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    Share Birds

    <a href="" title="Patos en Fontibre P1020031 por Txomin.gonzalez, en Flickr">"1024" height="669" alt="Patos en Fontibre P1020031"></a>
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    Green Roses
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    FS: Metabones M43 Adapter for GF1 G1 ...

    Hi, I got a metabones Contax G to m4/3 adapter and it works very very well, so thanks. And have you ever though in an adapter from Contax G to Leica M? it should be easy for you, and many people would try it I think
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    Pelican case, should I? And if so what size?

    I like this cases, take a look: Tough Durable Cases, Watertight, Military, Dive & Photographic Equipment Cases - Nanuk
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    EPL2 pics are up!

    I love the new design. I like a lot the rangefinder style that olympus is developing for its cameras.
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    Show Your Bridges

    Bridge at Lierganes, Cantabria, North of Spain Only Gandalf is absent...
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    Showcase Contax 45mm f/2 G Planar

    Contax 45mm + Metabones adapter. My experience I've got the 45mm with metabones adapter. My experience: First day I was 2 hours trying to put the adapter on the lens, but I was't able to do it. Second day I could put it on, after one hour, but it didn't work fine. Third day I was...
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    [EXPIRED] FT: Contax G BLACK 45mm+90mm+Monza´s adapter m43 exchange

    Photos added and prices lowered.
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    Real love

    Because the background color was awful with the pullover...
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    Real love

    All comments are welcome. Thanks a lot.
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    [EXPIRED] FT: Contax G BLACK 45mm+90mm+Monza´s adapter m43 exchange

    3 items condition: Ex+. If you are interested give me your email and I'll send you more photos. I'm in Bilbao, Spain. Possibilities of exchanging 2 lenses+adapter by: x Panasonic 7-14 x M.zuiko 9-18 + 125€ x Zuiko 9-18 + mmf-1(or 2) + 100€ x 525€+shipping Individually: x 45mm 2.0...
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    Varenna, lake Como, Italy

    Here you have a road over the village, but yes, in the lake you've got some places where you only can go by boat.
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    Varenna, lake Como, Italy

    Thanks to all, it's a really wonderfull place for anyone, but for a photographer is dangerous, you've got hundred of photos to choose and that can drive you crazy.:smile::smile:
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    Varenna, lake Como, Italy

    I was a few days there. What a luck!! Please go if you can. GH1+14-140, no HDR, only lightroom.
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    World's Lightest/Most Ridiculous Tripod?

    The tripod wich starts this threath is a Tamrac Zipshot. If I must choose between this tripod and no tripod, I choose the zipshot. If you are (like me) that kind of people that hates taking weight (for me that was the most important reason to join m43 system) this tripod can be exceptional. I've...
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    Share: Trees

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    Iraide 2

    :dash2::dash2::dash2::dash2::dash2: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Iraide 2

    Uf, I must improve my communication skills and my english. I think the photo is lovely ONLY because the baby is lovely, not because it is a good photo. Thanks for all comments
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    Iraide 2

    The photo is taken with the pana 14-140. I thougt it had more depth of field at 114mm f5,6; I had always heard about the great depth of field of the m4/3 but... I don't think is due to the softness of the lens, because the right eye is in focus. Simply I had less depth of field than I though...
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    Iraide 2

    Left eye out of focus, s..t. :frown::frown:
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    Oly 14-54mm vs 14-42mm is it worth the price?

    take care, 14-54 II manteins AF, the 14-54 first version doesn't.
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    GH1: problem with adapters - please Help

    Thanks, thanks, thanks. You both are so fast.
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    GH1: problem with adapters - please Help

    I know I'm a little bit stupid but I can't resolve this and need help: I've just received 2 adapters for m4/3, for zuiko OM and for Contax G, but no one works because I continuosly get the message "Please check that the lens is attached correctly" and the shutter doesn't work. I have set focus...
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    How do you like your Panasonic Lumix 14-140mm lens?

    I'm trying the lens at 140mm and is much better than the reviews say. Two examples:
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    What do you know about this?(Contax adaptor for m43)

    Welcome Monza, nice to see you here.
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    Contax G 45mm F2: diafragm numbers misaligned

    So, thanks to all. I get it.
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    What do you know about this?(Contax adaptor for m43)

    Here you have how the adapter is mounted on an Oly and a Pany. Ummmmmmm, I'm not sure it is very handy. YouTube - contax
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    What do you know about this?(Contax adaptor for m43)

    Yesterday I was noticed the same.
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    Contax G 45mm F2: diafragm numbers misaligned

    With diafragm full opened, it is betwen 5,6 and 8, and when I full close, it goes some clicks after 16. Is it normal? I'm waiting the adapter, so I can't try it.
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    Hi from Bilbao, Spain

    Thanks to all, it was a surprising wellcome.
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    What do you know about this?(Contax adaptor for m43)

    I ordered one too and the communication by mail was fast and clear. Good sensations.
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    A photo from my 1st day with my GH1+14-140

    32mm, 1/320, f5.6, ISO 100
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    A photo from my 1st day with the GH1+14-140

    140mm, 1/320, f8 hand held.
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    Contax G 28mm f/2.8 to m4/3

    Thanks a lot Cosinaphile for all the information. I think I'll get the Monza. Txomin
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    Contax G 28mm f/2.8 to m4/3

    And works it fine?, Are good those lenses in a m4/3? Could you tell me where could I get the rf and the extra gear?
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    Contax G 28mm f/2.8 to m4/3

    Here you can read that cutting the plastics, the lens will fit to a m4/3 camera with this adapter: Has anyone tried this...
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    Pany AG-AF100

    Maybe with the 14-140 you've got for allmost all... excepting for indoors maybe.
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    Hi from Bilbao, Spain

    Hi, my name is Txomin and live in Bilbao, Spain. I've just sold out all my Canon Gear (40d, tokina 12-24, tamron 28-75...) because I was tired of taking so much weight and I'm just waiting for a GH1. It will take about 8 or 10 days to arrive. And now I'm thinking about lenses...
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