup

    Got ahold of a New-Old-Stock Tiffen 87

    I checked my records and have the Tiffen 87 down as 780nm. So, the Tiffen 87 is strictly a black & white infrared filter. I never got good results with it in the colder months, or with non-biological objects/scenes (like rocks for example).
  35. beameup

    Got ahold of a New-Old-Stock Tiffen 87

    The Tiffen 87 was the first infrared filter I bought. I was using it with Konica Infrared 750 film, beginning in the 1990s. I switched to digital in 2010 with the Olympus E-510 and tried the old Tiffen filter on my stock, unconverted E-510. I got some very interesting results, however, when I...
  36. beameup

    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    Why would Canon release a defective design? Do they just assume that the "faithful" will just gobble-up anything they produce?
  37. beameup

    Noob here - How to use 58mm filter/lens

    The Olympus ZD four-thirds "kit" lenses used 58mm filters. The micro 4/3 lenses are much smaller than 58mm.
  38. beameup

    Brief post on GetOlympus for Oly shooters interested in getting started with B&W

    I have been using NIK Black & White Efex with good success. But for "prevision" in B&W, the work of Fred Picker's Zone Six Workshop was derived from the work of Ansel Adams. I have been using an infrared modified Olympus DSLR for B&W, with excellent results. 3 STEPS TO SEEING IN BLACK & WHITE...
  39. beameup

    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    I saw a recent patent request for a superior autofocus system. Who knows whether it will actually be utilized. However, the indicators are evident that Olympus is aiming at the professional sports photography market. Otherwise, why would Olympus expend research on an area that is dominated by...
  40. beameup

    Olympus patents a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 m4/3 lens

    4/3 Rumors has dug up a patent filed by Olympus which shows two possible MFT telephoto zoom lenses. The first optic is a 300-500mm f/2.8-4.0 and the second is a 200-300mm f/2.8-4.0. These would provide equivalent focal lengths of 600-1000mm and 400-600mm respectively, both very appealing options...
  41. beameup

    EM1 II Settings from

    Thanks. I needed the updated info for Mark I
  42. beameup

    Backpack with enough space for EM5 mark 2 and lenses with space for clothing

    I currently have a crossbody (memo) bag, but it is a little too small. I usually have a certain pre-conceived "project" in mind, so I pack only my E-M1 with one lens (attached).
  43. beameup

    Live View boost

    I use boost because I often shoot in HDR #1 & #2 I think that the histogram is more important.
  44. beameup

    Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens on Olympus bodies and focusing speed

    Thanks for the info, I've been wanting a pancake lens for my E-M1.1
  45. beameup

    New Panasonic Organic sensor

    I used a "full spectrum" modified Olympus Evolt (4/3) for quite some time. The modification allows near-infrared to pass by removing the "hot mirror" from the sensor. Then you simply pick a filter for the front of the lens, depending on what effect you want to achieve. Infrared is generally...
  46. beameup

    MaximalPower BLN-1 battery with BCN-1 Charger

    I bought a pair over a year ago and they work as well as the OEM in both the Olympus charger and in the E-M1.
  47. beameup

    EM1 rear wheel not always responding

    I spin the rear wheel with my thumb a dozen times in one direction (it rotates about 1/2 way) and then in the opposite direction with the camera off, then I repeat this a dozen times. When I don't use the camera for awhile, I have to repeat this process. When the rear-wheel doesn't "skip" then...
  48. beameup

    HLD-7....why so heavy?

    I went for the Gariz CHEM1BK half-case. But, again that doesn't help with the extra battery.
  49. beameup

    Soon to be new Oly owner

    The E-M1 is not exactly "light weight", especially when compared with the older Olympus 4/3 cameras.
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