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    G80 focus issues

    To me it looks like the insect's leg (sort of middle bottom of the insect) is nicely in focus, and some parts of the plant that are in the same focal plane.
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    Feedback wanted re: Lazy loading images

    Is there an option to disable it?
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    Panasonic product announcement 7 April

    The frame of the G7 is metal - it's just the skin that is mostly (high grade) polycarbonate. I think that one of the reasons the cameras are getting heavier is because of this perception people have when they pick the camera up and feel that it's light. Many people associate weight with build...
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    Panasonic product announcement 7 April

    I'd prefer it to be lighter than the previous generation. The G7 was as large/heavy as I wanted to go, and I was disappointed in the weight of the G80/85.
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    What I'd like from a Panasonic G95

    The G80/85 is already very close to everything I want from a camera. Switching to a 20MP sensor would seem kind of pointless unless it brought improved DR and noise (the one from the G9?). The only thing that would pique my interest would be if they managed to reduce the size/weight back to...
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    Downsides of trading 45-150MM for all-in-one zoom?

    I believe the Olympus 12-100mm does have optical image stabilisation.
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    Changes to site subscriptions

    I'm not convinced that #4 will generate much, if any, revenue as I think most people these days would just go elsewhere rather than pay a measly $5 to sell on a forum! I appear to be in the minority, though :)
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    Changes to site subscriptions

    OK, subscribed, thanks :) On the Buy/Sell forum access, I feel that limiting the ability to sell through the forum benefits no-one and disadvantages everyone. The more people selling, the better IMHO :)
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    Changes to site subscriptions

    Thinking of supporting the site by subscribing. If I subscribe by Paypal, does my Paypal email address have to be the same as my forum email address? They're different at the moment...
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    Huge design fault with G9

    Perhaps the plastic piece is a sacrificial part, designed to fail on impact? I guess that a metal piece could deform instead, and jam the hinge mechanism.
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    Olympus M5.2 or Panasonic G80?

    For shooting moving targets, you'd probably find the G80 to be a little better due to its DFD focusing. To an extent, though, that depends on what lenses you'd be using - it would probably work better with the Panasonic 45-150 or 45-175 than the Olympus 40-150 you already own.
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    Panasonic G9 Motorsports Shots

    I don't have a G9 + 100-400mm, but I have the G80/85 and the 100-300mm Mk2, and I used to own the 40D with a selection of L tele lenses. In my opinion, the Panasonic kit gives faster lock-on and a better keeper rate than the Canon kit did. Here are a couple with that Panasonic setup that I...
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    G9 covers first airshow - good and bad!

    A minor point, but the criticism was not for wildlife in general, but specifically for birds in flight against a busy background. To quote from their summary: "The AF of the G9 excels in almost every way and in our in-depth comparison with the E-M1 II, we found it to be better in most...
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    DXO Photolab Suite vs Photoshop CC

    I have to agree. I've recently moved to DXO Photolab after many years with Lightroom, and I've found that my editing goes much more quickly. I can't quite put my finger on the reason, except that DXO seems to require less fiddling to get the image 'just right', according to my preferences. I...
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    Is the panasonic 100-300mm mega OIS really that BAD?

    :) I should have been clearer that I was simply talking about my own usage and experience... Trying to use the Mk1 for motorsports, and I expect the same would be true of airshows, I found the slow shooting rate also came with the problem of quite bad shutter blackout. It made it rather...
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    Is the panasonic 100-300mm mega OIS really that BAD?

    That's true for the Mk1 version of the lens, but irrelevant unless you have a particular need for faster shooting rates. In my case, that need is motorsports. I've therefore upgraded to the Mk2, and the problems are completely solved. For anything other than motorsports, there's no real...
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    Hogan on the "Death" of M43

    Imagine I frequent a restaurant that offers a choice of red or white wine with the meal, and most diners choose white. Would you say that visitors to another restaurant, that only offers red wine, have the real world advantage of red wine with their food? I wouldn't see it that way :)
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    Hogan on the "Death" of M43

    I agree, with the 200 min ISO on my G80, I was having trouble with some motorsports shooting recently. To get shutter speeds appropriate for panning I was having to use apertures well into diffraction territory. Still, with my (lack of) panning abilities, softness from diffraction was the...
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    Hogan on the "Death" of M43

    On the full frame, you can stop down to f/8 and have the same DOF. If you increase the ISO by 2 stops you end up with the same shutter speed, and theoretically should end up with much the same noise levels and dynamic range. That's what people are talking about when they discuss equivalence...
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    Turn off new thread alerts?

    You certainly shouldn't need to 'unwatch' the forum. I'm watching that one and don't get notifications for new threads - I just get them for new replies to watched threads. Unfortunately, I don't know why you are getting them, sorry :(
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    has there been a style sheet change?

    I'm using the 'Medium Theme', and the forum/thread listings have gone 'grey on grey'. Maybe I'm going crazy, but I'm sure there was some colour in the fonts there before, and easier to see the difference between read and unread forums/threads. Not a big deal, just letting you know in case it...
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    G9 and image noise

    Yes, the first one appears to have rather heavy handed noise reduction, and less contrast, compared to the second. It seems like there's a big difference in the default settings for the two converters, so hard to compare them fairly. Have you tried turning down the noise reduction in SilkyPix...
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    Experimenting With Dehaze

    I'm finding the DXO ClearView slider to be very useful for things like landscapes, and apply a very small amount to most images.
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    Experimenting With Dehaze

    Which software are you using?
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    DxO vs Affinity RAW conversion

    The biggest differences I found were in the detail/sharpness/micro contrast for landscape images that contain fine detail. I've also found, over a wide range of images, that DXO has led to me spend less time on my editing than I did with Lightroom, which came as a nice surprise. Given I was...
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    DxO vs Affinity RAW conversion

    I tested a bunch of RAW converters recently, looking to replace Lightroom. I don't remember the precise details but, for me, DXO came joint top (with Capture One), and Affinity was right at the bottom for the quality of RAW conversion. It's not terrible, but not as good as any of the others...
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    I am done with third party batteries

    I've been using them for years - I've lost count how many I've bought - and never had a problem. I always buy them direct from Ex Pro to avoid the risk of fakes. I feel that it's a bit unfair to talk about 3rd party batteries as if they're all the same - there are good and bad ones, the same as...
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    To me Its a RIP off!!!!!!

    It certainly looks like a regional thing - you can easily get a 'body only' in the UK too.
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    Too many good telephoto options. I can't decide!

    I briefly owned the Panasonic 14-140mm (Mk2) at the same time as the 45-150mm. The 14-140 was fairly decent. The 45-150 was clearly better throughout its range, but not by a huge amount.
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    Panasonic G9 Reviews & Experiences

    I don't see the issue. If you're inserting the still into a movie, then you have more than enough pixels after cropping to 16:9 (even for 4k video).
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    G9 with birds

    I'm confused why you're setting a custom AF area covering half the sensor? I can see that might work when focus was set to tracking but, in single AF, I'd think it would be pot luck what the camera chose to focus on (I'd guess just the highest contrast within that area). I'm not a birder...
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    GM5 EXIF data

    I suspect that any solution would have to be with Windows 10, not the camera. It looks like it just doesn't understand GM5 raw files. Can't you just look at the file 'modified' date? I should think that would correspond to when it was taken.
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    Panasonic G9 Reviews & Experiences

    Or just turn off the 'touch focus' option...
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    Another WTF Panasonic moment...

    We've all said our piece; we simply don't all agree. I'll exit at this point, as there's nothing constructive to be gained by repeating the same arguments :)
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    Another WTF Panasonic moment...

    It seems to me that the problem is installing 11 switches from a manufacturer that follows one standard, and one from a manufacturer that follows a different one. It's not wrong, just not what you're used to. It's like someone owning 11 Olympus zoom lenses and then buying a Panasonic one, and...
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    Another WTF Panasonic moment...

    That sounds to me as if Panasonic and Olympus operate the same way, given that the Panasonic custom sets are always linked to a dial position. Or perhaps I've misunderstood? (I don't have an Olympus camera at the moment).
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    Another WTF Panasonic moment...

    The C modes are different to the other settings on the dial. The entire point of the C modes is that they represent a pre-defined group of settings. Turning on the camera and finding the settings do not correspond with what is set on the dial is incorrect IMHO. I guess the ideal would be if...
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    Another WTF Panasonic moment...

    I think you're assuming too much about what other people were assuming :) In my view, if the dial is set to C1 then, when powered up, I would expect the settings to be as per C1. I most certainly wouldn't expect them to be 'C1 + any changes I may have made the last time I used the camera' (and...
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    DOF Calculator for Micro Four Thirds Lens Settings

    The slight problem is that doing so gives the wrong answer...
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    DOF Calculator for Micro Four Thirds Lens Settings

    And if it doesn't have a way of entering sensor size, find another DOF calculator :)
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    Compact m4/3 camera with view finder

    I thought you wanted similar size - are you aware how much bigger that camera is? Compare camera dimensions side by side
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    Worth upgrading my G5 for a GX8?

    The other thing you'll gain with the GX8 is significantly improved dynamic range, which is helpful outdoors. By the way, the G85 sensor is basically on par with the GX8 sensor, and much better than the one in the G5 IMHO (better high ISO noise, better dynamic range).
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    Prediction - GX9 will be announced soon !

    It's a fake, according to this: UPDATE: Fake image of the new Panasonic G9 goes around the web - 43 Rumors
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    Panny PZ lenses

    I've not owned one, so can't vouch for this personally, but when the 45-175 came out it had a poor reputation for shutter shock. The 14-42 PZ lens also had that reputation, and I have seen the problem using that lens with 2 different Panasonic bodies. That was a while ago, though, so perhaps...
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    Suggest an inexpensive Pany viewfinder body for Oly user

    It's funny how we all use the equipment differently :) The GX7 was my main camera for a while, and I didn't tilt the viewfinder even once. I did, however, get frustrated by the lack of a fully articulated rear screen.
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    Panasonic Adopting the Sony A7 Philosophy?

    That gets my vote, although perhaps with the word 'slightly' removed - after all, it is 43rumors... :)
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    Worth upgrading G7 to G85?

    The G7 is certainly not flimsy (I've not seen any reports of build quality issues). I wish the G80/85 were as light...
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    Light, compact telephoto...?

    LCE also have a Panasonic 45-150mm for £130. It's similar in weight (and image quality) to the 45-175mm, but shorter and therefore more pocketable. I have one as my travel tele lens, and am very happy with it.
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    G80 vs E-M1i vs E-M5ii vs...

    I sometimes forget that people shoot JPEG - I have no opinion on what they look like SOOC :)
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    G80 vs E-M1i vs E-M5ii vs...

    I'm not sure why that would favour Olympus over Panasonic? I used to use the Canon system (including a number of L lenses), but I'm now using mostly Panasonic gear. I've seen no significant difference in the files produced by either micro 4/3 system, and the ergonomics of things like the...
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