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    mabuhay (welcome) from singapore

    hi rohani.... pinoy here...
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    Should I sell my E-P1 for an EPL-1?

    wow..... now I can see that the sealing really works.... nice capture... thanks brian...
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    Which digital camera(s) do/did you own?

    for the kodak DC200ir > wow!
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    Which digital camera(s) do/did you own?

    Canon 5d Pentax K10D Pentax IsDL Canon 30D Canon 40D Olympus E-P1 Canon point and shoot (already forgot the model) Cheers!
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    Should I sell my E-P1 for an EPL-1?

    brian. I really like to see the full image of your avatar.... looks interesting.... please...
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    Should I sell my E-P1 for an EPL-1?

    Thanks guys.... @ brian... the shutter speed of 1/2000 sec is the drawback. I need more than that when shooting models on the beach at daylight (which I often do). But I think ND filters will solve the prob... will see... Im planning to sell my DSLR and get the E-P2 instead..
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    Should I sell my E-P1 for an EPL-1?

    Hi guys. Need your advice guys.... Should I sell my E-P1 for an EPL-1? I've been doing alot of videos with my e-p1 and I find the need to have manual control with my video exposure to achive what I want. The E-P1 is a true beauty. To be honest, I love it more than my old DSLR. Its very...
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    hi. Its already sol... sorry... Never thought that alot would be interested with that lens. I...

    hi. Its already sol... sorry... Never thought that alot would be interested with that lens. I sold it for $167
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    Suggestion Box

    Suggestion thread: "Follow the Leader". Its a thread showing how you shot/processed a picture. I just got it from another forum (however, they have a different thread title). But I think the thread idea is great way to share what we know.
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    Photos that inspire or move us

    I was inspired to take photographs because of my love for poetry. When I was still a kid I love looking at pictures and make poems using those pictures. Cheers!!
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    Showcase Olympus 50mm f/1.4 OM

    hows the performance of OM 50mm f1.4? i just got the adapter for e-p1.
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    Great Article on street photography

    I still remember... This article made me buy a film camera...
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    To owners of both GF1 and EP1/2 - why own both?

    I'll definitely get an iPaD.....
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    [EXPIRED] FT: Olympus E-P1 and canon FD 55mm f1.2

    its mint. pm me your postal code. I'll check with my personal courier if they have a branch in UK. I usually i ship in US at low cost (and fast). UK is another story. I can ship it at a low price but I'll use our local post which I do not trust.
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    [EXPIRED] FT: Olympus E-P1 and canon FD 55mm f1.2

    Hi guys, Trading my oly e-p1 body + canon FD 55mm f1.2 lens for an e-p2. The body is in great condition and no hidden defects. The canon lens is in mint condition. does not include FD - m4/3 adapter.
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    Simply stupid

    hmm... I like the lens baby effect of the lens.
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    Flash/Strobist thread...

    hi ahuyevshi, can you give me some links of the chinese products you had tested? thanks. Yes it has. yep, it will only trigger the 301-p receiver.
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    Flash/Strobist thread...

    hi steven, I just got the c301-p and it works great along with my HK made flash. what I need is a device for e-p1 which will trigger strobes. Im sure the pocket wizard can do that.. .but I can't afford it.
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    Flash/Strobist thread...

    Tom. The RF-602. You mean you can fire strobes using this with e-p1?
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    Flash/Strobist thread...

    Im really learning alot..stevens. your refering to pocket wizard plus II ryt?
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    Flash/Strobist thread...

    Thanks... he has really nice set. Once again, thanks BBW. I was expecting you actually. thank you very much.:smile:
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    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    You have great lens collection chalk.... I love rf lenses... they look cool and perform well.
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    Finally pulled the trigger....

    Hi pushbutton. Welcome. Cn't wait to see your photos... especially those taken with panny 20mm... "drooling for that lens"...
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    Western Michigander Says Hello!

    Welcome kevin.... you'll like this forum the way that I did... Congratz with your new camera..
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    Flash/Strobist thread...

    E-P1/2 strobist Hi guys. (Sorry mods, I can't find a thread here regarding strobes). I just signed up for a workshop that will be held this saturday. I actually thought that the workshop was for basic photography workshop (and I was so excited).. however, it turned out that its a portraiture...
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    Thanks BillN. Glad you liked it.:smile:
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    Thanks pusbutton. You made me smile:smile:. I think the e-p2 would be more appropriate for video as you can use manual settings in video mode. Thank you very much. Enjoy your you camera. Its a great lil camera..
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    Noktor 50mm f0.95 first look by Steve Huff

    thanks for sharing noodlehaus.
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Why are you posting great shots??!!! huhu.. I can't believe I still don't have this great lens... "drooling"...... now I need to save more... and might as well skip my dinner.
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    Olympus E-P cases, half cases, body jackets

    wow.... sorry... been dreamin to have a leather jacket for my e-p1... can't afford it yet... thanks for sharing... "now drooling"
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    Oly 14-42 lens question ?

    Im not quite sure what your trying ask... but here it goes... the lens expansion/retraction is basically the signal of the body to lens that the lens is already connected to the body (based on my analysis). As regards to the manual thing.. its not a totally manual lens since the aperture and...
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    [EXPIRED] Canon FD 55mm f1.2 lens (chrome) MINT

    Just to note that its the chrome version. Meaning the first canon fd 55mm f1.2 lens. Which is the hardest to find among the FD 55mm f1.2 lens group (based on my research). Im not asking for too much so might as well pm me and make your reasonable offer. Thanks.!
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    [EXPIRED] Canon FD 55mm f1.2 lens (chrome) MINT

    Anyone interested with my Canon FD 55mm f1.2 lens? I haven't used it yet with my m43 camera since I don't have an adapter yet. Its in mint condition and Its currently at my personal camera repair man for cleaning services (it has some few dust inside). It feels and looks new. It includes the...
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    I feel comfortable with this forum.... I like the people here.... members talk (reply/chat.. wateva) with respect... and you don't need expensive gears to earn that... :smile:
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    I just want to promote this forum.... Thanks!!!
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    Just like to ask if I could put a link of this forum in every video I will make? Is that ok?
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    Thanks BBW!! I'll make more videos!! Im really having fun with my e-p1...Glad you liked it. Thanks brian....
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    Not yet heard of it,... I'll download it and we'll see... thanks pete...
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    New E-p1 Video - Trailer only

    Hi guys. Just posted a trailer video of our trip to an event here in philippines. Its a short trailer... Let me know your thoughts.... The actual video is in progress... Im havin a hard time what song to put with the video.
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    Very Rare Bird! (Updated to Very Rare Animals) C'mon, add yours?

    haha... you made me smile.
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    new adaptor rumor - focal length reduction but light amplification

    So I better stop selling my old fd lenses... mmm... looks like the price of fd f1.2 lenses will increase..... Good stuff.... I wonder how much would they sell it.
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    exposure lock on e-p1/e-p2 video?

    yep. Been thinkin of gettin the 5dmk2 mainly for video. however, its still expensive..... better reduce my breakfast and lunch and get the e-p2.
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    exposure lock on e-p1/e-p2 video?

    uhhhgg.... hmmm... now im thinkin of selling my e-p1 and get an e-p2. but the e-p1 is such a great lookin camera... but i need manual exposure... thanks brian.. ur always a big help.
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    exposure lock on e-p1/e-p2 video?

    Hi guys. Just want to ask if you know how to lock the exposure on video mode? Im using the e-p1. thanks.
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    Random flowers next to parking lot.

    Very nice. now can't wait to get my adapter.
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    Olympus at PMA 2010 + Mirrorless E series

    PMA this year is crazy... lots of new stuff with new technology...
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    Sony shows EVIL competition...

    yeh.. no hotsoe = dealbreaker (atleast for me)
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    Critique please

    Hi F1L1P, Im not either qualified to critique this photo but I'll try (noob style) (i will just try.. not really good at this). First, the composition. You could have changed your angle by framing the front-left-side angle of the statue and zoom out. Another way is to shoot from below and...
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    Sony shows EVIL competition...

    Definitely a serious competition... and to think the it will come with the new sony sensor.... and below $1000...
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