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    Olympus Service in Europe

    My Pen Fs card slot bacame unusable. Relying on the brilliant Norwegian consumer protection laws, the 3 year old camera was supposed to be usable up to 5 years after purchase, so, my preferred shop took it in, had it rapidly fixed at no cost while i got a replacement in the meantime...
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    EM10/2 card slot problem

    Norwegian consumer protection is quite strong.5 years guarantee for a product that is supposed to last the course. The card stuck in my 3years old Pen F and it was fixed for free. The shop where I bought it even provided a loan camera without charging. Excellent service. p.
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    The zeiss 100-300 and the leitz apomacro elmarit are not that old- and entirely able to keep up with the current m43 offerings, but exact focussing is necessary. Also when there is not much light, i use the shcneider 0,95 which has a paper thin plane of focus, so a stationary 14x magnification...
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    Yes, definitely, you have diagnosed the fault. The purpose of focus magnification -as far as I am concerned, is to reliably focus on one exact point, then compose. Even if doing it the other way around, a moving spot prevents focusing properly. When it occurs one has to fiddle around with...
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    Again, thanks for your optimistic efforts. Both of those settings as well as the "scene menu" settings have always been off. So even when you are using focus magnification your frame stays put? I hoped that a firmware hack might delete the movement.
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    Thanks for your efforts. Buttons still move the square l\r\u\d. even after unticking the SCR setting. Very strange that yours has a stationary focus/enlargement/light measuring point. Good advice to untick it: it clutters up the frame. I do not use the many buttons, only occasionaly use the +-...
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    1.Screen folded away, not in use, invisible picture. 2. Always use viewfinder 3.four arrows: off 4 targeting pad: off
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    Mysterious. Thanks for advice. Here is a summary of settings: I use the Pen F as I would use my old M6, so normally I have the screen closed. It is only in use to set the menu, not while taking photographs (except on a tripod or with peculiar angles). Auto ISO limited to 1000 so as to avoid...
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    Thanks, I just rechecked, the arrows were already set to "off" . Repeated the setting and the frame still moves on my Pen F (firmware 3,0) A simple firmware fix or glue still seem to be needed. p.
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    New Olympus OM-D Teaser Trailer

    New kit keeps the company alive, but a very simple firmware update to the PenF making it possible to totally disable the round dial on the back would also be worth paying for. p.
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    Will there be an PenF II?

    It seems that Olympus cannot manage to make a firmware update with an option to fix the enlargement square in the middle for those of us who use manual lenses. I wish for a "poor-mans version". No screen, just the look-through viewfinder. No filming option. No jpeg engine. No autofocus. No...
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    Cannot stop focus point moving on Pen F (when using Magnify)

    Olympus seems incapable -or unwilling - to introduce a setting on the Pen F that will fix the position of the center focus-frame in the middle. This will enable focus magnification and light metering with manual lenses to be made exactly where needed without faffing around with buttons when...
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    Question on lens adapters and focal length

    Possibly superfluous addiition : the lens itself keeps its focal length. The sensor is half size, so the resulting picture will appear as cut out of a full frame picture. Effective angle , half of the original , so the picture from a 50mm looks like a 100mm, 200mm 400mm etc. Noise etc.increase...
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    Pen F fw2.0 bugs

    A persistent problem with using the otherwise excellent Pen-F with longer manual optics, is that there is no way to either totally disable the control wheel or to permanently fix the light measuring and focussing frame in the middle. Gripping the camera will easily shift the little green frame...
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    Musings on sensors and sensor sizes

    Amusing dialogues. Roundness does not seem too practical, since silicium bars often start life as cylinders. I presume that the computational issues could be more easily solved by using polar coordinates than by forcing Cartesian ones. p.
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    FourThirds glass worth investing in

    An investment will create value for you; earning on use or subsequent sale, or possibly through equivalent long term enjoyment. A bargain is getting something valuable for less than one would otherwise have given. The 4\3 optics at times qualify as bargains. For use when i do not need a...
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    Exposure compensation on the Pen F

    A pocketable camera tends to get roughly handled when coming out of the pocket. At times I discover too late that my Pen F has had the wrong button set. If not by too much, it can be fixed in the computer by twiddling controls on the raw file, but this is time consuming and annoying. When the...
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    Leica R glass... Users?

    Probably not useful for others, but since you ask. Occasionally I use the R 50\2 which for view angle purposes becomes "70"1,4 with the Speedbooster on MFT. 1,4 plus Olympus stabilization allows slower shutter speeds. This combination is also smalller and lighter than the next step up the...
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    Leica R glass... Users?

    I primarily have Leica R-, some Zeiss C\Y optics (and two ancient OM macros) for use with FF cameras, but find the corresponding Metabones 3/4 speedbooster adapters very good for use with longer lenses on the PenF. The 180mm f3,4 for example is quite compact. It is good enough for my purposes...
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    Why did you choose Olympus MFT?

    Reasons Pen when it first came out: fits in large jacket-pocket, takes all kinds of old manual focus optics, OK raw files PenF: as above plus "Leica style" viewfinder, enlarger focus, higher resolution p.
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    Pen-F Version 2.0 Firmware

    My pen F came back from service with a note stating that it had been cleaned and something looking like an explanation, the fact that it swiches itself off after a certain time- as if they thought that was the problem. No improvement. It still has FW2, cuts out and overheats draining the...
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    Pen-F Version 2.0 Firmware

    Aha, I have not seen this discussed before. This explains a lot & may even provide an excuse for Olympus to produce a useful firmware update. My PenF often occasionally stopped working after updating Battery out&in again solved it temporarily. Not too much of a problem if photographing...
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    Hand held 50 megapixel high res mode is ... possible

    I once made one snap at HR, no hands, camera resting on rocks. Then one with tripod with extra weight on the cetre hook. Apparently just the little bit wind present was enough to negate the HR advantage when the apparatus was on its own. p.
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    Cannot Install Oly Viewer 3 on Win10

    Mine installs OK, BUT impossible to get it to run in "expert mode". p.
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    New Pen-F firmware available

    Thanks, as for the dial I have set it and kept it at "off", still the focus frame moves.Probably an even better hidden option somewhere in another menu branch. Olympus also does a wifi remote control, but I would like a cabled connection like Canon and possiblysome other Olympus cameras have. p.
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    New Pen-F firmware available

    One must assume that the clamour for change that penetrated Olympus marketing and got on to the technologists was just those few changes. I just updated to 1.1. No problems and all settings were conserved. BUT the changes I had been hoping for were not there. I must admit to not often using...
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    thinking about buying this metabones adapter...

    No experience with Nikon and Metabones ultra speedbooster, but I use the standard Leica R speedbooster version which works very well. I also use a Canon EF to MFT auto adapter without glass, but with lots of electronic translation innards, so Metabones do study their host cameras and provide...
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    Voigtlander Leica M adapter question.

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    Any Problems with the Pen F?

    I use the Pen F because it is smaller than my FF Canon. The small size is useful with compact optics and the smaller sensor is adequate given that Olympus provides proper wide angles. MFT takes all kinds of lenses and has a proper viewfinder instead of Canons rear panel for "live view" that is...
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    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    this question seems to have escaped me, but I presume it is better with a late reply than never. An ordinary Cmount adapter will do, provided that it does not have a raised outer rim . The mount of the Schneider 0,95 is quite wide. As to the appearance: no cosmetic efforts taken before the...
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    In defense of the much-maligned PEN-F Art Filter knob.

    I do not mind the plethora of knobs as long as they can be programmed to do NOTHING. If,you are not careful hen handling the camera, the artfilter sets in at the most inconvenient moments. Usually, unintended effects can be avoided by developing the original file, but having a jpeg is a nice...
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    Anyone using Leica R lenses?

    Addendum: I have now tried several of my Leica R optics with the R to mft Metabones reducer. Excellent results. At the moment the 60\2.8macro is mounted. The 100 ApoMacro also performs well on that device, but is a bit long for handholding unless the light is good. p
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    Anyone using Leica R lenses?

    I use several R optics on film as well as on full frame. When I temporarily lent away my Olympus optics some time ago, I had not taken into account that I do sometimes use the tiny& useful Olympus cameras, so now I use the R 21-35 as a substitute for the kit lens. Too big, hence wasting the...
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    Leicina optivaron 6-66mm

    optivaron in M-mount The mount is sturdy, yes, and Schneiders glass is excellent, but neither the big zoom nor the 10mm Cinegon covers the sensor. Both lenses are, however , quite rare in Leica mount, so as collector items they will be appreciated. p.
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    I measured one of my fattest Dmount lenses, the fastest normal Switar. Its rear ring is about...

    I measured one of my fattest Dmount lenses, the fastest normal Switar. Its rear ring is about 30mm, tapering slightly the last 2mm down to the mounting plane. Given that the m43 bayonet will just allow a bit more than a 30mm opening and that the electrical contacts (which are in the same...
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    Basic question about M4/3 lens geometry

    Not what you had in mind when asking, but there is another important geometrical property: VOLUME. Since Native MFT lenses, as opposed to fullframe or APS-C, are designed to cover a smaller sensor, they do not need large radius bits of glass+ metal or plastic, so they can be made to take up...
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    new firmware needed to realize the promise of legacy lens

    carthago delendum est cannot remember whether it was Plinius the younger or the older who kept repating this at the end of all his speeches, but like him, I wish to repeat myself: the green olympus square must be made to stay put in the middle. And as a bonus, one might also allow the user...
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    new firmware needed to realize the promise of legacy lens

    and eliminate the moving focus point Yes, a magnified centre square for focussing would be most welcome, but a functtion to make the green focus point frame stay put in the centre would be even nicer. When handling the Olympus with one hand, whether using manuals or natives, the focus point...
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    leicina 8mm adapter????

    One of the leica wikis should be able to give you more info, but as far as i recall, the only "leitz" cine lenses that can be mounted on an mft are the 10mm 1,8 cinegon (made by schneider) and the zooms (6-66), also made by schneider. These all have the leica M-mount and cover the super8 format...
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    Adapter for Leitz Macro-Elmarit-R 2,8/60mm (11212)

    on my Olympus pen I use a canon EF adapter plus a LeitzR to Canon adapter for all my Rglass including a 60macro (since i also use a ff canon mount camera). This works well. p.
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    Extreme lenses

    there are some good mirror lenses too zeiss, leitz\minolta, nikon and canon made good ones. the minolta 250mm is particularly small. p.
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    Useful legacy Minolta lens Site...

    try the 250mm catadioptric. 500mm equivalent in a pocket. p.
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    mft custom made helicoids for lens conversions?

    I sign up for a short one. With a m43 to m39 ring, one can adapt enlarging lenses as extremely good macro lenses. p.
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    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    schneider 50mm f/0.95
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    Do you prefer legacy glass to the made for mu-43 lenses?

    some old lenses gather more light, some are longer i only have the olympus kitzoom. It is fine for stuffing in a pocket, reasonably sharp and its angles of view fit my most common shots. BUT some of my older lenses provide much larger apertures, others are longer, so i use 3 or 4 adapters...
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    Suggestion Box

    final suggestion: many of your members may be interested in picking up legacy equipment at camara fairs. These are listed on various websites, but not very consistently. How about a field in the buy&sell part of this site where members may post dates and locations? p.
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    Scanning old stuff

    Old films have wildly different characteristics. It is not just the orange masks of negative films, the density of kodachromes and b&w negs differ from old agfachromes, ektachromes etc. The software should be able to resolve problems if the scanner is up to scratch. I have found a flatbed with...
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    Official EP-1 Firmware Wish List Thread

    probably my limited ability to search for deeply buried menu items, but I want to kill off the ability to move the focussing rectangle by the little black fourway wheel. I use manual focus quite often, use the magnified EVF for focussing and do the final framing later in software. It is all...
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    Suggestion Box

    also; make the "official " suggestions list for software improvements sticky. For my part I have at least one suggestion for EP1 software, but could not easily find the thread. p.
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    Suggestion Box

    another matter; how about making the thread on pictures OF alternative lenses sticky and not just the pictures BY alternative lenses? p.
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