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    My take on Photo a day for 100 days

    The project required a daily effort, something a bit lacking after a 50 plus year career is a photographer. Nice to remember I still have an "eye," at least most of the time. Haven't used a 50mm in years so that was a good experience. I think to make the project a bit more coherent would be to...
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    Best mirror lens for m43

    Once had a Nikon 1000mm f8 lens. First time i took it got what I think is one of my best ever images, c. 1975!
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    My take on Photo a day for 100 days

    Yes. I had a long winter with little opportunity to get outside so this project got me going again. Nw I need another project!
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    My take on Photo a day for 100 days

    Began April 1 using a GX7 and the Panni 25mm. Somewhat limited with a walking disability, so some made from my car! Many images i like, but others are "I have to get something today!" This is a challenging project and not as easy as it sounds, especially with one camera, one lens...
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    Thinking of starting a project .....

    I'm up to pix 81 of a 100 pix a day project , using GX7 and the Leica 25mm and must admit it's a bit of a challenge to find something interesting everyday. In fact one day it was just a bowl of bananas! I live in the country and don't walk well so it's mostly been hoping in the car and riding...
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    Featured: 'Summer Holidays on the Gold Coast with the GX7 & LX100' by Livnius

    No. 13 is the one! An art print if ever i saw one.
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    [FS] E-PM2, VF-3, 14-42 Power OIS Lens | Location: Maine USA | Ships: US/Canada

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling E-PM2, VF-3, 14-42 Power OIS Lens Prices $475 for the kit $250 body and VF $250 Zoom lens Location Maine USA Ships to US/Canada Description A clean, little used white E-PM2 body with VF-3 and a 14-42 zoom...
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    Not satisfied with m43

    you don't like m43s then don't use it. don't bore us with you problems. Those of us who like m43s accept what it is.Go play on the DSLR world! I wrote this post for those out there considering m43. Do your homework first and make sure it suits your needs before going all in! I will miss...
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    Selling items as Paypal gift...

    I support this approach. And paying as a gift is actually using a service without paying for it. Some things are just a cost of doing business and if you are selling equipment you are in business however minor.
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    New England Trip

    Don't miss Portsmouth. See Dr. John at Prescott Park on Saturday night. Take a cruise on the Piscataqua Gundalow. Best dining in No. NE. Great seafood at Jumpin Jays!
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    [FS] Panasonic GH4. grip | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS/Can

    No, it's 1.0 - - - Updated - - - Grip sold - - - Updated - - - Note this camera includes two unused 64gb cards worth $100. You need these cards to shoot 4K.
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    [FS] Panasonic GH4. grip | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS/Can

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Panasonic GH4. grip Prices GH4 $1650 GH3/4 grip $150 Both $1750 Location USA Ships to CONUS/Can Description New GH4, just taken out of the box and worked with the menus, never even out doors. Bought two weeks...
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    If you print, do you frame?

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    Landscape with clouds

    Nice, but try cropping to just below the tower on the right.
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    eBay dilemmas

    The "courier" thing is a scam., They come with a check to pay you and it also covers their pickup fee. You play them, cash the check and it bounces. You lose. I've come across this a couple of times from people who wanted to buy a print; they couldn't actual;let visit me but a courier would...
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    Featured: 'A Week in Japan- Photos' by PenWS

    Nice set of photos Brings back memories of my trip in 2005 with 5D.
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    Featured: 'A Week in Japan- Photos' by PenWS

    Japan trip, 2005 Shot with 5D.
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    The Real Street Thread II

    What is street photography?
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    Flash Q, a small remote flash trigger

    Here's a neat flash trigger that has uses for macro work, travel or studio lighting!
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    Printing cost

    One way to save money is to use Red River paper; top quality and great prices.
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    [FS] Olympus EM-5 and HLD6 Grip | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS/Can

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Olympus EM-5 and HLD6 Grip Prices EM-5 Body $550 HLD-6 Grip $175 Location USA Ships to CONUS/Can Description The black EM-5 body and grip are in excellent condition with little signs of wear, no dings or scratches, screen...
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    [FS] Panasonic GH2 | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS/Can

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Panasonic GH2 Prices $450 Location USA Ships to CONUS/Can Description Nice clean GH2 with two OEM batteries, charger, cords, manuals, CD, and box. No dings of scratches, little used, mostly for a video. Great...
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    Model releases?

    In the US, anybody in a public place is fair game to photograph and even publish in an editorial piece without a model release. Certainly you can sell a photo of someone or exhibit said photo without a release. Nat Geo is likely concerned about portraits and perhaps have their own rules...
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    Some Awesome GH4 Footage

    mine's coming soon, i hope!
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    GH4: Hey, Mikey Likes It! Can't wait to get mine!
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    What is the best one lens for travel photography?

    Would be my choice as well!
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    M.R. GH4 review - He likes it a lot

    Looking forward to getting mine soon! Placed a pre-order with Hunt's, hope that get the same support for orders as the B&H, etc.
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    Ultra-wide ideas

    polarizers don't work well with ultra wide lenses.
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    Pancake zooms: Panasonic 12-32 vs Olympus 14-42

    Just got a nice E-mp2 with a VF-3 from a fellow on this site and have the PANNI pancake on the way. Wanted a "pocketable" camera so looking forward to how this all works out. will post some shorts when I get the lens from Henry's. Thinking about the 20 also. Had one a few years ago and sold it.
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    [FS] Olympus EP-2 w 14-42 lens, Olympus 14-150lens | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Olympus EP-2 w 14-42 lens, Olympus 14-150lens Prices EP-2 $250 14-150 $425 Location USA Ships to CONUS Description EP-2 is little used because I replaced soon after buying an EP-3. Kit lens is pristine, both...
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    An approach to Spiritual Photogaphy

    Ann Marsen died of cancer about 18 months ago, but left this discussion of her style of photography .
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    To GM1 or not GM1

    Good little camera I suppose, but no EVF is a no no. Here's Michael Reichmann
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    EM-5 USB download cable

    thanks for comments. i did get cheap ones from amazon, but neither worked. get a notice saying "unable to connect."
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    EM-5 USB download cable

    Can't find mine so I can't upgrade. Tried the cheap ones on Ebay but camera does not recognize the computer when attached. Anyone had a spare they want to sell? Loan? Thanks
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    Think the GH4 is just for video ? Look again!

    Take a look at these specs direct from Panasonic:
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    EM5 Firmware

    wish they'd give up 24p in video! That would be an update worth having.
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    Marrakech photography etiquette?

    a good general anywhere in the third world: don't pay children, it teaches them to beg. I you have to give money, give it to their parents.
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    Share Birds

    Here's a few of my feeder visitors today. GH3 with 100-300, through a window.
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    m43 Photobook :) and m43rd Day :)

    In my former life as a book publisher, I produced more than 450 titles including several of my own photo books selling some 30,000 copies over the years. I'd be happy to help with this project. Books are editorial and should not have a worry about being sued. If its a POD book, individuals...
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    Featured: 'My portrait work with m43: can it hang with the big boys?' by spatulaboy

    A nice shot of the little kid, but its more like a picture than a portrait.I's sure the parents like it. I like the other work and don't think the person has to fill the frame. Keep it up, Vin!
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    EM5 grip

    I like the grip, makes the camera easier to hold, but I'mselling the camera and grip s result of a GAS attack!
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