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  1. JoeFriday

    XZ-1... anybody got one yet?

    I would agree on both points. I always thought the LX3 was a great camera, and the LX5 should be even better. The S95 is a wonderful size that makes it a camera you can always have with you. The XZ-1 isn't significantly better than the Panny and is definitely larger than the Canon.. especially...
  2. JoeFriday

    Panasonic 20mm and Olympus 14-42mm comparison shots

    interestingly, I glanced at them and immediately pegged the top photo as the Panny shot, based on sharpness and color. Then I went back to the description and saw that I was right. thanks for making the comparison. It's something I think we've all wanted to see. Could you do the same shot...
  3. JoeFriday

    The Blizzard of 2011

    Well, I'm an hour north of Chicago.. I think they got a little more than we did, but they're just such whiners that they make it seem like the world was ending. :biggrin: I think we got just shy of 20 inches when all was said and done.
  4. JoeFriday

    The Blizzard of 2011

    Here's Wisconsin the morning after. There was less than 6 inches on the ground 24 hours earlier.
  5. JoeFriday

    XZ-1... anybody got one yet?

    I WILL be getting an XZ-1 as soon as my bank account recovers from some other recent purchases. The reviews are consistently good, plus it will work with my VF-2! I also realized tonight that the body (minus the bulk of the lens) is almost exactly the same size as two iPhones stacked...
  6. JoeFriday

    I'm pre-ordering an E-PL2

    whoa... how about that XZ-1! I was thinking about getting a Canon S95, but the Oly looks like a step up... I wonder how much it'll cost compared to the $499 MSRP
  7. JoeFriday

    RAW...huh...what is it good for?

    and that would have been considered odd down in Oz? ;)
  8. JoeFriday

    RAW...huh...what is it good for?

    I must be doing something wrong then.. I often tweak the sliders in ACR for images with questionable lighting and get huge improvements. In fact, I rarely use 100% default settings with any image. And I shoot RAW 100% of the time. JPGs are the equivalent of Polaroids, in my mind. I just hope...
  9. JoeFriday

    Anyone snapping the solstice lunar eclipse ?

    as for tripods... I picked up what I think is the most versatile tripod you'll find.. a Benbo Trekker. Benbo Trekker Mk3 Compact Tripod Legs BEN106 B&H Photo Video They're a little odd in that the legs are totally adjustable to ANY angle you want to put them at. I don't think there is an angle...
  10. JoeFriday

    Anyone snapping the solstice lunar eclipse ?

    had the same problem up here in Wisconsin. :frown:
  11. JoeFriday

    Christmas Bokeh

    here are a few ornaments I shot the other day while testing out some new macro tubes
  12. JoeFriday

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    much more impressive than I was expecting.. I might have to add that to my wish list for 2011
  13. JoeFriday


  14. JoeFriday

    Night shots

    ahhh.. now it makes sense. I also didn't realize these were HDR shots, which is a compliment to your process. I'm not a fan of the unnatural look in most HDR shots. You avoided that in yours, tho. And you're right in starting your photoshoot about 20 minutes after sunset. That's what my...
  15. JoeFriday

    Night shots

    Very nice, but not exactly what I expected to see. I used to direct architectural photoshoots for the architecture firm I worked for. I'm sure it's just personal preference, but I always liked my shots to be slightly less exposed in favor of more contrast and shadows, as well as adding more...
  16. JoeFriday

    the "ordinary household objects" image thread

    finally a thread that I can relate to. I take a lot of photos of ordinary household objects (cuz they're easy to find and rarely protest)
  17. JoeFriday

    My very first ever model photoshoot: Natalie, Set 01! Opinions please!

    regarding your question about the on-board flash... you can use it, but it would be a lot better if you rigged up a defuser for it. I'm not sure if there is anything on the market that will fit already. But that would soften up the light and help reduce shadows. Generally use natural light...
  18. JoeFriday

    E-P2 support wireless mode FL-36R

    However, there are units available on ebay that are sold as 'wireless shutter releases' for the E-P2. They're a bit clunky looking because I believe they are inserted into the USB port. But the result is the same.
  19. JoeFriday

    Good portrait/bokeh lens?

    would that be the Industar-61? I never considered that a portrait lens.. too contrasty.. altho great for other uses a good Jupiter-8 specimen would be outstanding, tho.. and can be found for $40 or less
  20. JoeFriday

    My very first ever model photoshoot: Natalie, Set 01! Opinions please!

    Just for comparison sake, here's a link to a flickr gallery of a portrait/model photographer that I really admire (altho I don't necessarily like all of her work) CAUTION: NSFW (there are some nudes, but its all artistic and tastefully done, IMHO).. there's also an equal amount of classic model...
  21. JoeFriday

    Thoughts about manual lenses.

    very good point, Ray. I have a collection of M-mount lenses as well, and I see no point in trading them for dedicated m43rds mount. It wouldn't surprise me that CV thinks the same way. I believe that was why they sold their 21mm with the old Leica screwmount. All you needed was an adapter and it...
  22. JoeFriday

    Some E-PL1 shots from Shanghai and Beijing

    my favorite would definitely be 4.. love that light!
  23. JoeFriday

    My very first ever model photoshoot: Natalie, Set 01! Opinions please!

    my thoughts have pretty much all been said already, but I'll just comment to support the others. Your exposure is good. Lighting is very bland. I'm not sure how I could tell you to improve that, altho assistants with reflectors would probably help here. and yes, her facial expression is a...
  24. JoeFriday

    Making photo books

    one that I would strongly tell you NOT to use would be Terribly quality control (colors vary from print to print) and their customer service is completely non-existent.
  25. JoeFriday

    what would you buy?

    definitely get the VF2. I got one in the kit with my E-P2 and I find myself using it almost all the time now. Aside from that, I would want to get the 20/1.7 lens
  26. JoeFriday

    Autumn in the northern hemisphere - let's share our pics !

    somehow the colors were desaturated when uploading here. That isn't the case with the same photo uploaded to flickr.
  27. JoeFriday

    Showcase Pentax 25mm f/1.4 Cosmicar C-mount

    you get excellent contrast out of that lens. And with the way it blurs on the edges it seems to add movement to that image. Very nice!
  28. JoeFriday

    Wrist strap / hand strap: how do you carry your Pen?

    I've used wrist straps almost exclusively for my Leicas, Contaxes and now my E-P2. Assuming you use a good quality strap, I wouldn't worry about it. But on the occasions that I want to bring my camera and still have my hands free, I use a neck strap (which is my only other option), but it...
  29. JoeFriday

    Showcase Pentax 25mm f/1.4 Cosmicar C-mount

    gorgeous shots! I've been thinking about trying that same setup.. where did you find the lens, and may I ask what the going rate was?
  30. JoeFriday

    Getting your photos printed

    They definitely serve the mainstream. You'll need to provide a credit card for them to keep on file. But beyond that, they print as many or as few images as you want, in whatever size you need. I set up my account a few years ago so I don't remember what their questions were (or if they would be...
  31. JoeFriday


    this looks rather interesting.. Genuine Leather Wrist Strap for LEICA M9 RICOH GXR - eBay (item 140462806695 end time Oct-13-10 19:09:04 PDT) however, I bought a strap for my M3 several years back that is identical to this and I love it... New Leather Wrist Strap for Leica m M6 M7 other...
  32. JoeFriday

    Getting your photos printed

    I've used WHCC a few times with excellent results. They give you a couple free prints right away as a means to calibrate your system for use with their printers. They ship amazingly fast, too. You upload the files and get the prints a couple days later. I'm not sure how they would operate with...
  33. JoeFriday

    1967 Jupiter-3 on the EP2

    very nice! I had one of those at one time. Nice not having to collimate lenses for an EVIL camera, eh?
  34. JoeFriday

    How to see photographically

    Nah! Just keep pointing the camera at your relatives and eventually they won't even notice. For example, Brian Sweeney's daughter, Nikki, probably thinks her dad has a camera instead of a right hand. ;) Doesn't seem to bother her now.
  35. JoeFriday

    My son with one of my cameras... cute

    good subject... the images would be much better in black & white and a shallow depth of field to isolate the subject. Ultimately, you'd want to eliminate the flash and go with nice soft light, coming through a window, for example. But I realize you didn't have that option here. In the final...
  36. JoeFriday

    How to see photographically

    There's a lot of great advice in this thread. I'm frequently trying to explain a lot of these concepts to friends who are new to photography. They get frustrated after seeing something really interesting and then taking a very 'ho-hum' photo of it. Then I borrow their camera and take a photo of...
  37. JoeFriday

    How many Photographers use Macintosh?

    The first 'portable' desktop! LOL I remember playing around with the one my dad had. These days I'd say they make a nice boat anchor except they're too big. My first laptop was a Toshiba 8088 with dual 3.5" floppy drives.. no hard drive in that puppy. But 640K ought to be enough for anybody.
  38. JoeFriday

    Iphone 4.01 UPDATE!

    I would be at the front of the line to dump ATT if Verizon got their hands on the iPhone. When I first got my iPhone 18 months ago it was great. With the steady influx of new customers, the ATT network has gotten slower and less reliable every month. Where my service used to be rock solid...
  39. JoeFriday

    How many Photographers use Macintosh?

    I've been a Mac guy since '94. I had a pretty solid background in tech support (hardware and networking) back in those days. I switched over my company's in-house marketing department to Macs and have been a solid user ever since. At first I also struggled with the very limited upgradeability of...
  40. JoeFriday

    ?'s about angle of view, focal length, and perspective

    Basically, we're discussing the reasons 50mm and 35mm lenses were adopted as standards. The 50mm image being what looks natural to our eyes, with objects appearing with the correct proportion and depth in the frame. The 35mm (or slightly wider) image showing approximately the overall field of...
  41. JoeFriday

    All I Want Is 20/20 Vision

    John, I can totally relate to your thoughts.. I have a Canonet and a Vivitar 35ES.. both very similar to your old Olympus. They've taken some of my best photos, and the lack of zoom is more of a blessing because you become more familiar with the field of view and learn how to use it to your...
  42. JoeFriday

    Better optics: Panasonic or Olympus?

    My general impression is that Panny is making lenses to the Leica standard, which is exceptional. Olympus has always made good lenses, of course. But they have had different standards based on price point. You have to pay more to get the best Oly glass, but they also offer more economical...
  43. JoeFriday

    Photokina Summary

    Not exactly a blockbuster event for us, eh? Thanks for the update, Dragos!
  44. JoeFriday

    Photokina Summary

    I haven't been doing a great job of following the announcements out of Photokina, altho I've picked up on a few things here and there. Apparently there was no earth-shattering micro four-thirds product introduction. I was hoping there would be more lenses coming out. In case I missed...
  45. JoeFriday

    Hello from Wisconsin

    hey Greg.. welcome aboard. Whereabouts in WI are you?
  46. JoeFriday

    eyecup for Olympus electronic view finder

    Bill, that's because it sits in Customs for at least a week. Used to happen to me all the time when i bought/sold/traded cameras over at RFF.
  47. JoeFriday

    Beer damage on the GF1 - any solution?

    I would suggest switching to wine from now on
  48. JoeFriday

    Show "Yourself" Yip, that's me

    If I want a photo of me, I usually have to take it myself. Here, with my E-P2 and Summicron 50/2.
  49. JoeFriday

    Yashica GSN Butchery

    Amazing! A GSN was the very first rangefinder i ever bought. Very sharp lens, but I hated the aperture-priority only setting.
  50. JoeFriday

    eyecup for Olympus electronic view finder

    Looks very interesting. I'm thinking of ordering one, and I was thinking I could double up the order and help out someone in the UK by buying more than one if anyone is interested in a trade of sorts.
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