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  1. Burkey


    Not my usual subject but we were at a local lake for a family picnic and I happened to have my E-PL1 with the 20/1.7 with me. ISO100, f2, processed in LR and CS4. . . . Burkey
  2. Burkey

    How happy are you with your current equipment?

    Probably about a 9. I'm still wanting more fast and affordable primes but overall MFT format really fits my needs. . . . Burkey
  3. Burkey

    Hello from NH

    Welcome from your neighbors to the northwest in northern Vermont. This is a great forum. Lots of very useful information. . . . Burkey
  4. Burkey

    Showcase Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro Elmarit

    Nice images, very well done. . . . Burkey
  5. Burkey

    Olympus Pen...perception vs reality

    As an ex M8 user I gotta' say that the images out of the Pen series cameras I have had or still presently own and use are excellent and although I think I will go for the X100 I will remain a very loyal "MFT-guy". I take pictures/make images/tell stories. I think. I use Pens a lot to do those...
  6. Burkey

    A bit of a cautionary tale about eBay

    An interesting thread. I've personally done well over the years with eBay, especially buying and selling photo gear. I have over 500 transactions with a 100% positive rating. (Not all photo gear. :cool:) But applying some serious caution is absolutely imperative. There's no such thing as a...
  7. Burkey

    E-PL1 image thread

    Nicole - your Scituate image is very well seen and captured. Nice work. . . . Burkey
  8. Burkey

    E-PL1 image thread

    E-PL1, Lumix 20mm, ISO320. Disney World. . . . Burkey
  9. Burkey

    Pany 20mm lens hood

    The nice thing about the 14mm and the 20mm is that they use the same filter size. I've bought hoods from Heavy Star too for years. Great product, fast shipping. But the vented hood shown in this thread really got my attention so one of those is in route right now. Thanks for posting the...
  10. Burkey


    Sample images up on the Fuji X100 site found here; Sample Image Gallery | FUJIFILM FinePix X100 Not much to tell from these but I did notice a lot of minus EV correction in the data. I wonder if the X100 tends to "shoot hot". . . . Burkey
  11. Burkey


    From a tweet via the "Fuji Guys". Looks a lot like a Leica/Voigtlander vented hood to me. Very nice. . . . Burkey
  12. Burkey

    Question about Panny 20mm F1.7

    Hi syilim, From Ray - "You get very accustomed to 'seeing' at that focal length and you start to envision images and patterns and frames very intuitively." This is a very important part of photography for me and many around here. However, if you are more comfortable with a zoom I too wouldn't...
  13. Burkey

    EVF2 and Motion Sickness

    The suggestion regarding using the LCD for macro shots is a good one. My wife has three beautiful orchids in bloom right now and I took a shot of them for her. I used the LCD and it worked wonderfully. Flowers aren't my typical subject matter and using the LCD isn't my usual image viewing...
  14. Burkey

    EVF2 and Motion Sickness

    Interesting. I get a similar feeling when using a broadcast field camera when its on a tripod higher than I am. Looking up into a VF can be very disorienting. A silly question - but - is the diopter adjusted to your sight? . . . Burkey Another thought - are you bent over with your head in an...
  15. Burkey

    E-PL2/Lens for Disney World?

    Something else you may also want to think about if you are strongly considering the 20/1.7- an ND filter. If you want to limit the DoF on some of your shots you may find that you run out of shutter speeds when at a low ISO and wide aperture. I bought a .3 ND for the a trip to the Bahamas this...
  16. Burkey

    E-PL2/Lens for Disney World?

    PetitP-Thanks. ... Burkey
  17. Burkey

    E-PL2/Lens for Disney World?

    Thanks, Texas. It's an enjoyable place to photograph in. ...Burkey
  18. Burkey

    Embedding SLide Shows in Posts

    Yes, it's Flash/Shockwave based. I have an iPad and was curious how it looked on that screen too. . . . Burkey
  19. Burkey

    Embedding SLide Shows in Posts

    It's WORKS!!! Too cool. Thanks. I've removed my test post and placed the slide show post on the thread related to selecting lens for a Disney trip in the native lens thread. Thanks again. . . . Burkey
  20. Burkey

    Embedding SLide Shows in Posts

    Hey texascbx - thanks for the reply. 'Not sure I understand the "click the # symbol above which creates the code box for you." I'm pretty much "code deficient". But I'll fool around with it without posting my mistakes until I get it, (or don't.) Again, thanks for the reply. . . . Burkey
  21. Burkey

    Embedding SLide Shows in Posts

    Hi Folks, I tried this morning to embed a slide show into a post I made regarding camera/lens selections for a Disney trip. I use Zenfolio and supposedly according to their site, it should be embeddable into a forum post. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. . . ...
  22. Burkey

    E-PL2/Lens for Disney World?

    We make a couple of trips to WDW every year as my wife is a huge Disney fan. This past trip I took my E-PL1, 20/1.7, 14/2.5 and a Nokton 25/.95. To my surprise the vast majority of images I took ended up being with the 20/1.7. As previously mentioned, what you shoot obviously has a big...
  23. Burkey


    Ray - nice shot. Yup, it looks a lot like my mind except my snow is usually a bit "dirty". ;-) . . . Burkey
  24. Burkey


    Hmmm. Where have we seen this sort of f-stop and shutter speed setup before? (Other than with classic cameras.) I have owned both the Digilux 2 and 3. The later I got direct from Leica when my Digilux 2 sensor went out. Both great cameras at low ISOs with easily adjustable f-stops and...
  25. Burkey


    Major GAS attack in progress here. . . . Burkey
  26. Burkey

    What lens would you buy for a GF1 if you were me? (fast 50mm equiv)

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I find that the Lumix 20/1.7 Pancake is my favorite 4/3 lens regardless of what 4/3 body I put it on. Nice 40mm focal length - 35mm FoV. Sharp too. I don't think the bokeh is quite as nice as the Nokton 25mm but for overall quality, speed and versatility it's...
  27. Burkey

    Panny 14mm almost here (US)

    Interesting different finish the 14mm mounted up to the GF2. I wonder if this is going to be the new standard? . . . Burkey
  28. Burkey

    Hello from frosty Vermont USA

    Welcome to a fellow "Veeminter". It was a balmy -18 in the NEK this morning so "frosty Vermont" is fully understood. Again, welcome. This is a great forum with a bunch of really talented photgraphers all ready to give a hand in "four-thirds-land". Visit often. . . . Burkey
  29. Burkey

    Showcase Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95

    Broom An image from just outside our porch door. I really hate the thought of replacing this broom. E-P2, Nokton 25/.95. ISO400, approx. f 1.8, 1/800, processed in LR3.3 and CS4 for posting. . . . Burkey
  30. Burkey

    Showcase Panasonic 14mm f/2.5

    Here's a shot from a recent family vacation taken with the 14/2.5. I'm still finding that I use the 20/1.7 a lot more. However, the 14/2.5 is a great lens, very sharp, not as contrasty as I expected, very small and light and takes the same filters as the 20mm. E-PL1, ISO320, f10. 1/1250sec...
  31. Burkey

    You Are Never Alone

    Hera - very well seen. Nice work. . . . Burkey
  32. Burkey

    Dylan at Disney

    I caught our son staring off at something/someone last week during a family vacation. 'Thought I'd share the image. E-PL1, Lumix 20/1.7. ISO 125, .3 ND filter, f1.7, 1/800 sec. Processed in LR3.2 and CS4 for posting. . . . Burkey
  33. Burkey

    would it be wise to invest more in the system?

    A couple of thoughts - In the broadcast arena Sony has a very bad habit of abandoning systems. The number of tapeless ENG broadcast recorders Sony has gone through is an industry legend. Likewise for Sony with broadcast NLE systems, (non-linear editing). Panasonic, on the other hand...
  34. Burkey

    Christmas Bokeh

    E-PL1, Nokton 20/.95 Happy Holidays to Everyone. . . . Burkey
  35. Burkey

    A Photographer's Rights

    A Resource As a long time member of NPPA - The National Press Photographers Association, I suggest you check out their web site - National Press Photographers Association. If you use thier search engine you will find a lot of information that should be helpful for your article. Good luck. . ...
  36. Burkey

    Panasonic 14mm f2,5 samples

    Another shot with the Lumix 14/2.5 this time with the G1. ISO640, f2.5, 1/40 sec. Processed in LR3.2 and CS4 for posting. A very nice lens. We will be traveling next week and this lens along with the Nokton 25/.95 will definitely be in my bag. And again - have a nice holiday season.:smile...
  37. Burkey

    RAW...huh...what is it good for?

    I believe Adams used to say something like; "the negative is the score and the print is the performance." I've always liked this quote, paraphrased or not. But then again I'm a big Bresson fan and he never printed any of his own work. Over processing and gross image manipulation aren't part...
  38. Burkey

    Greetings from Scotland

    Hi Elizabeth - Welcome. . . . Burkey
  39. Burkey

    Showcase Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95

    Kosta - really nice images. The Nokton is an incredible lens. I really like its subtle "glow". I'll be traveling with mine the middle of next week and really look forward to using to it. Have a nice holiday season. . . . Burkey
  40. Burkey

    Hello everyone

    Hello Slavisa and welcome. This is very cool forum community. Visit often. :smile: . . . Burkey
  41. Burkey

    New Member Introduction Thread

    A “drive-by” Bio of Sorts. . . Hello Folks, Real name David. I teach full-time broadcast photojournalism at a small college in Vermont – Lyndon State College – Electronic Journalism Arts. (I shot the color pictures on the site with an E-P2 and a 20/1.7.) I was a fine arts undergraduate in...
  42. Burkey

    Bags and more bags

    Another Domke you might want to take a look at is the Domke F-10 JD Medium Shoulder Bag. I have one and it's great for one body and a couple of lenses, especially pancakes. The front compartment has a zipper closure that makes it perfect for personal stuff. Hers's a link; Domke F-10 JD Medium...
  43. Burkey

    Panasonic 14mm f2,5 samples

    ccunningham - good point and I think you're right. Thanks. . . . Burkey
  44. Burkey

    Formatting your Memory card

    O.K., I promise to be good and format the card every time. Honest. :wink: . . . Burkey
  45. Burkey

    Hello from the White Mountains

    Hi Bob - welcome. You'll really enjoy the G1. I have one, it's a great camera. Hey are you in the White Mountains as in New Hampshire? We're over in Vermont, as in the Green Mountains, although they are very white right now.:wink: . . . Burkey
  46. Burkey

    Formatting your Memory card

    I probably format my cards about half the time too. . . . Burkey
  47. Burkey

    Beach Camera?

    I've purchased from them directly a number of times. No problems, good service. . . . Burkey
  48. Burkey

    A Very Strange Billingham question

    Thanks for the input. Nope, 'don't think I'd put a bottle inside either but a health issue I have forces me to constantly make sure that I'm not dehydrated. Up here in northern New England it's not much of an issue but when travel south and into Florida I'm always cautious. Thanks again. . ...
  49. Burkey

    A Very Strange Billingham question

    Hi Folks, I recently purchased a Billingham Hadley Pro bag. My question, odd as it may sound is - does anyone know if any of the AVEA side pouches are big enough to hold a water bottle? Thanks in advance. . . . Burkey
  50. Burkey

    Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 Camera Porn

    Very nice images. The Nokton is quite a capable lens. How did the E-PL1 with the Nokton hold up against the G11? I was pretty much luckless with the G9 I had. Oh yeah, geez I wish I had of been at that concert. (Insert jealousy here.) :smile: Thanks for sharing. . . . Burkey
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