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    Manfrotto Modo Pocket Tripod

    If portability is the issue, you could consider a bean bag. more versatile and (if homemade, some cloth and coars sand or rice as well as needle and thread needed) much less expensive. It also lets you adjust all 3 angles instead of just two. You could make several, suited to camera or situation.
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    300 mm recommendations

    I am not sure what would qualify as inexpensive. I have a Zeiss Jena Sonnar 300/4 which I got for a very good price, under 200€ shipped, although I have the impression they are much more expensive overseas. Attention: these are the ones made for the P6 medium format camera (not the west german...
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    Manfrotto Modo Pocket Tripod

    I tried it in as shop and got a gorillapod instead. Much more versatile, although also much bigger.
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    In a dark bar

    ... ah ... belgian beer :2thumbs: my brother stocked me up this christmas (difficult to get in switzerland :frown:) Personally, I am more partial to orval but will also try the bottles of malheur my brother selected for me !
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    Any SmugMug users here?

    Just to be sure, you are aware that this is security by obscurity and that the full size jpegs are still downloadable by someone armed with nothing more than a standard browser? It just takes a little bit more than a right-click.
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    What are you listening to?

    In a wild mood today, so I am listening to Katzenjammer, a norwegian band ...
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    Bubble level hotshoe cover

    Brianetta - the E-PL1 indeed does not have the orientation sensor the E-P1 and E-P2 have ...
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    Part II One Model, One Outfit Many Moods

    It is difficult to judge the expression on her face, but I think #3 ("Hitchcock") is most to my liking ... Thanks for posting!
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    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 - Lowest Price Yet

    I'm jealous. The same lens goes for the equivalent of over 500 USD over here. That cannot be customs/VAT alone - someone is making a lot of money ... I will wait a little bit more befor I buy.
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    Show "Cars"

    Hi Ulfric - actually the engine and drivetrain is taken from a Citroen 2CV ! Nice photo by the way :)
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    flash aversion :-)

    I've never seen that quote either - but it is great! I have to admit that I have a flash for my E-P1, but I hardly ever use it, basically only if I am called upon to take family photos for my relatives ... They have to bear with flash if they all want to be in the same picture :)
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    COMPLETED Sold: Contax G to mu-43 adapter "Monza"

    hello sinjin, you have a pm!
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    How was this picture taken? (Fire dancer at Burning Man)

    For Olympus, use the "Slow2" flash mode, this syncs on 2nd curtain. The "Slow" mode syncs on the first curtain.
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    Suitable Tripods ideal for μ4/3

    Hi - I have a question on this: currently I use a Gorillapod as tripod. However, I am looking for a compact yet stable enough tripod for my Pen. The Cullmann Magic 2 fits the bill, as does the Manfrotto 785B. I like the ballhead of the 785 (how does it stand up to longer use?) and also the...
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    Thoughts about manual lenses.

    ... one can dream ... :rolleyes: Sorry to disappoint you ... I might try the AF-confirm chip (you do mean the one offered by tagotech, or are there others?), it does not seem to be expensive and if it doesn't work, I can still throw it away. They write that it can be programmed to give some lens...
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    Thoughts about manual lenses.

    @narnian: see for instance this link - the lens communicates with the Pentax/Nikon body, although it is a mf lens. So, unfortunately, this does not mean they can communicate with mFT bodies, sorry for the confusion. (edit: or someone needs to create an adapter which translates from for instance...
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    Thoughts about manual lenses.

    @streetshooter: I agree in part: Cosina has joined micro-ft only a short while ago, I presume to get access to the specs for interfaces etc. So I expect lenses with interfaces for at least focus-confirm / loupe functions for MF and transmission of exif-data. AFAIK the do not currently...
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    Night shooting with 17mm kit lens -- Settings??

    Thanks :smile: ... However, I need to be less in the office and more on the street to qualify as a real one as opposed to at heart ... OT: my favoured street shooting camera is still the Hexar AF ...
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    Night shooting with 17mm kit lens -- Settings??

    Hi - my 0.02$ to night settings - I normally use these settings IS=1; Exposure compensation=-0.3; Aperture Priority at 2.8 (I have the 17/2.8, saving for the 20/1.7); ISO=800 for colour or 3200 for B/W. Metering set to CWA; I use half-press of shutter to measure-and-hold if the subject is not in...
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    Suitable Tripods ideal for μ4/3

    I realise it is not a "real" tripod, but I use a Gorillapod SLR, small and light enough to take anywhere, fits in most bags (well, all that I use ...) and can be clamped to many objects, like car doors, fences, ... and can also be used as a table top tripod. It takes my e-p1 with lenses up to...
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    Focussing with MF lenses

    The chip you need to glue to your adapter mentioned in the thread I mentioned above does just that - so it is possible in principle. One would probably need to do the same as the AF does: pass the focus point and then retrace. Not ideal. Also, apparently this "solution" does not seem work with...
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    Focussing with MF lenses

    Over on dpreview, there is talk about a focus confirm adapter. This is an extra chip which needs to be glued to the lens adapter and tells the AF system to check for "focus" if the shutter release is half-pressed. It seems to work with the pens and possibly (not confirmed!) the GF1. Maybe this...
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    A click from Switzerland

    hello from SG!
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    Hm. Only if it offers more than the Olympus+Pancake combination I will consider. What I still want is a digital Hexar :) For me, key criteria (on top of what a m-43/pancake combo offers) will be: autofocus at low light significantly better than on the Olympus/Panasonic (and I think it will not...
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    I need to check that camera out - I have been waiting for ages for a digital replacement for my Konica Hexar AF. Now if autofocus and the flash system works like it does in the Hexar I'm in. See Dante Stellas write-up on the Hexar for key features.
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    Hello from Switzerland

    @all: thanks !!! @BBW: I hadn't really thought about weight that way :) I was always mainly looking for a compact system in size though. APS-size SLRs are way to big IMHO, for the same reason I never skipped the autofocus film SLR era. Big cameras are too often left at home ... @Gwendal: I...
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    ISO heat

    Hm. Seeing that the "roise reduct" option (as opposed to noise filter) on the Olympus Pen series lengthens the total time to take a picture by a factor 2, I suspect that this is what the camera does. It does not say so in explicitly in the manual though. Marcus
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    Hello from Switzerland

    Hi all, I currently live in Switzerland and have been photographing for a while. I had a Pentax SLR as a youngster but then moved to rangefinders via a secondhand Leica M3. After not doing much photo stuff for a couple of years I joined the digital world late by acquiring an again...
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