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  1. Halaking

    COMPLETED For Sale: New Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Digital Camera | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? New Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Digital Camera What are your prices? $475-->$460-->$450--> $435 final reduction Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to ship? CONUS Description New price...
  2. Halaking

    E-M1 mkII now available for pre-order: $1,999 in the US

    problem solved. I was thinking getting EM1M2 + some Pro zooms, now I'm going to stay with my EM5M2 + bunch of primes.
  3. Halaking

    Sony A6500

    Every time I got interest of their cameras like A6000, 6300 and 6500, I cool off after APS-C E mount lenses research.
  4. Halaking

    Is it me, or are things quiet around here...?

    I just found out that I don't have any passions in photography, I haven't pick up my camera for 3 weeks.
  5. Halaking

    Just switched to Olympus - should I switch to Olympus only lenses?

    I also using Olympus bodies and mix of Olympus/Panasonic lenses, not a problem.
  6. Halaking

    Abstract Nature Photos

    OMD50410-2 by Morris Ting, on Flickr
  7. Halaking

    Wait a minute... GX85 is only 3-axis IBIS??

    We need a new topic! 5 axis is so old...
  8. Halaking

    Sharp pocketable compact?

    I thought about the same thing what tkbslc's comment. Lower end compact cameras do not better than my iphone, higher end compact cameras are expensive, like RX100 m4 cost over $900, you can get new EM1/EM5 II for that price and use your own lenses. I was thinking selling my EM5 when I got my...
  9. Halaking

    Sold Out - Promaster 7500EDF Olympus Compatible TTL Flash - $19.99 Free Shipping

    I just got one of these for $35 last month, I thought I had good deal. Basically it works great with my EM5 I/II, I also have FL600R witch is smaller size and less power than Promaster, I'm thinking get the 2nd one at this price. Great deal, thanks!
  10. Halaking

    Imported GX8 (Non-USA models) ?

    Most imported Panasonic cameras's video are PAL not NTSC, it is no way to change from what I read.
  11. Halaking

    Lightroom and Raw from the OM-D E-1

    Now you can use EM1 wtih 4/3 adapter for all your 4/3 lenses.
  12. Halaking

    New E-M5 body at B&H for $399!

    No 0 sec for EM5, but 1/8 sec is working great too.
  13. Halaking

    GX8 dpr Review Better Late Than Never !

    If you're talking about the video, the G7 doesn't have in-body IS, 25 1.8 is worse than 14-140 4k handhold, hand shake did make difference. Maybe it just me, I'm a newbie on video.:oops:
  14. Halaking

    GX8 dpr Review Better Late Than Never !

    From my G7 experience, handhold 4k video using Panasonic 14-140 IS lens is much burr than Olympus handhold 1080p, it's much sharp video when G7 on tripod.
  15. Halaking

    Clicking sound from 17f1.8 while recording video

    I remember a thread about this 2 years ago, many users sent it in for warranty, I don't think the problems is fixed.
  16. Halaking

    Pen-F confuses me

    Hi Don Great B&W, the Airstrem is very elegant, I image that having Airstrem and Pen-F in the nature is a wonderful joy in life.
  17. Halaking

    Going wrong - How do you pros do it?

    Stop down aperture and use a flash.
  18. Halaking

    COMPLETED For Sale: Panasonic G7 480 shutter count, Panasonic 14-140 II. | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Panasonic G7 480 shutter count, Panasonic 14-140 II. What are your prices? Panasonic G7 $425-->$410-->last price reduction $385 Panasonic 14-140 II 3.5-5.6 SOLD New Wasabi 2 batteries and charger $20 Where are...
  19. Halaking

    Olympus viewer 3

    I use OV3 to convert RAW to TIFF and LR after, it gets better sharpness and noise control than LR, but it's slow.
  20. Halaking

    digitalrev on m43

    Kai seems very popular in our forum, the most of forum members can do camera reviews just like him, youtube is powerful.
  21. Halaking

    f1.2 primes coming from Olympus?

    I vote for 17 too. It make sense if these 1.2 lenses are equally sharp as 1.8 lenses at 1.8 when wide open at 1.2.
  22. Halaking

    Pen-F Press release out

    E shutter now goes 20 frames per second.
  23. Halaking

    Rumor Time: Olympus patent for FF 28 f2 lens

    I wondering if Olympus is going FF using Sony sensors, about the same/little bigger bodies and larger lenses I guess, how many of us will give up on M43 and switch? I remember many earlier threads, users state that they don't like Sony user menu, more like Olympus bodies design and features.
  24. Halaking

    New Pens?

    I'm more tilt screen shooter and I don't mind articulating screen, but hate the articulating screen on EM5 II, sometimes I need to use my nail..., that feel sucks.
  25. Halaking

    pen f price competition

    If the high rumor price is true, we might see some higher-end features to proof its value.
  26. Halaking

    New Pens?

    I sure agreed with you as a left eye shooter, but I believe Olympus will have optional larger eye piece soon.
  27. Halaking

    Panasonic 100-400mm lens shots

    Thanks for the first hand information. Can you give us a review of the lens?
  28. Halaking

    New TZ100 vs Superzoom Lens

    Many reviews show 1 inch sensor P&S like RX100 I/II/III/IV, G7X, even LX100 all soft at the wide angle, maybe is the cost from small lens barrel, I think build-in lens somehow is inferior.
  29. Halaking

    G7 - Using Higher ISO

    The G7 use Gx7's sensor, it's a nice upgrade from G6. But I still feel that noise level when shooting low-light is more than EM5 mark I in real world. Many Panasonic users state Panasonic bodies have best in low-light focus, but from my own test, my Olympus EM5 I and II actually did it better...
  30. Halaking

    Review M.Zuiko 300mm f/4 Pro - My impressions

    Thanks, Mat! You have always provide first hand information.
  31. Halaking

    A Camera to improve your photogrphy!!!!!!!!!!

    From DPreview: The camera body, back and 80mm Schneider Kreuznach lens (~50mm equiv.) will set you back around $49,000.
  32. Halaking

    I want Fuji's prime lenses!

    I was out of the topic of DOF. I was trying to say that I had Fuji x100s before, without the IS in low light, I had to bump up ISO 1-2 stops to get steady shot like EM5, sometimes the results are worse than M43. I see many happy x100/x100s/x100t shooters and great pictures, but it just not for me.
  33. Halaking

    I want Fuji's prime lenses!

    You're right Kevin, sometimes I'm thinking of this and type the other, like speaking.
  34. Halaking

    Refurb E-M1 issue & Olympus Customer service

    Finally they did it right, I'm glad you got the 2 years extended warranty.
  35. Halaking

    I want Fuji's prime lenses!

    Without in-body IS in Fuji, no IS for their prime lenses, I don't see IQ advantage over M43, maybe more DOF.
  36. Halaking

    Any reason to not sell my 12-50mm F3.5?

    Used price is around $150 for the past 2 years, not selling if I don't have plan to use that $150. It's also weather sealed, I still have mine over 3 yaers.
  37. Halaking

    Any reason to not sell my 12-50mm F3.5?

    You might need it for micro, the power zoom for video and casual shooting with lighter weight.
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