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    Pen-F for shooting "Holi Festival" photos. Lens choices?

    Dude, I hope you realize that if you want to capture the scene up close, there is no "out of the way" place. It's chaos. And joy. And a carefree expression of the start of spring. The color powder is very fine and people can also mix it with water. Highly recommend you not try to change lenses...
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    Does the EM-10 have an improved EVF over the EM-5

    I have the E-M5 and the E-M10. The resolution might be the same but the E-M10 EVF seems to give a clearer image because of the adaptive luminance (as it's called in the menu). You can turn that off if you wish. The E-M10 image feels more "natural", the E-M5 image feels slightly more "punchier"...
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    The acid test - who's going to upgrade to the E-M5 ii ?

    That could quite possibly be the sad marketing reality. People focus on 'sensor' and 'processor'. Just count the number of posts on this forum saying "not interested" because it doesn't have a "new" sensor, although you are quite likely to see improvements because of other changes. If the...
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    The acid test - who's going to upgrade to the E-M5 ii ?

    I wonder if this is really the case or the changes are more substantial but Oly doesn't want to say so for fear of damaging the E-M1. Firmware updates can allow the same engine to process a 40 megapixel image (instead of 16) by taking more time and memory for the operation. But it's hard to go...
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    Newb question...what is the difference between Oly Pro lenses and regular lenses?

    This is kind of like asking - what's the difference between a Toyota and a Lexus when both can go at 70 mph? :) The PRO lenses are targeted to a more discerning and demanding photographer. The 12-40 is all metal, weather sealed and has some exotic glass elements. That little detail about "a...
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    Comet Lovejoy

    Hi, I can't give you an authoritative response as this is the first time I am playing with Regim. I did notice that the final stacked image (which I couldn't save due to Regim hanging) wasn't showing the increased dynamic range over individual pictures that I wanted to see. Also, I didn't get...
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    Comet Lovejoy

    This is a stack of 9 images taken with the E-M10 and Oly 75mm. Processed the frames in 'regim' but couldn't get it to auto-align them or spit out a file (program hangs). So aligned manually, ran regim and then merged the intermediate regim output files using pixelmator. ISO 1600, f/1.8, 3.2s...
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    Coming Soon ..... Superb First Impressions of My New E-M10 vs My Old E-M5

    The E-M10 in many ways is a refined E-M5. In addition to the many big feature additions, the firmware has many refinements over the E-M5, many of which are not openly listed in any spec sheet. I haven't come across a comparison that captures every little difference, and a typical reviewer is...
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    Interesting places in California to photograph and sight seeing - any suggestions ?

    In LA 1) Santa Monica Pier. 2) Griffith Observatory. And then run like hell. PCH 1) Hearst Castle 2) Santa Barbara - Old Mission 3) Big Sur. Plan to spend a day/night here, drive slowly. 4) Pacific Grove 5) Carmel - Mission and take along the coast. 6) Pebble beach drive around...
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    Some help please.

    This is how I would do it: D7100 w/ 24-70. E-M10 w/ 45. Rationale - Need one camera for group shots another for candid close ups. You don't have a true wide for the Oly or a good flash option, so you have to use it for available light close ups. The 45 f/1.8 is perfect for this. That...
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    Today only at B&H: Apple MacBook Pro Retina: Core i7 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD $1449 + Free Overnight Shipp

    This is a good price. Should bear in mind though that the $500 off is with respect to the original sale price in 2013. A comparable refurbished unit from Apple goes for $1599 + tax today. New units in this specific configuration are not available. The current Macbook Pro models were updated in...
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    E-M5 II sensor rumor

    It's cool that Oly engineers are finding new uses for IBIS. It will be interesting to see how much they extend other complementary components like the shutter (electronic?) and the truepic processing pipeline. That will determine where this "hi Rez mode" can be used.
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    What lenses should I buy for Olympus E-M1

    You are asking a question where this is no single correct answer, and the responses you see here will be biased to individual tastes. It really boils down to what works for you and even that will change over time as your tastes adapt and develop. As others have said, play with different focal...
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    EM-1 digital tele-converter

    Is there a difference in metering? Does it meter on the cropped image or the full image? ~W
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    You should check out the bling accents popular in east Asia for mobile phones. This is an extension. You (we) are not the target audience and won't get it :)
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    E-PL7 Coming Soon...

    Taken in isolation, this is a good camera. But doesn't look like Oly has learned any lessons on how to rationalize their product lineup and naming. :(
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    Is shutter shock a deal breaker for you?

    Another possibility is that your camera simply has a bad shutter. Happens. If you can isolate the problem to the body, get it checked out along with the ibis.
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    Is shutter shock a deal breaker for you?

    To the op: The e-m5 does not have the same shutter assembly as the e-p5 or the e-m1 or the other pens. The shutter sound is very different. The p5 and the m1 shutters are "lighter" to support 1/8000 and this likely makes them more prone to shutter shock. Their issue is well documented through...
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    Camera durability in the bag or backpack

    Having a camera sit around on a side seat is likely less damaging than having it swim around in a back pack. All it takes is one tryst with a sharp object, like a bunch of keys, to scratch any of the softer surfaces. But hey, its your gear and your money. Ultimately, you have to decide what...
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    Camera durability in the bag or backpack

    Agreed. We should either totally baby expensive stuff or (ab)use it with abandon. There is no middle ground.
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    Camera durability in the bag or backpack

    A naked camera will pick up scratches, paint dings and nicks. If you are okay with that, go for it. Its unlikely to cause major damage but it will reduce the resale value of the camera. An alternative to a separate bag would be a soft padded wrap for the camera.
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    upcoming Oly 40-150 f2.8 or ....

    Use spot metering w/ exposure compensation as noted above. The 40-150 f4/5.6 won't be a good choice. Try the 75, 45 or 35-100 f/2.8. Or a bright legacy MF zoom/prime if you are okay with MF.
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    Is shutter shock a deal breaker for you?

    Short answer - no. Long answer - what shutter shock? Seriously.
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    Olympus omd em-10 setup question

    The e-m5 guide should help as both have a similar button layout and same sensor. The firmware on the e-m10 has many refined options over the e-m5, but you can discover those over time.
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    Lightroom 5.6 is out and about

    Adobe dng converter is free and does bulk conversion. Then move/import the dng files to lr4.
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    Is everyone abandoning the PL25?

    Keep in mind that there were no options for the PL25 for a long time, so a lot of people ponied up for it. Now there are at least five.. O25, O17, O12-40, V25, V17. It would not be surprising if someone preferred an alternative that matched their style. The O25 is new, so it will be a while...
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    VSCO vs NIK

    I got Ratcliffe's plugins in a moment of weakness. They have their pluses and minuses, depending on how much you like to cook your image. And it goes without seeing that Ratcliffe likes to cook. The presets seem better suited for landscapes, not surprising since that's what he does. There are...
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    OMD EM5 firmware update?

    There have been noises that a firmware is in the works that will add focus peaking and an improved EVF overlay. Who knows... I think it will depend on where the omd and pen product lines are going. If the e-m5 replacement has many worthwhile differences, then Oly might consider throwing a bone...
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    Replace my Pany G6 with ?

    Shutter shock is available on the e-m10? I must be doing something wrong because I haven't seen this feature at work yet. Same for the e-m5. There are threads with people claiming that it has this feature. After two years of shooting with it, I don't think I can claim that any of my pictures...
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    Decided ... almost

    The resolution of both evfs is 1.44 mpixel but the em10 has automatic brightness control. I found it does make a difference and appears 'cleaner'. The em10 also has a slightly higher rez LCD on the back. About the ergonomics - the two are very close, check out the size and weight numbers...
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    E-PM1 color rendering

    One more thing that someone else also alluded to - Oly JPEGs over saturate red and orange and if they are dominant in a picture, you may get an orange cast on everything. The only option is to process raw in such a case. And another setting - make sure the gradation is set to normal not auto...
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    Decided ... almost

    The e-m10 has a slightly better viewfinder than the e-m5, the difference is certainly noticeable. The firmware on the e-m10 is also more refined than the e-m5 and there are many small enhancements that are typically not noted in online reviews. Case in point, the raw reprocessing controls are...
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    E-PM1 color rendering

    Olympus JPEGs tend to have punchier colors than Canon or Nikon and your friend may be noticing that. The E-PM1 actually has very nice color rendition as long as light isn't too low. My typical settings used to be: -warm color off -natural mode (not I-enhance) -highlights -1 -shadows +1 -white...
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    Anyone else have problems with a new OMD EM10?

    Got it from Adorama a month ago. No issues so far. Interestingly, the camera had the date, gear menu and super control panel enabled out of the box. Its possible that they tested the unit before sending it, one of the advantages of buying from a dedicated photo store over a big virtual box like...
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    G.A.S. Attack: or E-M10 vs. A7 as a Body Upgrade?

    Let's leave aside the photographer's skill for a second. I am admittedly more familiar with the E-M10 (and Olympus cameras) than she was with her new A7. The A7 was like a Ferrari with cheap tires (lens) and the occasional gear box slip (the AF locked up a couple of times, the camera gave an...
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    G.A.S. Attack: or E-M10 vs. A7 as a Body Upgrade?

    So I bumped into a friend at a July 4th party. I had a spanking new e-m10 in my bag and she had a spanking new A7 in hers. She had the 24-70 kit lens, I had the Oly 75 and the 12-40. Let's just say, she went back envious, I went home smiling. The A7 is clearly the technically superior...
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    Pulled the trigger on a used E-M1.

    Are you trying to get us to justify why one body is enough? If so, you are asking the wrong crowd. :) If you plan to shoot events, you will need multiple bodies. You can't change lenses and need two bodies to cover wide and tele ranges. Or you need one as a backup; it's usually not possible to...
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    Dummy Battery/DC Coupler

    The e-m10 battery cover also has the same rubber tab that someone mentioned is present in the stylus. So clearly the camera has been designed to accept a dummy battery coupler. Here's a crappy cell phone pic:
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    2 Questions Flash

    +1 for the yongnuo 560 iii if you do manual flash. Only negative is size in comparison to the m43 bodies, if you do on-camera flash.
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    Bags and more bags

    Looking for something similar here, but no luck yet. The larger bags are built for DSLRs and too deep. Can't easily use the depth for the smaller bodies and lenses. Checked out a local camera store and they suggested a backpack with partitions. I am considering getting a general laptop...
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    Give me a good reason...

    Have you considered an E-M10? Think of it as a refined E-M5 with some of the new goodies in the E-M1. 3-axis v/s 5-axis IBIS is not a big difference. And there will be money left over for the 12-40 or primes.
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    EM5 for EM10 and some thoughts.

    What kind of dust level are you thinking about? It's not like the camera has open holes or cracks to let in the breeze and dust during common use. The main way to get in dust would be while changing lenses. On the other hand if you regularly travel in extreme dusty, wet, salty, humid, cold...
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    New lens dilemma

    The Pana 12-35 (or the Oly 12-40 more so) are workhorse lenses. It's the one lens solution that covers most common shooting scenarios with excellent performance. Suffice it to say, you will notice the difference compared to the kit lens. The primes will be a tad better, but not by a vast margin...
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    4/3 fisheye for $189

    Going by the picture showing this lens mounted on the nex, the native rokinon/samyang/bower version is 1/3 or even 1/4 the size. Highly recommend the native one. Very easy to carry around and optically excellent.
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    Olympus E-PM2 White w/ 14-42mm $199 on eBay/Newegg (It's back)

    Pricing tricks methinks. Set low price. Offload at-cost inventory at low margin. Create buzz and get attention from bloggers. Bump price up, sell to any stragglers who see a good price in comparison to msrp. Create anguish in the hearts of those who didn't jump on the deal. Offer at lower...
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    Wishlist for the E-M5 replacement (E-M5 II?)

    There's a big price difference between the em10 and em1. Marketing folks abhor such gaps, as much as nature abhors a vacuum. If they decide to support 3 omd models: The only thing they need to do is add wifi and true pic 7 to the em5 and update firmware to match em10. That slots the em5 mk2...
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    AMD vs. Intel for everyday photo editing

    True, integrated graphics have improved considerably in the last two years, to the point they are actually usable. But you do notice the difference the moment you try a system with a mid range dedicated card. Also depends on what software/filters you are running.
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    AMD vs. Intel for everyday photo editing

    As long as you are looking at comparable 64b CPUs, it will make no real world difference. Of course, if you compare a desktop CPU from one and a laptop CPU from the other, the desktop CPU will very likely smoke the other. Literally. You are better off spending the money on more RAM, a decent...
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    In-Camera JPEG Cropping?

    Is there any way to crop to an arbitrary aspect ratio and size? As far as I can make out, you have to first change the aspect ratio to what you want and then pick from one of the few size options available. How do you incrementally change the size of the bounding box?
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