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    Show "Motorcycles"

    [/url] Harley-Davidson_Biograd-4 by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] Harley-Davidson_Biograd-7 by bernard [o], on Flickr Harley-Davidson_Biograd-8 by bernard [o], on Flickr Harley-Davidson meeting in Biograd, Croatia
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    The Real Street Thread

    [/url] kiss by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] kiss is just a kiss ...
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    The Real Street Thread

    [/url] oldtimers by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] Oldtimers - from Harley-Davidson meeting in Biograd (more picture soon)
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    Show us your personal pets

    [/url] Terry-2 by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] 3 months old Terry - German Hunting Terrier
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    The Real Street Thread

    [/url] men's stuff by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] in Zagreb, Croatia
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    Architecture image thread

    [/url] new kind of vision by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] ograda by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] ograda-2 by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG]
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    The Real Street Thread

    Thnx, glad you like it. In fact, I am not "streetshooter", I like abstract photos or landscapes..anything WITHOUT people. But, at OnlinePhoto I read the article with conclusion: if you want learn and be better photographer, you must picture something you DONT like (or know). So, I decide to...
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    What are you reading?

    Now I'am reading 2 books: Chris Hedges - Empire of Illusion:the End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle Jonathan Franzen - Freedom Before that: Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine : excellent book
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    [/url] cvit by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG]
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    What do you do...?

    [/url] me myself and I by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] Civil engineer Almost every day at dirt (but I like it ;)
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    Architecture image thread

    [/url] nebo aluminij brački by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] nebo aluminij brački 2 by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] Zadar
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    The Other Side of The Lens: Challenge!

    [/url] me myself and I by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] This is me, on my (almost) every day job. I am glad to be part of this comunity :))
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    Lens Recommendation Please

    As a civil engineer, I suggest you Oly 9-18 because it is much smaller, and for the work in dust (which is normal everyday condition) you need UV-filter for lens protection, also with shade (on Pany 7-14 you can't put it). The lens is also very sharp. I have E-P1 with in-body stabilisation...
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    Architecture image thread

    [/url] oz-3 by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] Zadar
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    Architecture image thread

    [/url] oz-4 by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] Zadar
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    Architecture image thread

    [/url] tribute to mondrian by bernard [o], on Flickr[/IMG] Tribute to Mondrian - Zadar
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    Show "Reflections"

    <a href="" title="refleksija by bernard [o], on Flickr">"1024" height="683" alt="refleksija" /></a>
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    Cropping Photos

    Every shot I crop two times: first crop is best for picture, and I dont care for ratios, and second (if picture is really good) on 16 : 10 ratio - on monitor, like wallpaper. Why I crop? simply because of vertical and horizontal lines ...
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    A new Olympus EP3 rumor!

    I read somewhere that somebody seen (in Atlanta if I remember well) unusual Olympus, but with modular design... It is posible E-P3 with modular adapter for 43 lens (like Ricoh made) ... just thinking...
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    Why do you take photographs?

    I want to show the world through my eyes... like the last words of android in 'Bladerunner' (after that movie I buy a camera and start with photography)
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    Poor-man's EVF for the E-P1

    I also received 'ClearViewer' for my E-P1 two days before. It is sooo much better and easier focusing. Very useful product, specialy for tele zooms (like 70-300mm) :)
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    Hello from Croatia

    Zadar is coastal, cca 300 km from Dubrovnik, about 3000 years old :)
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    Hello from Croatia

    Hi, my name is Bernard and I live in Biograd (near Zadar) in Croatia. I bought E-P1 a year ago and my photographs became much better. Anyway, glad to be here Sorry for my bad english :)
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