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    Mechanical Noise

    Yes, the focal plane shutter makes mechanical noise when a photo is taken with any micro-four/thirds camera. But not nearly as loud as an SLR with a mirror that must first flip up. If your SLR allows mirror lock-up this probably approximates the amount of sound it makes. Digital cameras with a...
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    GF1 and legacy 43 glass

    What is IBIS? All I can find is a large bird that resembles a stork.
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    Dumb G1 Question

    Please describe what you are seeing in "Quick Menu" mode. When I press the Q. Menu button I still see an image on the LCD and when I press the shutter button half way down the Quick Menu reverts to standard display. I suspect you are instead seeing the LCD Info display. Press the Display...
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    To buy or not to buy?

    First of all, the G1 is being replaced by the G2. But the G2 is not quite available yet. This is probably why a rebate is available for the G1. There aren't a lot of differences between G1 and G2. G2 does video but G1 doesn't. G2 has a touch screen. I suggest you see the review of the G2 at...
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    Official G1 Firmware Wish List Thread

    * One button magnified view focus assist: I suggest the lens release button be assigned this function. The camera knows when you press this button. (Set Shoot W/O Lens = On) In fact, if you press it an icon appears in the lower right corner reminding you that focus assist can be obtained by...
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    Hint for bypassing Auto-Review

    My G1 doesn't let me set the FN button to LCD. Only choices are: [Aspect Ratio] / [Quality] / [Metering Mode] / [I.Exposure] / [Guide Line]. The default was [Metering Mode].
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    Hint for bypassing Auto-Review

    By default, the camera displays the last photo taken for three seconds after each picture is taken. What if you want to take another photo before the three second time-out? One way would be to disable the Auto-Review. I just discovered that if you press the shutter half way down (and then...
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    Has anyone used a 4/3 lens with adpater on a G1 or GF1?

    Thanks. I've been waffling between the Panasonic 45mm f2.8 macro and the Olympus 50mm F2. The Panasonic lens is smaller, lighter, has autofocus and image stabilization but the Olympus lens plus adapter is about the same cost, is sharper, is a stop faster and then I'd have the 4/3 adapter in case...
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    Flash for DMC-GH1

    See previous thread:
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    Has anyone used a 4/3 lens with adpater on a G1 or GF1?

    I am considering buying the Olympus 4/3 50mm macro lens plus the 4/3 to micro 4/3 adapter for my G1. The auto-exposure mode is supposed to work but the lens can only be used in manual focus mode. So I'm wondering if the focus assist works with the lens and adapter combination. That is, when you...
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    New GF1 owner

    The 20mm f1.7 is a fantastic lens. You'll be very happy with it. It's razor sharp even wide open and has more depth of field at wide apertures than you might expect. The f1.7 aperture makes the live view display more usable in available light situations.
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    GF1 Self timer makes two exposures?

    By any chance are you using the Multi-Film mode? I set my G1 to Multi-Film (two different types of film). Without the self-timer it shoots two (or three) photos right after the other using the two (or three) film settings. With the self-timer set to two seconds it waits 2 seconds between each shot.
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    Why a mechanical shutter?

    Before getting my G1 I used an Olympus SP-350 compact digital camera. After watching more carefully as I press the shutter button, I find it has a mechanical shutter after all. But it has a leaf shutter instead of focal plane shutter. Therefore it is virtually silent. The camera lets me choose...
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    Why a mechanical shutter?

    I wonder why :43: cameras, such as the G1, have a mechanical (focal plane) shutter? Compact digital cameras don't need mechanical shutters. Panasonic wouldn't have done this unless it improved some aspect of the camera. How and what?
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    Non-Panasonic Lenses and Adaptors

    I suggest looking instead for your adapter on and go for the least expensive one. I don't think you should invest a lot of money in this adapter because you'll probably not find it all that useful. The diaphragm doesn't stop down automatically when you press the shutter button so...
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    What do you hope for in the G1 replacement?

    I wish there were an option to show frame lines for other aspect ratios but the full 4/3 frame would be saved. Different sized prints tend to have different aspect ratios. Many years ago I (reversibly) modified my Nikon film camera to show the aspect ratio for 8x10 prints. It was quite useful.
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    Which battery?

    Brian, See my earlier post. The (non-Panasonic) battery I got from definitely works with my G1 with (non-rogue) 1.4 firmware.
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    The photo of my cat was taken at ISO 800. This was a jpeg file, not raw. In order to upload the photo to this BB I had to reduce the number of pixels. Doing so reduces the apparent noise because multiple pixels get averaged together. The original file shows somewhat more noise. At one point I...
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Here's one of the first photos I took with my 20mm lens on the G1. This was wide open at f1.7. With the articulating LCD, I was able to hold, aim, and press the shutter button with one hand as I petted our cat with the other.
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    G1 language choice

    I'm wondering, if you were to update your camera's firmware if it would take on the language from the new file?
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    Non-Panasonic Lenses and Adaptors

    Here's a shot I took with the Nikon 50mm f1.8 on my G1, probably at f5.6:
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    Non-Panasonic Lenses and Adaptors

    Taken with Nikkor-P f2.5 105mm lens on a Panasonic Lumix G1 at f5.6 and 1/6 Second on a tripod. Natural light from window on the right. I was curious how well this lens would work on my new G1. I've always been impressed with the sharpness and contrast of this lens when using it on my 35mm film...
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    Non-Panasonic Lenses and Adaptors

    I've got a fair number of older Nikon lenses (manual & auto focus) so I bought the Fotodiox adapter (from to let me try them on my G1. The manual focus lenses work better than the auto-focus because the focus rings are larger and work more smoothly. I can live with the manual focus...
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    Flash choices: FL-14, FL-36, FL-36R and more!

    You should really consider the Olympus FL-36 or FL-36R instead. It doesn't cost that much more and is not that much larger than the FL-14. But it has more than twice the light output, it's flash angle tracks the zoom setting to match angle of view and does bounce flash with an adjustable flash...
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    How do you like your G1?

    I decided I wanted to replace my Olympus SP-350 compact camera because of the number of shots I missed due to the shutter lag of the SP-350. I was also hoping a more modern camera would have less noise at higher ISO settings. Other than the shutter lag, I was very impressed with the quality of...
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    Flash for G1

    I use an Olympus FL-36 (now FL-36R) flash with my G1. When mounted to the G1 it knows it's connected to a Four-Thirds camera and adjusts the flash angle to match the focal length setting of the zoom lens. When I put my ear to the flash I can hear the motor whirring as I zoom in or out. The flash...
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    Which battery?

    I just received a battery from for my G1 (with body firmware version 1.4). My camera works fine with this battery. It cost $22.75 plus $5.16 USPS shipping.
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