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    New Panasonic G3

    About the only thing there that would make me want to trade in my g2 for the g3 is the lack of eye sensor for the VF. I like to use the the G2 swivel screen as a waist level finder, but I have to hold the body out because my belly trips the the sensor. the VF switch button on the G2 shouldn't...
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    B&W printer recommendation

    Hi all, I just unpacked my Epson R220 from its moving box where it has lived for many many months now. I'm afraid the dried ink all over the place has likely killed it. What is its equivalent for B&W these days? I'm not printing bigger than 8x10 in the near to mid-term and can't spend much...
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    No "great pics" from me for a while I'm afraid, I'm not even dog-paddling in digital yet; and I had a fair amount of a break from film , other than kid pics. My favorite model is already my subject for some post process work, so you'll all be subjected to lots of pics of her very soon.
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    G1 or Gh1 For Stills

    This keeps getting thrown around and repeated as gospel. I'm inclined to think it is a little true, from the two test/reviews I found, but perhaps not *way* true. It kind of begs for some side to side comparison. They are both considered fairly good for slow kit lenses.
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    Can Minolta and Konica be mounted on the same adapter?

    Konica AR mount is used for their Autoreflex SLRs. It is not compatible with anything Minolta. Usually marked "K/AR" (3rd party) or "Konica AR" as I recall
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    I've been putting this off.....

    I'm on day 2.5 with my G2. I'm coming to digital straight from vintage RF and and SLR's having skipped the wonderbrick era of film cameras. I never could get past the dim squinty VF's of autofocus cameras. Overall I think the G system VF really works well, but it is different. I like it in low...
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    Showcase Voigtlander 50mm f/2.8 Color-Skopar X

    Color rendition from classic Voigtlander lenses is distinctive and special. They are my favorites.
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Hi all. Just introducing myself. I'm a long-time film user who took a creative break and also just bought his first serious digital camera (Pana G2) with proceeds from the sale of a much loved, but underutilised Rolleiflex and some other stuff. I had a hate/hate relationship with my only other...
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