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    Pen-F grip issues

    I didn't feel comfortable holding the camera either. It just wasn't secure. So I trolled eBay until the Olympus Pen-F grip appeared, and I won the $46 auction. The grip is great, but it's a tight fit to pinch the SD card for removal.
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    PEN-F Firmware 2.0

    I had no problems until I upgraded to 2.0, then it locked up when it went into sleep mode. Required an on/off to unfreeze. I called Olympus Support who wanted me to send the camera in, but I was travelling at the time and couldn't send it in. Problem disappeared with the 2.1 upgrade. Good luck!
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    Superzoom for safari?

    I used a Panasonic FZ200 on my 7 week safari. Worked great. I should have practiced manual focus a lot before going. I really wish it had focus peaking. Lens is 25–600 mm (35mm equiv) plus a constant f2.8 throughout entire zoom IBIS. I would think the FZ300 is an upgrade, but...
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    COMPLETED Manfrotto Precision Panorama Tripod Head System | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - EbaySelling</br> Manfrotto Precision Panorama Tripod Head System </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Link to Ebay listing</br> Manfrotto 300N 3416 Really Right Stuff B2 LR QR Plate | eBay Includes Manfrotto Levelling Base (Model 3416)...
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    COMPLETED FS: Olympus Zuiko 70-300mm ED f4.0-5.6 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - EbaySelling</br> Olympus Zuiko 70-300mm ED f4.0-5.6 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Link to Ebay listing</br> Olympus Zuiko 70 300mm F 4 0 5 6 Ed Lens for Four Thirds Mint No Reserve 0005033216053 | eBay </br>References</br> -...
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    COMPLETED FS: Olympus MMF-2 Four Thirds Adapter | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - EbaySelling</br> FS: Olympus MMF-2 Four Thirds Adapter </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Link to Ebay listing</br> Olympus Pen MMF 2 Four Thirds Adapter Mint No Reserve | eBay </br>References</br> - </br>Acknowledgment</br>I have read and...
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    My New to me E-PL1 is here!!!

    He's a couple webpages that you might find helpful with your E-PL1 E-PL1 Menu E-PL1 settings Chuck
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    Yosemite Valley Panorama

    Half Dome S0nus...nice shot. I was at that exact spot myself this July. For me, Glacier Point was the highlight of Yosemite. I just wish there was a comparable viewpoint for El Capitan! C&C of your photo. I think the contrast between the blues of the sky, the gray granite stone...
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    Circular Polarizers on m4/3

    Is it just me, or is anyone else having difficulty using their CP with the electronic viewfinders/LCD? While I was using a 4/3 body with optical vf, I had no difficulty at all. So I know they work on digital cameras. But with the electronic viewfinder or the lcd, the effect is so visibly...
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    VF-2 and new Pens?

    VF-2 availability Try here:
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    VF-2 and new Pens?

    VF-2 on PENS The VF-2 is currently functional on the E-P2, E-PL1, E-PL2, and XZ-1. I can't not see it usable on future Pen cameras...unless they incorporate this awesome viewfinder into a professional Pen camera. My $0.02. Chuck
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    Do you own a P+S as well?

    Pocketable XZ-1 Doubt no longer...the XZ-1 is truly "pocketable"...just leave the strap off. It fits nicely in my shirt pocket.
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    Do you own a P+S as well?

    My P&S I have the E-PL1 w/14-150mm and my P&S is the Oly XZ-1. I just got the Franiec grip for the XZ-1 and it transforms the handling!
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    is 14-42 II Oly Kit Lens available for sale?

    Version II Check this one:
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    Olympus VF-2 viewfinder for $199 at w/ free shipping!

    Great Find! Thanks for the great info! :biggrin: I got the $25 off $100 coupon, and ended up with a total cost (incl coupon, tax, and free shipping) of $187.98. To sweeten the deal, I got triple rewards points on my credit card! :2thumbs: Chuck
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    Weird pattern I've experienced as a bidder on eBay

    I've found that when I entered a max bid on eBay, it's an invitation for "someone" to incrementally raise the bids until they just exceed yours...then stop. Of course you get notified you've been outbid, and it takes a lot of discipline to not raise your max...after all, you do want the item...
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    Weird pattern I've experienced as a bidder on eBay

    I've used AuctionSentry successfully.
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    Weird pattern I've experienced as a bidder on eBay

    With the sniper software I've gotten a bid in with as little as 4 seconds remaining. You can set it for less, but I've found it to be hit or miss at that setting.
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    Goto for auction snipe software

    Goto for auction snipe software
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    Weird pattern I've experienced as a bidder on eBay

    eBay Bidding I used to experience the same circumstances a lot. It always seemed someone would come in at the very last minute and over bid me. So, in self-defense, I got a copy of an auction snipe software package so I could submit my own bids with little or no time left on the clock, giving...
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    Interesting m4/3 and Olympus Analysis

    LOL...there were a lot of pages. :agree:
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    Interesting m4/3 and Olympus Analysis

    I would agree that it's lengthy...but the author is very thorough in supporting his theory. I think it was worth the read.
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    Interesting m4/3 and Olympus Analysis

    I found this article on another site...if it's been posted here before I missed it. But I thought it was very interesting, and that some here might as well. If 2010 is Micro FourThirds' Year, 2011 is the Year of Olympus - Zone-10 - Beyond the Light Chuck
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    Formatting your Memory card

    Not for me...after I formatted in camera, Sandisk RescuePro is unable to recover files. The camera overwrites with 000000000's. If you have had success with recovery with another rescue program, I'd like to try it also. What program did you use?
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    E-PL1 Honeymoon Over?

    VF-2 on E-PL1 :2thumbs: I agree..the VF-2 on the E-PL1 rocks.
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    Formatting your Memory card

    Memory card formatting I usually use "erase all" instead of format because if you format you stand no chance of recovering photo files on the card if needed. If you erase you may have a chance at recovery. I do use format about once a month at most, and only after I've confirmed that I have...
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    E-PL1 Honeymoon Over?

    E-PL1 Target Consumer I think the differing experiances/opinions between Scantron and Spuff confirm the initial description of the target consumer for the E-PL1 provided by Olympus...that it's primarily targeted at the consumer who until now has been a digicam shooter as an upgrade. Here's a...
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    Hi and looking for a new M43 camera

    Compact camera Mike, For a travel kit, I would recommend the E-PL1 over the E-P2 simply for the fact that it has the built in flash you could use for fill-flash shots and you can use it for bouncing flash off ceilings. Granted it's not the strongest flash, but it's certainly handy not...
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    14-42 vs 14-150

    The AF works well enough until the light starts dimming, and I use AF+MF anyway. BTW, What did people do before AF? Like WT21 stated earlier, the 14-150 is a far more versatile lens than the 14-42. For me, it's perfect for travel.
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    14-42 vs 14-150

    Comparison I found it impossible to use a circular polarizer filter on the 14-42 due to the design of the lens. When I shoot outdoors, a CP virtually "lives" on my 14-150 until dusk.
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    The Flash/EVF Dichotomy

    That looks huge!
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    The Flash/EVF Dichotomy

    Flash Plus EVF I agree with you Ray...maybe a module that incorporates both flash and EVF
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    [EXPIRED] FREE: 40.5mm Protective Filter from Olympus

    Olympus 40.5mm Protective Filter (PRF-D40.5) Here's the Olympus URL for this filter: E-PL1 Accessories I offered this filter for sale back in September with no takers. I've decided against placing it on eBay, and to just offer it here free to anyone willing to pay postage for Continental...
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    Is the GH-2 m4/3?

    I compared the GH-2 dimensions with a couple Olympus 4/3 dSLRs and the results were very interesting. The GH-2 has the :43: mount, not the standard 4/3 mount. This makes it more versatile for using off-brand lenses and adaptors, albeit with manual focus and aperature. But the size is more...
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    Where to take my 4/3 system next

    Camera Choice Get the camera/lenses that you really want and can afford. If you do otherwise you'll just be settling, and ultimately dissatisfied with your purchase.
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    Where to take my 4/3 system next

    Resistance is futile.:eek:
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    Olympus Viewer 2 Update

    Viewer Update Provides support for the E-5
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    Olympus Viewer 2 Update

    Update to ib There's also an update to ib for those still using it.
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    Greetings from the BVI

    BVI = British Virgin Islands...IMHO, an absolutely beautiful island paradise in the Caribbean
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    Need a bag for E-PL1 with viewfinder attached

    E-PL1 Bag I have an E-PL1 with 14-150mm using the Olympus neckstrap. I cut the strap off the Tamrac Velocity 4, and store an extra battery, FL-20, and a Circular Polarizer filter in the pockets. The VF-2 viewfinder is on the strap. Great travel kit. The V4 bag stays in the room, the camera...
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    VF-2 Connector Cover

    Has anyone else besides me misplaced the VF-2 connector cover?:frown:
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    [EXPIRED] For Sale: Filters for 14-42mm Kit Lens

    I've sold the 14-42mm kit lens that came with my E-PL1, so I have two filters available. I bought both filters brand new in April 2010. 1. B+W 40.5mm KSM MRC Circular Polarizer - $79 Here's the manufacturer's URL for this filter...
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    The problem with m4/3s

    Slow Zooms I don't know the "right" answer, but I don't think the zooms are going to get faster aperatures while remaining mFT compact for awhile. I guess the leading edge of the technology just hasn't gotten to where it needs to be...yet. The IBIS gives the ability to slow the shutter...
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    [EXPIRED] WTB: MZD 14-150mm

    If it looks too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.
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    Anyone watching Wimbledon?

    What's Wimbledon? Nope
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    Olympus mZD 14-150mm f4-5.6 Experience Diary

    Technical Lens Review FWIW: has posted a technical review of this lens at Olympus Lens: Zooms - Olympus 14-150mm f/4-5.6 ED M.Zuiko Digital (Tested) -!
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    Hello from SW Florida

    I'm usually on another FT site, and I found this one in a Google search...thought I'd check it out. I recently bought an E-PL1 for travel. I really like how compact it is, and using it with the VF-2 viewfinder makes this a great kit for the road. Looking forward to some good topical...
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