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    Featured: 'My portrait work with m43: can it hang with the big boys?' by spatulaboy

    Hey all, Great images! My question is simple. if you take the same image with a D4 or D800.and print yours and the Nikons at 24 inches by 36 inches (vice versa actually) - will there be a difference in print quality? Do you know the answer to this? If there is no difference in print quality...
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    An Editorial Introduction and an Opinion on the Strength of Micro Four Thirds

    Hey All, I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the native aspect ratio of the camera as a major advantage. I really like the 4/3 aspect and if you wish to change to 3/2 or 1/1 the megapixel count drops are nowhere near as large as a 3/2 native format camera (Fuji XE-1 in my case) going to say...
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    Tips Please for Finding DOF w/ Digital

    Hey All, With my XE-1 I use the DOF ribbon in the display or the old rule of thumb - focus a third of the way "into" (up from bottom of) the image and you probably are in the neighborhood of hyperfocal distance. -Ed-
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    Scottish cows in The Netherlands

    Hey All, Zoom with your feet - they don't bite! Be able to run though - just in case. Nice pics! Cute calves! -Ed-
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    Over-processing? Sometimes it's hard to tell

    Hey All, Love it! LOL I never in my life been called daddy-o. Not sure what to think... That said... Rockabilly and Ruby Ann are favorites of mine along with multiple kinds of music (country/delta blues, cowboy, country and red dirt). I play a Gretsch and my mom was the first to rub wildroot...
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    Over-processing? Sometimes it's hard to tell

    Hey All, Nice car images there hepkitty! You and your car images remind me of Miss Ruby Ann with Ike and the Capers at this Youtube ... search on: v=0l33nG26TLU I think people often subconsciously follow "rules" as "rules" are common based on what looks good to people to start with. -Ed-
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, Last night the theatre here in Nanaimo, BC was graced by the presence of Terri Clark. Terri originally hails from Medicine Hat Alberta - the town I most want to retire to - as if I ever get to. Terri holds a unique honor - the only Canadian woman I know of to have ever been (and is)...
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    Problem seeing composition in landscape photography

    Hey All, I think the best thing you can do is find some landscape photographers you like and study their work. Really study it - try to figure out why a picture works - what drew you to it? Read what landscape photographers say and write. Even if you may not care for their work - if they are...
  9. E's Post Processing Challenge - #16!

    Hey All, Hmmm... Is this Loch Ness? Just thinkin... :biggrin: -Ed-
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    My approach to a "look" for my photography

    Hey All, I too looked at your photos and yes they do have a "look" to them and yes I would kinda characterize "it" as ektachrome. I bought my only 35mm film camera in 79 and it was - after trying OM1, AE1 and I have no idea what the equivalent Nikon was - I bought a Minolta XD5 - I loved...
  11. E's Post Processing Challenge - #15!

    Hey All, I'll enter these... Nice image to work with. Be sure to click the pics. -Ed-
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    Have OMD and EPL1, get EPM1 to replace EPL1?

    Hey All, Couldn't resist... :biggrin: Now I don't know how good this strategy is for cameras... but girlfriends...:tongue: go for it... Now that said I'm looking to upgrade to something beyond EPL-1 for my other half - relegating EPL-1 to second camera perhaps with a prime. Watching...
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, I'll do a couple more... First a bit of trivia for you... Only one man has 59 number one songs to his credit. No other band or group or single act in any genre of music from classical to blues to rock in the entire history of planet earth has ever come close and likely no one...
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, An amazing thread! Highbrow lowbrow grocery store elevator dentist chair my name is more blues than yours old rockers you name it every kind of music is in this thread. Me I'm country always have been always will be - to me NO kind of music ever created has expressed life...
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge #11

    Hey All, A couple entries... Obvious cropping various other adjustments... Very fun image to play with! -Ed-
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    Ray's Place: The Strummers

    Hey All, Nice set! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a Snark affixed to a guitar. :smile: -Ed-
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    FYI - Steve McCurry - Last Roll of Kodachrome

    Hey All, I always preferred ektachrome - way cooler! Pun intended! :biggrin: -Ed-
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, I wanna give a big thumbs up to Mary Gauthier!! :2thumbs: Here is my Music Fog offering - one of the best by one of my favorite groups - The Trishas. They have so much fun with this one... I don't believe they are all named Trisha! :tongue: The Trishas "Against the Grain" -...
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    Around Newberg Oregon

    Hey All, Thought all longtime NW Oregonians knew about the M. <p><br>Flying M Ranch, Airstrip, Lodge, Restaurant, Camping, Horseback Riding, Yamhill Oregon Horrible website but a great place! -Ed-
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    Around Newberg Oregon

    Hey All, Nice pics! I really like the 5th! I'd be all over that International and the Hesston swather and the seed drill with my camera. You at least made it out to the M for dinner? I met Ernie Borgnine there once. -Ed-
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    Mu 4/3 Challenge #9

    Hey All, Good job and congrats to the winners! I wasn't in on this one as I saw that it was 3 days and I have this thing called a job that gets in the way. Looking forward to the next. -Ed-
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge #8

    Hey All, Yes Good job everyone! :thumbup: -Ed-
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    Hey All, I actually did know the answer as well but was curious about who else here knew about guitar. If I'm not messing with my mandolin or harmonicas I normally play my Gretsch Projet through a Bugera V5 tube amp or a Crate Taxi solid state and now find that I want a travel guitar and...
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    How much have you spent on your kit?

    Hey All, About $75 total - $43 on PP software and another $30 or so on a memory card. I prefer to play on somebody else's dime as long as I choose the toys. Since buying my own film camera in 1975 I've not spent a penny of my own money on either a camera or lens for myself. Now I have...
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    Hey All, Yes nice image! :2thumbs: The more interesting question is - what chord? I'm probably going to buy a Taylor GS Mini in the next few days! :smile: -Ed-
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    "Happy Australia Day!" (To All The Folks From Down Under)

    Hey All, My contribution to Australia Day by one of my very favorite bands - Sophie and Celeste... Sunny Cowgirls -Ed-
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge #8

    Hey All, I went ahead and created a couple options. The first was an exercise in gray-scaling adding color back in via a fusion of layers based on color selection followed by an HDR tone map and noise reduction followed by small, colour, curves, gamma and contrast adjustments and resizing...
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge #6

    Hey All, I would like to have entered this but when I downloaded the dng I got this which I've no idea how to fix. (a 90% or so doesn't matter crop from the original) Congrats to the winners! -Ed-
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    Someone talk me out of going back to full frame...

    Hey All, Bottom line seems to be - one way or another - size matters! :biggrin: -Ed-
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, The Rev... Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Everything's Raising - YouTube Enjoy! -Ed-
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge #4

    Hey All, I just saw the movie Lincoln yesterday. Thinking of the boy with the glass "photos". If you haven't seen Lincoln - do. What I did... Crop Light application of Sepia Light application of Orton Frame Re-size Sharpen a bit and a bunch of micro adjustments at various points...
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge 2

    Hey All, I misspoke a little in what I wrote about what I did. It was actually one of the rainbow lights in the club lights filter in Fhotoroom HDR available at this site. Fhotoroom HDR | Fhotoroom That link shows some of what the program can do. One important ability the program has...
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    Mu-43 Post Processing Challenge 2

    Hey All, Don't recall exactly what all I did. Although I did do a rainbow light filter to change the lighting a bit and a preset HDR with other fiddling including exposure, resize and sharpen. Looking for grain and tone mapping contrast. I've always thought that processing of some images in...
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    'Full Frame Sensor NEX-7-Styled Body In 1 Year'

    Hey All, I'm betting Fuji goes down this road. There has been at least one rumour and look at what they have done with the X10, X100, XPro and XE1. I think Fuji is really committed to the idea of rangefinder style with the right mix of old and new. I'm going Fuji and this is a part of the...
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    If you had $1400 to spend on camera system...

    Hey All, X-E1 with a buck left over for a twinkie - if you can find one! :smile: -Ed-
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    Northern California fall

    Hey All, I believe Anza-Borrego Desert SP on the east side of San Diego County is the largest in CA. What park is that? Really nice images and as soon as I saw all that grass I thought - what a rippin fire that would make with say a 60 mph wind. I have always liked big old Oregon white...
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    Walking Peru

    Hey All, Really nice images here and on Flickr! :2thumbs: -Ed-
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, I am dual American/Canadian citizen. Country and Bluegrass music is one of my passions. If country "speaks to you" it doesn't matter where it is produced. Simple music that speaks to life, love, work and country. I grew up on the stuff in rural Montana. I am very thankful for...
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, Wet gray overcast Vancouver Island sunday morning so I'm just sittin here havin a Beer With Jesus... Thomas Rhett - Beer With Jesus - YouTube Enjoy... -Ed-
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    Hey All, Years ago when I had the opportunity and pleasure of learning fundamentals of photography at a University which in addition to all the elements of making photographs in the field and studio included processing and printing my own black and white film, I also took a 3 month course...
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    Dx0 "disaster" for the GH2

    Hey All, Hey All, I think I get the question - what your getting at is that if aperture and shutterspeed which are purely mechanical and the resulting pictures are absolutely identical - how can manufacturer ISO possibly be different? But what you don't know is what other processing has...
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    Dx0 "disaster" for the GH2

    Hey All, Michael Reichmann's comments from this thread on the DXO Panasonic GH2 test: Panasonic GH2 Review for MR Very puzzling results. -Ed-
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    Birds and a sunset from the A33

    Hey All, Still a good looking system. I see the Sony A55v is $549.99 at Broadway Photo in latest issue of Outdoor Photographer - includes kit lens. If you want the same sensor as is in the Pentax K5 and Nikon D7000 for cheap in a micro4/3rds size body - this is it. I'm sure thinking about...
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    Photography sites of the Week

    Hey All, Good Stuff! I like this one. April 19 - Jonathan Klein - Photographs that changed the world. -Ed-
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    micro4/3rds as pro kit

    Hey All, I just got back from taking my son down to his high school for Senior pictures. Two photographers taking pictures of the kids - one doing the cap gown type picture camera on a tripod the other doing more casual hand held images. Of course they had all the lights umbrella bounces the...
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    The Panasonic 3D lens

    Hey All, I assume the 3-D lens produces an image like this at Flickr? IMGP4024_5_6_7_8_A_HDRI_tonemapped | Flickr - Photo Sharing! You can see 3-D simply by positioning your eyes about 15 in (or a bit more or less) from the computer monitor screen crossing and then slowly uncrossing...
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    What are you listening to?

    Hey All, How do you get youtube embedding on this site? On others I use video address This doesn't work here - what do you do? -Ed-
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    Sony SLT-A33 with Tamron 18-250

    Hey All, I want to thank you for these posts! Some good looking calves! That 18-250 Tamron is apparently becoming a pretty popular lens. Does it use in lens or in body stabilization? Now for something on the short end say 10 (or a bit more) to something - I think those two lenses would pretty...
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    Landscape Photographer of the Year

    Hey All, The four I liked best - in order of preference were: 1) Pew Tor 2) South Downs 3) Sand patterns... 4) Lavender field at dawn The urban stuff was just too common. The sheep picture had me wondering why oh why weren't those tails docked? (I've raised sheep) The border collie did...
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    Misty Morning

    Hey All, Zach I actually way prefer the first image - the diagonal lines from the right - the curve into the picture. Nice elements in my opinion. I'd probably try "popping" the fall colors a bit more just out of curiosity. The second one is nice but I don't get or see the "floating" and it...
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