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    Olympus 12-40mm not fragile by the industry standards

    Very informative. I worked for a camera retailer for many years and sold both metal and plastic mount lenses. Other than appearance, I don't think the plastic were any less reliable. If the lens mounts were indestructable, it would result in many more broken camera bodies.
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    Please bear with me, 12-35 Panny or 12-40 Oly?

    I have that focus ring on my 17 also and love it. Prefocus with AF then slide the ring back for a subject at a fixed distance. I would also say, however, that the IS in the Panny lens is probably more effective than the GX7 but I haven't played with them. I have used the 12-35 on my EM5 and it...
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    gx7: 17mm vs 20mm II

    The 17 1.8 is my bread and butter lens on my EM5 and I really like it, but I can't for the life of me figure out why Panasonic would not improve the focusing on that 20 when they came out with the new model. That is the only thing that needed changing in my view. A lens of that size and optical...
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    M4/3 to Fuji and back?

    Great thread folks. I have been contemplating adding a Fuji to the mix but after reading this I am reconsidering.
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    Which to buy this week? Oly 12-40mm or 12mm & 17mm/45mm

    I own the new 17 and love it, but I am considering selling a few lenses (45, 12-50) and getting the 12-40. It is such a versatile option. If you did that and kept the Pany 25 for a low light option and some of those other brand primes it would make a nice kit. I don't think you lose either way.
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    EPM2 vs. EPL5

    I agree - I have an EPM2 and love it but for that little bit of difference in price, the tilt screen and Myset settings would be worth it.
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    17 f1.8 vs 25

    Both good lenses but I use the 17. It's plenty sharp and just handles like a dream. Also like the clutch manual focus mechanism
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    Micro 4/3 Holy Trinity

    A lot of good suggestions, depending on your personal needs. Think over what focal lengths you gravitated to with your zooms. I currently have the 17 1.8 and 45. The 12, 14, 25 and 75 are all great lenses but I'm going to invest in either the Pany 12-35 or Oly 12-40. I may keep the 17 because I...
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    Should I dump the Oly 12mm now I've got the Oly 12-40mm?

    Let it go and put that toward another lens that you need. The Pany 35-100 is a great lens and you will be pretty set. Also, a faster prime might be a good addition. The 12 prime isn't that much faster than the zoom. Maybe the Pany 25 or the Oly 17 or 45.
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    Model shoot

    Roger, The lenses you have will work fine but a couple of them are a little long on focal length for an in-studio setting. the 60 in particular may not let you move far enough away from your subject and the 55-200 I would think might not be the best. However, the 45 and even the 12-35 should...
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    12-40 IQ vs. primes

    If you are looking for a quality improvement over the primes, I don't think you will find it. However, from what I have read the image quality is also impressive on the zoom. The convenience is a big deal, have roughly comparable image quality in one lens replacing 2-3. In a very low light...
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    Aspect Ratio

    About 75% 4/3, also like square and 16x9. Rarely if ever use 3/2. Shot with digital SLR's and before that 35 mm SLR's and never was a great fan of that format. Also shot 6x4.5 Fuji film cameras and really liked the 4/3 shape for composition. It also crops easily to an 8x10 or 16x20. If I knew I...
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    12-35mm vs 12-40mm size and photo compare

    Same here Mike. I borrowed the 12-35 and 35-100 from a friend to try out before a wedding. The 12-35 is what I was really interested in but ended up using the longer lens more. Very impressive! I did also like the 12-35 though. The close focus on the olympus is what will probably tip me over to...
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    NSFW m4/3 Photos.

    Yes - just figured that out - at work
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    Wrist strap recommendations please

    This is what I use too, very comfortable.
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    Fuji Flu is spreading fast :)

    When I just had an EPM2 and G3 and was contemplating an EM5, I took a look at the Fuji system, particularly the XE1. The image quality is special with that system but I do a fair amount of paid work and that focus system at the time was really dreadful. I know they have improved it and there may...
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    Olympus 12-40 size comparison

    I saw somewhere in the last few days a link comparing the size on the 12-40 to other lenses. It seems like it was on the camera size comparison site I usually use but I went back there and the lens is not offered yet for comparison. I did a search on the forums and google and couldn't find it...
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    Posting pictures of your own children

    Well said Gary. I have four kids and I do post photos occasionally of them but just use good judgement in what I post. I would never post the baby's bathtime photos, etc or anything that I view would embarrass them. You can't let the perverts in this world rule our every decision. If you don't...
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    Wedding Images - Slide Show

    Very nice William, good compositional eye and location. We're you using that body on the coming down the aisle shots and movement etc? I have shot quite a few weddings over the years and I have one booked in November that I will shoot with my EM5. Those movement shots are the only ones I am a...
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    OMD and 17mm f/1.8 - for street and scapes?

    Love my 17. There are quite a few images from it on my flickr page: Flickr: Dan Kane Photography's Photostream
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    what backup body?

    I shoot an EM5 now and have an EPM2 as a backup. However, I used to have a G3 and it was a fine camera and has an EVF, fold out screen and 16 MP sensor. You can get one very cheaply now.
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    What'd You Use Before m4/3s?

    In order as best I remember: Minolta srt100 and 101 Nikon fm2's for newspaper - excellent Nikon 8008 Fuji 645z - loved it, nothing like 6x4.5 chromes Canon A2 Canon 20d Canon 30d Samsung nx100 briefly Olympus pen mini panasonic g3 Epm2 Em5 - really like this one
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    Help, my OM-D just crapped out

    You can change the size of the focus area. If you haven't reassigned the F2 button, a series of presses gets you will get to the magnification. Set that at 14x.
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    Official Olympus EP5 image thread:))

    Love my 17!
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    EPM2/EPL5 issues on P20???

    Get the Oly 17 1.8 - it's a great lens and I've never seen banding on my Em5 or epm2
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    New Olympus zoom

    That thing looks bad to the bone. I hope the tests come back great and I don't have to mortgage the kids to buy it!
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    Power hungry E-PM2?

    My guess is the charger has gone bad. I would try that first. If you have a local camera store that sells Olympus, you could probably go by there and let them charge one of your batteries. That would answer the question. Also, use a pencil eraser and scrub the gold contacts inside the battery...
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    E-M5 ergonomics

    Focus area size I have to say that as an owner of an em5 and epm2, I would prefer the focus area on the em5 could be locked in to the smaller size (like the epm2).However, I have configured the f2 button for the multi function and the first press changes directly to the 14x focus point size -...
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    Is the GX7 designed by Olympus?

    I tend to favor the Olympus products but I think the GX7 looks great. I would really like to see some reviews about the sensor and see it if has made some big strides. If it is equal to the GH3, I think they have a solid winner - maybe even if it doesn't.
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    Sharpness winner between 45-175, 45-200, & 40-150 assuming current firmware today?

    I know you have the 40-150 so you know it is a good lens. That is what I use on my Olympus bodies. However, if I was using a Pany body, I would go with one of the Pany lenses for OIS. It makes quite a difference at that focal length.
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    O17 1.8 or EOS-M w/22

    I'm not sure where the Canon M system is going. Image quality wise, it would be an improvement over your EPM1 but they are not selling the newest lens in the system in the US, so I'm not sure. Your Olympus is a mature system and eventually you will be able to get a great sensor in your camera...
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    Lexar card in OMD E M5

    I'm assuming that you had used the card in the same EM5 previously. If so, I can't explain it. It you had it in another camera, even another Olympus, that could create that problem. However, I would think that you wouldn't be able to see them in the camera, not on the computer.
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    Good flash for the OM-D

    I would avoid the Vivitar's - they are not the same company that made the very rugged flashes 15-20 years ago. The FL-300 and even the small flash that came with the OMD will work pretty well for fill flash. Those demands are not real high. I have a Metz 50 and it is a powerful flash for the...
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    Good flash for the OM-D

    I have the Metz 50 and after the last firmware update, it will operate in RC mode. It's a little on the large side but has plenty of power. I also use it as a backlight when I set up my studio and it works great for that (manual of course).
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    What are you listening to?

    Sonny Landreth, Little Feat, needtobreathe
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    Best mini camera bag for the ep5 or epl5 with 2 lenses ?

    I love this bag, I carry OMD, EPM2, 17 mm 1.8, 40-150, 45 mm Oly and sometimes the 12-50 and it all fits in. Lowepro | Passport Slingâ„¢
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    Olympus Camera History

    Worked for Wolf Camera from 1989-2002 and sold quite a few of those. The Original Stylus was a great camera with a very sharp and fast 35mm lens. A lot of wonderful products!
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    One lens only

    Frans - great image! You and your family will cherish this one for the rest of your life. If you have more children, the tendancy is to shoot less and less with each child - fight that tendency!
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    Sigma 19&30mm or sigma 19&60mm for wedding

    I wouldn't recommend shooting a wedding, particularly if you aren't experienced at them, with two primes. Even a kit zoom would be preferable because you can't move closer or farther away many times during a ceremony. Nothing wrong with any of the Sigma's, but some kind of zoom would be helpful...
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    Op/Tech mini QD loops with EPL2 strap?

    I also use both of the above. Love the wrist strap but not so much the neck strap. The cords get tangled when I store the neck strap in my bag.
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    Nice Photography Blog That's Not (IMHO) Overly Saturated With Gear

    I read that too. Good content and photography.
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    Regardless the price, any other reasons for choosing 45mm over 75mm

    Working distance. In a studio setting the 45 is sometimes tight. I haven't shot with the 75 and it sounds crazy good, but for studio, I can't imagine it working in a small studio setting.
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    Olympus 17mm f/1.8 DxOMark

    I've had the lens for about 6 months and really like it. It is on my OMD or EPM2 pretty much at all times. Looks great and performs very well.
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    Those X cameras are pretty sweet, however, they are less weather resistant than your EM5
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    Ditching Canoln 6D for OMD for mainly portrait work - convince me

    Mat, I really enjoyed your blog on the em5 in pro situations. It reflects what I have also found with a lot of excellent images. It is a very fair review that points out the benefits and shortcomings both. Thanks for the posts!
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    I have no words...

    That's right, you reap what you sow. OP post really blessed me today!
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    Olympus US doesn't do their own their own repairs

    I was with a camera chain years ago and their repairs went to another vendor called Camtronics in Atlanta, at that time. It isn't too unusual for manufacturers to do that. The advantage is that company probably works on other brands as well for a more stable business volume
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    E-PM2 Image Thread

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