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    COMPLETED Olympus E-PL2 - $260 Shipped

    Lee, Thanks! Tag for feedback on lens!
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    Where do you store all your photos?

    I agree with the question posed! However, once deleted, that image is gone forever. As I develop my skills, I do check older files as categorized in my Lightroom 3, thankful for the ability to see my progress. The Synology and Drobo systems were my 2 considerations. I opted for the Drobo mostly...
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    Where do you store all your photos?

    After using numerous external drive scenarios, providing multiple copies, my file system became TOO complicated. I've opted for a new Drobo system (4 bay with 4 SATA 2TB drives)! Life is good, again. I was able to move all my image files from 3 smaller drives into this wonder. Once the transfer...
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    COMPLETED EPL2 (black) + 14-42 mk II lens

    Previous email sent Rich, Please contact me as I've shown interest and am ready to purchase. :smile:
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    Win a Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 ASPH lens from #mu43

    Yesss..... The 20 is just a bit too heavy! Please let me have good fortune:)
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    Win an Olympus PEN E-PL2 from #mu43

    A new camera would be welcomed. Loving my 4/3 and m4/3 Oly gear so far.
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    COMPLETED Sold: Lumix GF1 Body and EVF

    Yup, I'd like the 14mm .......inform me please!:)
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    Hello from Boston!

    Welcome! Congrats on your gear and welcome aboard. I have been especially informed of things - photography and m4/3-, since joining. Good luck with your BU experience, I am an alumnus of Sargent and the School of Ed (countless years ago:). Also, great to see the response from fellow MA members...
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    COMPLETED SOLD: Olympus EP-2 (body only)

    Ray, Yes, I did receive that accessory ring. Still haven't used it as I've not had issue with the rest dial, just as you had suggested about the S-90. Thank you. VK
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    COMPLETED SOLD: Olympus EP-2 (body only)

    Great contributor and trust worthy seller! My recent purchase of Ray's Canon S-90 was great. It was everything I wanted in a compact p&s. If I didn't already own an E-p2, this camera would have been on it's way to me. GLWS, Ray!
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    XZ-1... anybody got one yet?

    Don't click link on iphone also!!!!! (: Same result as ipad!
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    Transcend SDHC 8gb Class 10, for 13 dollars

    Great! I've got a couple of class 10 sd transcend and have had no problem. I've used transcends CF with my Oly E1, E3 and E410 and really find them quite dependable and fast. Don't let the low price scare you; get them from a reliable seller and enjoy them.
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    Quick decision E-P1 or E-PL1

    Both Streetshooter and Fiddler have offered good advice to you. In previous replies, I've remarked about my favoring an E-P2 over my wife's E-PL1, mostly due to the control over aperture, shutter and iso that is more convenient with the thumbwheel and dial on the P2 (and E-P1!) There are a...
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    Anzac Bridge

    I like the second one best, although the entire set is good. The 9-18 really seems to perform well. Could be the "next" in our house. Thanks for sharing these bridge shots.
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    E-P2 support wireless mode FL-36R

    Using the m4/3 lenses and the 2 bodies I have indicated, flash macro photography ( with the built-in flash or the FL-14) that I have attempted has found the subject in shadow of the lens. I have tried to use an FL-50r (using the FL-14 to control the slave FL-50R) with both and have had no...
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    E-P2 support wireless mode FL-36R

    I have both E-P2 and the E-PL1 and agree that the single feature I wish was common to them would have been the RC flash option. Having said that, I don't think that true macro photography(requiring flash) is something that I would be using either of these bodies for. Unfortunately, the m4/3...
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    Characters of the microcosm

    Nice set of images! Good annotations, too:)
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    Hello from London, England.

    Welcome! Another E-P2 user here. I went through the same process (somewhat) before getting mine. Absolutely love the camera, it's control dials/wheels/panel. I found that my brain wasn't quite wired for the buttons of the E-PL1 (my wife loves IT though). Enjoy your gear and enjoy the friends...
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    Strapping up

    My pre-owned E-P2 came with the original neck strap, but it was modified. The previous owner had added approximately 10-12" of strap extension. Thought it was odd at first, but I now appreciate the length when using the LCD to frame. My E-PL1 has the standard neck strap and it is too short...
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    My E-P2 is throwing a hissy fit!

    Have you tried to transfer the files using a USB card reader. I have always used an inexpensive multi-card type for my transfers. They seem to be quicker and trying one now might help determine if it's the camera(hardware?settings in the menu?) or a computer/ software issue. Good luck with...
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    Cape Ann, Massachusetts

    Nice Oceanside series of the " other Cape" with great pp. That 9-18 is beckoning!:rolleyes:
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    Little confused, what do you see in the EVF?

    VF-2 is absolutely worth it! I have remarked in another thread, that the VF-2 was the reason for my purchasing of an E-PL1 for my wife in June. (Tried an E-P2 with it in the afternoon at a photo class; went to local big Box that night to buy the camera kit; on-lined a VF-2 within 3 days!) Real...
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    Hello from New England

    I can understand a bit of reluctance and uncertainty as you consider the shift. I've been exceptionally pleased with the E-PL1, it's 14-42 kit lens and the Lumix 45-200 lens. (I still have my E-1. E-3 and 2 E-410s for similar thoughts, although I'm ready to part with 3 of them now. Yes, my...
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    [EXPIRED] I'm ready!

    Bill, I've satisfied my temptation with respect to the E-P2! I did purchase an outfit and it is being delivered this week. Now, I am really interested in selling some of my DSLR gear (probably will include my E-1 and a flash or two)! I think the only trades that would make sense to me...
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    [EXPIRED] I'm ready!

    Better than Ready :) The E-P2 is coming! I'll consider reasonable offers for these 2 cameras. Anybody looking for the advantage of small DSLR performance to have ready with your m4/3?
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    Why did you choose Olympus over Panasonic?

    Absolutely relied on the compatibility issue for all the standard 4/3 lenses that I have for my E dslr bodies. The size of the m4/3 cameras and weight factor for a more casual use attracted me, but the Olympus ability to use my older lenses comforted me in that I've grown attached to using them...
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    A large bug

    Yup, that's a BIG bug alright! It's great that you got some of his(it's)web in the shots; should give someone a hint about what it is. Kindly, keep them in Texas:smile:
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    Photoshop / Lightroom? Now I'm really confused.

    Pictor (previous reply) has laid out a very good overview and thoughtful suggestion about workflow. Although reference has been made to LR3 (as well as Martin Evening's Guide to LR3), I've used LR2 (and read Martin Evening's Guide to LR 2) almost exclusively to process and manage my digital...
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    General Olympus Question

    I have several Olympus DSLRs, including the E-3. I am very impressed with the E-PL1 and have a strong interest in getting the EP-2. There are several strong issues that will make me keep the E-3 for the forseeable future. I still value the control set, features and access, that it has. Namely...
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    EPL-1, EP-2, or G1

    Since you asked, I'll answer based on my 6 wk. experience with the E-PL1 (5 with the VF-2, 4 with the Lumix 45-200 and a Lumix MA-1 Adapter for my 4/3 lenses.) I haven't made the complete switch to m4/3, but it's likely when they make a more robust body with weather-sealing. I use my E-3 (E-1...
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    controls on PL1

    Depending on distance to your subject, a simple fill-in flash on the E-PL1 might do it in Program mode!:thumbup:
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    EPL-1, EP-2, or G1

    The Oly VF-2 is a troublesome factor for E-PL1 owners (current and prospective ). In my successful quest in June, I snagged a "buy it now" on eBay, although I'm certain I paid a $25.00 premium( a cost for instant gratification!) If I were to purchase an EP today, I would weigh the...
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    A hike on Mt. Hood

    Really nice series with great light. Thanks for a good "look see ", I can almost smell the mountain air.
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    Olympus VF-2 - Experiences

    Welcome and congrats on your new EVF. The EVF was the needed addition to the Pen in my circumstance. Without it, I would have been happy staying with my larger Oly 4/3 gear. Due to it, I am starting to sell off my standard 4/3 gear. The comments about the battery have haunted any of the...
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    [EXPIRED] I'm ready!

    I'm still ready ! Price adjustment:) PRICE REDUCTION to $635. If there are any interested people with Olympus or Panasonic m4/3 gear, contact me with info.
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    [EXPIRED] Oly 40-150mm f3.5-4.5 w/ Pany DMW-MA1 Lowered Price!

    Nicely priced set for anyone that is seeking more reach than they may have with any of the kit lenses. The 40-150 balancees better than my 45-200 Lumix on my E-PL1. Very decent performance too. The adapter works with all my standard 4/3 lenses, extenders and even a lensbaby. A gentle bump for...
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    [EXPIRED] I'm ready!

    To sell or trade my Olympus E-410's. In the past month of owning an E-PL1 and the VF-2, I've decided that it is time for these cameras and 2 kit lenses to move to a different home. I am going to depart with these as a "package" and will only deal with Verified PayPal in CONUS. The price is $735...
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    It is worth it?

    You've laid out the hypothetical "what if" here. You do have to consider why, in the first place, you got the wonderful Pen. Your subject matter is what will determine your answer. In my instance, I've got the FL-20 and 2 FL-50Rs for my experiment/practice in flash photography(purchased...
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    Anyone know of a rugged or hard side belt or shoulder bag?

    Kata makes a W-92 and W-94 which are padded waist bags. The 94 is quite generous and comfortable(I use this with some of my DSLR gear). The 92 is smaller and might do you well, depending on the zoom lens you're intending to carry. Another waist bag that could work is the Inverse 100 AW by Lowepro.
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    The Pen EVF... what's it any good for?

    As an E-3 user (still), I wouldn't agree that that is the expectation of the DSLR crowd. I would agree that a weather-sealed E-P2 with an EVF makes for a very nice dream for us still lugging our heavier DSLRs!:2thumbs: I am getting closer to that time when I'll be converting (selling) my 4/3s...
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    Tell me I'm mad.

    Streetshooter, I understand:smile: My reluctance to have joined the recent crowd of new P2 buyers (especially the lucky Amazonians who got the $799 deal) related to the fact that I really do enjoy my LARGE E-3, even with the size/weight compromise. As I had already purchased the PL1, I...
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    Tell me I'm mad.

    I am waiting for these "mistakes" (E-P2) to hit the classifieds so that you can achieve your next dream! :smile: I've enjoyed our E-PL1 enough because of it's form (even with the VF-2) as it does encourage a more "streetshooter" use for me. While I love my DSLRs, size does matter and...
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    What have you just bought off EBay

    I agree with Ben about most sellers! I've recently gotten my VF-2 thru eBay and received it in several days! Prior to that I've bought Lightroom 2 as well as many standard 4/3 lenses! Now I am looking for that E-P2:smile: I do admit that I feel a little safer buying from members of the...
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    Hello from San Francisco

    Welcome! Reading about your experience with the E-PL1 leads to the question of what is it that you are missing that you expect to find on the other Oly E-P's. While my other cameras include the Oly E-1, E-3 and E-410, I find myself enjoying the creative moments that the E-PL1 (with 14-42mm) has...
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    Hello from Westborough, MA

    Welcome to another Bay-Stater! You' 'll like it here! Great site with friendly people! You' ve made a great choice with the E-PL1!
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    Thinking about buying an EPL1

    Jules, Sorry for your loss of the E-500. The E-PL1 is a great little camera and is definitely worth the price. As has been mentioned (by BBW), if you are in the vicinity of B&H or Adorama, you should check out what they can offer you. One real consideration as you move from the E-500 to the...
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    Hot Air Balloons!

    Really like the 1st shot. Leads the eye, like joining in the flight! All are captured very well. Congrats. Things like these would probably be shark bait in our neck of the woods :smile:
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    Pre-dawn at Jibbon Beach

    Beautiful captures! I like the drama of light in the first better. Thank you for your specific info about the technique and equipment; and supplying some motivation to get up early here (other Oly shooters tell me that there is great early light to be seen here too! :redface:)
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    PM box

    And so it goes:) The very nature of this thread made me feel real good about mu-43. A request for info, some helpful and good-spirited replies, .... This is what attracted me to this forum! :2thumbs: to all who participated and continue to participate. Thanks for a dose of GOOD reality!
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    E-PL1 VF1 or EVF?

    Did "Buy Now"! Our EVF arrived today! A week and half ago, it helped my decision to go m4/3 as I got to try it on an EP-2! (we got the E-PL1 though) Bright sun, no problem and the angle adjustment makes it more comfortable.
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