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    COMPLETED Hackable GH1 body - $330

    Lowered price to $330 for the body.
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    COMPLETED Hackable GH1 body - $330

    Edited to split apart kit.
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    COMPLETED Hackable GH1 body - $330

    OH, wrong price on that! Should be $250. Thanks!
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    COMPLETED Hackable GH1 body - $330

    GH1 body PENDING SOLD I have the following items for sale: 100-300 - $500 - very good condition FL36 flash unit - $100 - very good condition --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changing listing to GH1 body only. The only hack...
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    New G2 lens - PanaLeica 45mm or Pana 100-300? Or something else?

    You said it better, that's exactly what I was getting at. The 45 is a top quality lens and I think you will enjoy it immensely.
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    New G2 lens - PanaLeica 45mm or Pana 100-300? Or something else?

    Get the 45. You'll love it. The 100-300 is awesome, but I think you will not get as much use from it, based on what you say you most enjoy shooting. I like long telephoto shooting the most, but I STILL use the 45 more. :smile:
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    Exposure/Histogram puzzle with GF1

    I did not know the WYSIWYG sequence, thanks for posting it. :thumbup:
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    Seven Lenses Under Development for Sony NEX and No Pancakes

    True, but Zeiss has been making great pancake primes for decades... It would be cool if there is some fusion in their thinking. :smile: If Sony hates pancakes, Zeiss can make some for us in the m4/3 market (nudge, nudge Zeiss).
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    Seven Lenses Under Development for Sony NEX and No Pancakes

    I don't get the concept of a pancake body without pancake primes to match. NEX is intriguing, but a non-starter for me due to interface and VF issues as well. I hope PanaOly see the importance of beating NEX to the raceline in releaseing a high performance standard zoom, top notch portrait...
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    I am now zoom-free

    Mmmm. Bacon! I mostly shoot my primes, but I have a couple of zooms (bacon?), just in case. BTW, If it's a Contax zoom, can I look down my nose at everyone? Oh wait, my geeky glasses are in the way. SIGH. So much for that.
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    G3 interview at Photography Blog.

    Nice read, Bill. I wish they had addressed GH2 availability!
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    Olympus declares end of megapixel race

    :) I remember when Olympus said that. :)
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    Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 Leica approved and branded

    I don't want this new Leica branded lens. I didn't want the PL45 either. But I got a bargain on one, and the more I use it, the more I respect what it can do, and the more I reach for it. I suppose I had better start saving... SIGH. Where is that Pana 12-60 that I really want, BTW!?
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    What do you think of the G3's looks?

    Unlike Luke, I would buy it at half off. :-) I don't like the looks of it, tho. If it had multi aspect ratios, I'd buy one. I LOVE that feature on my GH1.
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    COMPLETED CY Zeiss 50/1.4 and 85/1.4; Konica 40/1.8

    OMG, these are hard to resist! GLWS on this fine collection!
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    Win an Olympus PEN E-PL2 from #mu43

    Would love to try an EPL-2~ Thanks for the contest, Amin.
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    Showcase Canon 100mm f/2.8 EF MACRO

    Oooh, I might have to get an adapter for mine...
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    Red Fox Visitor

    Fantastic shot! And GREAT job not blowing the whites with the dark subject.
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    GH2 Body With 100-300mm Lens

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    Squirrel & Kestrel (GH2 & 100-300)

    Awesome shooting! I'm impressed!! Are they hand held shots?
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    Panasonic 100-300mm handheld-able?

    Yes, you can do it. :smile: I shoot a 1D3 and 400mm (non-IS) lens for BIF handheld. I try to keep shutter speed at around 1/1600 or so to freeze motion and deal with my 'shakies'. It does take a lot of practice, and I am not superb at it, but I have gotten quite a few good shots. A sample is...
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    Thom Hogan on the future of Olympus.

    Look at them from the view point of price. I would guess several of us who bought into Panasonic started with the G1 and have ponied up and moved to the GHx because they are really great cameras. I never would have bought a GHx as my first m4/3 camera - too expensive - and the GFx series form...
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    GH2 Continuous AF mode

    Not really, it is supposed to lock on the target as the desired object of focus and then stay with it, right? It wasn't even able to decide that the hawk was the target against a clear blue sky and racked focus. I normally use 1D3 or 7D for BIF using centerpoint for focus, but had tried GH1...
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    GH2 Continuous AF mode

    Well, boo. I tried to use my GH1 for a few BIF shots today of a big hawk and couldn't even get it to lock focus in CAF mode. Even if I manually focused at first, it got lost. Oh well, back to my Canon for that. :-)
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    Lumix G1 Versus Canon 7D

    Really nice comparison shots, Hera. On some landscapes where I've shot the 1D3 and GH1 side by side (processed raw), there is a lot more contrast and saturation on the GH1 and it's so much more balanced toward making reddish tones hot. The 1D3 is much more neutral and everything can be...
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    For those weighing the merits of 4/3 system

    I wish Panasonic had a great, sharp 400mm prime (even a 300 prime). I'd have to think hard about whether to not to keep my Canon gear if that was an option.
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    Zeiss Joins µ4/3!

    Ooooh, the prices are buzz-kill!
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    GH2/Zeiss Planar 85/1.4 portrait

    She is beautiful. I am so sorry for her loss. - Michelle
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    first outing for CZ 35-70 f/3.4

    Couldn't stand waiting for nice clouds to roll in any longer. :smile: CZ 35-70, ISO 100, GH1, f/8, 1/500 C&C welcome. Next time I'll try not to cut the bush in the right in half, otherwise I like the sage brush for an anchor in that corner. Thanks for looking! :biggrin: Michelle
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    A working cowboy set

    Color version of #3. B&W and sepia both looked OK, but in the end I preferred a slightly desaturated color rendition. Processed from RAW in CS3.
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    A working cowboy set

    Unless I am cussing like a sailor at cows and doling out flattery to every pretty girl in town, I am fairly certain I am NOT Joe! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    A working cowboy set

    :smile: I meant to post sooner, sorry for taking so long... I wish I had more to show, but I didn't take too many this time out. I was working most of the time too, and just got to sneak in a few images while Joe was busy pulling a calf. Well, I do have a couple of him pushing a stuck...
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    A working cowboy set

    Totally agree! On that one I had gotten impatient and used a LR preset and tweaked it rather than working it up from scratch. It was the first image I processed from the set, and I was anxious to see how it looked, hence the preset use! I think most of that overly grittiness is LR using too...
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    A working cowboy set

    Thanks everyone! One small note, I am Michelle, the photo is of Joe. :-) I will edit my OP for clarity.
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    A working cowboy set

    A few images from a recent daytrip with my friend. He is a working cowboy and we were out checking cows that are due to have their calves. These are GH1 and the 14-45mm kit lens (? most likely :smile: ?). Cheers, Michelle My friend Joe Youngster patiently waiting Cowboy Gears
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    Snowflake macro (double om zuiko 50)

    Wow! Love the snowflake shot!!
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    Panasonic vs. Leica vs. Canon

    Oh, please just tell me the results. :-) I have been focus adjusting my Canon kit all afternoon and my eyes are crossed! I am interested to know what the results were, though. I HEART CDAF!
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    GH2 RAW settings

    I'm confused about what you are asking... Which settings are you looking at? The bulk of the image settings apply only to JPG. For example, the film mode setting don't affect RAW file output.
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    [EXPIRED] TAKEN: Free for shipping: iffy cable release (Pana)

    I have a cable release for my GH1 that sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. It was a generic brand, not a Panasonic branded cable release. If you want to try to fix it or if you can use the parts, it's all yours for the cost of postage (CONUS, please). :smile:
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    Amazon: GH2 in stock Feb. 3

    Well, those sold out fast!
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    CZ 35-70?

    Well, now I have to find an adapter, as I did end up buying one. Really looking forward to using it!
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    Amazon: GH2 in stock Feb. 3

    The silver GH2 is supposed to be in stock Feb. 3! I wish I could buy one, but I blew my chump change on a PL45. :smile: Someone please buy one of these GH2s from Amazon so I can live vicariously through you. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 16.05 MP Live MOS Interchangeable Lens Camera...
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    Panasonic 45-200 vs. 100-300

    It does hunt more. I used it for a set of sunset shots yesterday evening, and it was quite noticable. It did lock focus, but only after a little hunt each time. Kind of annoying on bracketed shots where focus wasn't changing. The images were sharp enough, no real issues there. I shot it...
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    Panasonic 45-200 vs. 100-300

    Couple of comparison shots - I am not a product photog, as you can tell. :-) Up front: Panasonic 100-300 and 45-200, then the Canon 100-400, in the back the 400 f/5.6, and the older 500 f/4.5. Pany lenses side by side.
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    Panasonic 45-200 vs. 100-300

    I am really suprised your 1.4x is loose! Is it the Canon version? I have the 1.4x II and no problems with it. Yep, the 400 is fast and sharp. I also have 100-400L and am not sure which I prefer, the IS of the 100-400 is very helpful for me and it also is pretty darned sharp.
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    Panasonic 45-200 vs. 100-300

    Nice comparison shots, Glen! Cynthia - why not just a 1.4x TC for your Canon 300? The 400L is an f/5.6, BTW. :-) Quite larger than the 100-300, due in part to the deep hood on the 400L. I am looking forward to carrying the 100-300 Pany into the field this summer and seeing how it fares...
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    rokkor 58mm 1.2

    Start out by stopping it down a stop or two or three until you get the hang of it, and then you can open it up as you get practice at holding it steady. :smile: It will be a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating and DOF will still be quite shallow.
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    Panasonic 45-200 vs. 100-300

    I think it's a bit soft... It especially shows on fur and feather detail as the lighting falls and conditions become more challenging. If you have glass that is razor sharp at that focal length (like my 500L, zowie), you will know the 100-300 is not razor sharp at 300mm. However, I find...
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    I've been putting this off.....

    I remember experiencing this at first with my G1, and then for some reason it not being so bad now. I do have the contrast turned way down for my images - it might be worth trying to adjust the JPG output settings to see if it makes it better...
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    CZ 35-70?

    Has anyone used a CZ 35-70 on m4/3? I am planning to pick one up for my Canon system, and wondered if it's worth buying a m4/3 adapter as well. Thanks!
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